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Volume 14: Education in Food Science and Technology


This issue of The World of Food Science provides a brief synopsis of some aspects of food science and technology education discussed at the 16th World Congress of Food Science and Technology held at Iguazzu Falls, Brazil in August 2012:

  • EC’s Trackfast Project: Training Requirements and Careers…
  • European Food Science and Technology Education
  • IUFoST Guidelines for Curricula in Food Science
  • Food S&T Undergraduate and Graduate Curricula in Canada and the USA
  • Food S&T Curricula in Africa: Meeting Africa’s New Challenges…
  • IUFoST Activities in Distance Education.


Commencing in this volume on Education are three short introductions to aspects of food drying prepared by Don Mercer, University of Guelph, Canada as part of a series of community education activities for his local area. More will follow in future volumes:

  • Food Drying: Planning Ahead for Summer
  • Food Drying – “DIY”
  • Food Drying: Let the Dryer Beware


Other features of this volume include the following reports and papers (search the links at the top of the home page):

  •  Focus articles:
    • reprint of a timely paper outlining ten simple rules for aspiring scientists in a low-income country;
    • the role of insects as a delicious and nutritious food in Thailand; and
    • new packaging to reduce Campylobacter problems in chicken.


  • Food Security Update:
    • IFPRI Director General Dr Shenggen Li discusses aspects of poverty and hunger reduction;
    • What is the effect of biofuel production on food security?
    • Helmut Schubert discusses virtual water and the water footprint concept;
    • the [UK] Royal Society’s 20 most significant inventions in the history of food and drink; and
    • a profile of Dr Daniel Hillel, the World Food Prize Laureate for 2012.


  • Association News: reports on the 16th World Congress of Food Science and Technology, a report on the 45th AIFST Conference held in Adelaide, South Australia, and the death of Jack Kefford, a former IUFoST Secretary-General;


  • Student Perspectives: reports from 15 young scientists who attended the 16th World Congress in Brazil.


  • International Regulatory Update: Ralph Blanchfield provides an update on EU food safety regulations; and news of recent senior appointments to EFSA and UKFSA.


Comments are welcome: contact Ken Buckle ( or Judith Meech ( with contributions or suggestions.


  • News Headlines
  • Reports & Summaries
  • Calendar of Events



January 26-30

5th International Advanced Course, Advanced Food Analysis, Wageningen, Netherlands

For more information:


January 28-30

The International Conference on Electrical and Bio-medical Engineering, Clean Energy and Green Computing, Islamic Azad University, United Arab Emirates



February 9-10

Oilseed Congress Europe/MENA 2015, Barcelona, Spain



February 9-13

2nd Food Law Winter School, Wageningen, Netherlands



February 16-18

9th Annual Australia and New Zealand Sensory and Consumer Science Symposium, Waiheke Island, New Zealand



February 17-18

Bakery Innovation European Conference 2015, Munich, Germany



February 22-25

3rd ICC Latin American Cereal and Grain Conference and ICC Jubilee Conference '60 Years of ICC', Florianopolis, Brazil

For more information:


February 23-26

7th Training School of Bioencapsulation, Strasbourg, France



March 17-19

4th International Conference on Food Digestion, Naples, Italy



March 23-25

IDF Symposium on Sheep, Goat and other than Cow Milk, Limassol, Cyprus



March 23-27

EuroFir Food Forum, Brussels, Belgium



March 24-25

9th European PhD Workshop on Food Engineering and Technology, Utzwil, Switzerland



March 24-27

Anuga FoodTec, Cologne, Germany



April 15-16

ICA Conference - Life Science Graduates Fit for Europe, Vienna, Austria


April 22-23

Health Grain for a Health Diet, Nuthetal, Germany



May 19-22

9th Fruit, Nut and Vegetable Production Engineering Symposium, Milan, Italy



June 1-3

6th International Dietary Fibre Conference 2015, DF 2015, Paris, France



June 14-18

International Congress on Engineering and Food (ICEF), Quebec, Canada



June 24-25

2015 ASEAN Food Conference, Pasay City, Philippines



June 25-26

'Universities' Global Challenges: Nutritional Security and Environmental Sustainability For Human Health, Kaslik, Lebanon



July 11-14

Institute of Food Technologists Annual Meeting and Food Expo, Chicago, USA



August 10-12

4th International Conference and Exhibition on Food Processing and Technology, London, United Kingdom



August 11-13

48th Annual AIFST Convention and 15th Australian Food Microbiology Conference, Sydney, Australia



September 6-9

21st SAAFoST Biennial International Congress and Exhibition, Durban Kwazulu Natal, South Africa



September 6-10

1st World Congress on Electroporation and Pulsed Electric Fields in Biology, Medicine and Food and Environmental Technologies, Portoroz, Slovenia



September 16-18

5th MoniQA International Conference, Porto, Portugal



October 7-9

INNOVA 2015, Montevideo, Uruguay



October 18-21

100th AACC International Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, USA



October 28-30

3rd International Conference on Food Structures, Digestion and Health, Wellington, New Zealand



November 2-4

3rd Conference on Biotechnology and Breeding, Berlin, Germany



November 3-6

7th International Symposium on Recent Advances in Food Analysis, Prague, Czech Republic



December 2-4

Hi Europe and Ni 2015, Natural Ingredients 2015, Paris, France




June 26-29

ISOPOW 13, Lausanne, Switzerland



July 26-29

4th ISEKI Food Conference, Vienna, Austria



August 21-25

IUFoST World Congress - 18th World Congres of Food Science and Technology, Dublin, Ireland

For more information:


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