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Food Science 101

Using Hurdles in Home Food Processing

In food processing and preservation, hurdle technology is an approach that enhances safety by helping to impede the growth of microorganisms which can cause food-borne illnesses or promote spoilage.

The Benefits of Rooibos Tea

Sometimes, a particular food or beverage can bring back memories of a special occasion. For Don Mercer, this is true for a blend of tea that he first tried in South Africa.

The Complexities of Bread Staling

Most of us tend to think that bread stales simply because it begins to dry out, but this is far from what is actually happening.

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May 15-17

Sense Asia 2016. Shanghai, China.



June 26-29

ISOPOW 13, Lausanne, Switzerland



July 16-19

77th Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Annual Meeting and Food Expo, Chicago, USA



July 26-29

4th ISEKI Food Conference, Vienna, Austria



August 21-25

IUFoST World Congress - 18th World Congres of Food Science and Technology, Dublin, Ireland

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September 11-14

Eurosense 2016. Dijon, France.


September 21-23

Fi Asia-Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia

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October 19-21

Food Factory 2016, Laval, France

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November 29 to December 1

Hi Europe and Ni 2016, Natural Ingredients 2016, Frankfurt, Germany

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Must Reads!



The Science of Delicious: Taste receptors, volatiles, gustatory cortex. Read why there’s more to yum than you might think here. 



This is a chilling story! 'Creating Cold' By Steven Johnson of the BBC is a must see for everyone in Food and Food Safety.

Check it out here: Creating Cold