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Food Processing

Food Processing is not a Four-Letter Word

"As someone who has been involved in various aspects of the food industry for over thirty-five years, it is upsetting to hear “food processing” being repeatedly maligned," states author Don Mercer.

Proving That Blanching Works

What is the importance of blanching certain fruits and vegetables prior to freezing or drying them?

Processing Food Using an Electric Current

There is always a quest to find alternate ways to process foods. Over the past two hundred years, technology has advanced from simply heating foods and sealing them in a metal canister to using much more sophisticated methods.

Some Serious Action at the Molecular Level

Microwave ovens have become so commonplace that we hardly ever seem to give them a second thought. We use them to cook our food and reheat leftovers; or perhaps to reheat a cup of coffee or tea. The interesting thing about microwave ovens is how they actually heat the food.

Putting the "Pop" in Popcorn

Many of us may never have associated the importance of moisture with popcorn – but it is critical to the process that changes a dense kernel of corn into a fluffy snack.

Syneresis: A Big Word for an Annoying Problem

Have you ever opened a container of yoghurt only to be greeted by a layer of water floating across its surface? Or, have you watched helplessly as the filling of your lemon meringue pie begins to weep moisture and fail to hold its shape when you slice it to serve to your guests? If so, you’re quite familiar with the frustrating process of “syneresis”.

Taking a Look at Vitamin C

Most people tend to think of orange juice as their primary source of vitamin C, but there are other foods which contain a significant amount as well.

Ice Crystal Formation

The real trick in freezing any food product is understanding the actual freezing process, and then taking every possible precaution to make sure that it is done right.

The Origin of the Metric System

In so many ways using the metric system in food processing work just seems to make good sense.

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