Their speed of work seems like you're not at a fast food joint. Just be warned – before joining the queue – some signature Jollibee items are still absent on the opening menu. I would have ordered the burger steak but i can't have THAT much food in one sitting. Pretty sure that I'll prefer the apple pie from McDonalds instead. Want to chime in. Honestly could be good for two people because it does get sweeter at the bottom.Peach mango pie- was ok, pretty decent amount of filling but not my cup of tea.Overall, would go back if I wanted a break from Popeyes. My brother said the Jollibee's in Fremont has fried mango pies, kind of like the McDonald's apple pie but in mango. I usually eat very clean on my diet, but this was a worthy exception. First time to try Jollibee Sundae Halo Halo! :), I like going to a Filipino fast food just like this because customers service is always great. The upcoming title in the Halo series, Halo Infinite, is a game wrapped heavily in controversy. Jollibee is definitely my all time favorite fast food restaurant but I can't go as often as I would like to because I live in CT and the closest one is in NYC so its a two hour drive to get there but to me it's worth it but it would also be great if they opened up a Jollibee in Connecticut at some point. Located in a larger shipping area with lots of parking spaces. The crunchiness factor is between KFC and Popeye's I would say. despite of thisHalo-halo is still a must lol.Staff is wonderful. Not too garlicky but it's appreciatedLonganiza - Sweet stuff. It's Filipino fast food but in reality much more than that. That's how bad I've missed Jollibee. I actually only wanted their halo halo, since I just had a donut that morning. Holla! I really enjoyed the ChickenJoy dipped in gravy. The Halo-Halo dessert was an odd mix of different flavors that I grew to enjoy.In conclusion i'd personally prefer Jolibee over KFC any day. I wanted to order the whole menu on doordash. In 1975, the first Jollibee store was opened by Tony Tan Caktiong selling Magnolia Ice Cream, and its business direction was changed by Manuel C. Lumba, the sibling of Tony Tan Caktiong to offer hot dogs. You get Jollibee! The pineapple juice brings the entire meal together. There are certain things that are seemingly constant in life - death, taxes and the inability to find a green vegetable option in a Filipino restaurant. 0.00g. The chickenjoy is "juicy" because it was brined in an MSG laden bath for hours before being patted dry, coated and then fried up. That always helps. Spaghetti is suppose to be semi sweet. Submit corrections. The food is not bad here. This Daly City Jollibee regular approves. It's pretty sweet so if that's not your thing then you probably won't like it. A cute thing was that they put spicy flags in the spicy chicken so that it's not a guessing game. earlier that week, I had an All You Can eat Salad Bar, small steak with baked potato, and drink for $12.00 about 2 miles away at Artesia and Woodward. Just down it with that yummy gravy sauce. That's the exact feeling you'll have when you eat at Jollibee. People are just waiting out by the sidewalk instead of forming a line (Jollibee had already placed signs 6 feet apart). First time ever going to Jollibee. I can't remember how much it cost - but maybe about $5. For the price, it's not a great deal.. I usually don't have problems with Jollibee. I would say it is a little slow, they appear to be understaffed. If you know, you know.But if you don't.. get the spicy chickenjoy, spaghetti, peach mango pie, pineapple juice, and halo halo. Ordered for pickup.Aloha burger- YUM so juicy and gotta say the pineapple adds another layer of flavor and textureChickenjoy- crispy skin with juicy meat. The Jollibee Experience.And if you have eaten here before, I think you're overdue for another visit ;). "It makes no goddamn sense at all. They take their sweet time. Reminds me of throwing up as kid.Fiesta palabok - THIS I did not ilke. Their fried chicken was similar to what you would find at a Popeye's or KFC. I was a bit disappointed that it wasn't everything I have heard. It's a great place for a delicious fast food experience with fried chicken, spaghetti and tons of sides. very good service3. I'm Filipino so I, of course, love this place. She was adamant that we join in the racuous celebration of the first Jollibee in New York City, that is, until I reminded her that one has been located in Woodside for years, and a place whose...products were hoisted upon me by a suspiciously exeuberant SigOth.When it came to fast food, I call a spade...a spade. All my Filipino friends rave about Jollibee, and even some of my American friends. This is my favorite fried chicken in the city. Hosting great Filipino fast food such as halo halo to go and other sorts!I honestly love it, fast, easy quick experience with kind service and delicious food. It's extremely sweet, but crunchy and yummy.Jollibee is my go-to place when I need something fast but don't want your typical fast-food. Look, we can't be good and eat salads all the time, so we've created the new and recurring Friday Sundae to redress the balance and offer some sweet ways to kick off the weekend.Our first selection is an adventurous, yet rewarding journey: Jollibee, the leading fast food chain in the Philippines, offers one of the funkiest frozen desserts in town with its Halo Halo ($4.59). 80% Upvoted. The thing that sets apart Jollibee's from any other fast food chain is its unique menu choices. You can only order on the phone and past around 6/7 forget about them picking up lol.I did make an order around 12pm once and they were responsive that time.Now on to their food - their fried chicken (spicy is much more flavorful, not THAT spicy, and I don't like spicy foods much). Spaghetti with hot dog is a staple at Jollibees though I refuse to try it. Another Filipino Dessert challenge which was scrumptious! You are very much welcome.-moonlight7228 (please do not change my username when you copy and paste this! Jollibee is one of the most popular fast food chains in the world. hide . Glorious.10/10 would recommend if you've never been to a Jollibee. Jollibee Foods Corporation, often abbreviated as JFC, is a global fast food restaurant chain headquartered in Pasig, Philippines. I would definitely recommend this fast food place. Halo Halo is also a must try for anyone who hasn't had it before! Aside from the usual crushed ice and milk, sweet potato, plantain bananas, sago pearls, pinipig and shredded coconut meat is the usual components. The fries were decent.The servers are super friendly and happy to answer any questions. The best menu item and the most unique one is the Halo-Halo. Try their palabok and halo halo, definitely the most Filipino dishes they have. Any positives? Heads up: From now on, other Yelpers will be able to see how you voted. That's one menu items they have that resembles and taste like the original one from the Jollibee from the Philippines. The Aloha burger is a teriyaki burger that's just juicy and sweet from the pineapple, but salty from the teriyaki sauce. You know it's good when you get that delicious, amazing orange smegma of fat, batter, and spice within the folds of the chicken thigh.Spaghetti - I held off for about 2 years. Not orgasmic-ly good, but pretty darn good for fast food. I'm just not a shaved ice guy. Just eat and find out for yourself :). 2. Menu may not be up to date. So then me and my two other Filipino friends went to go experience our heritage.I personally got the 2-piece chickenjoy, which brough immense joy to my soul. Also would like to try the spaghetti and pineapple drink! Want to chime in. (Anything that my mom cooks of course! You're missing out. Average fried chicken and average spaghetti combo. share. He got some patties with riceOverall good food, I noticed around 12:00 that a lot of people started coming in, and the place started to get packed, so this is definitely a lunch rush type of place if you want quick filipino food! ;) The halo halo had a lovely combination of all the things you hope to find on/in/under your shaved ice ... beans of all shapes and sizes, coconut jelly, (jackfruit?) The place is bright and clean, with lots of sitting area. Had to wait 25 minutes for a halo halo and when I realized no one was making it I had to ask for my money back coz I had stuff to do today. Enjoy! While I was born and raised in Southern California, I spent all my childhood summers in the Philippines. I didn't get a chance to try this place until my cousin, aunt and my cousin's 3 kids came down from Canada to visit last summer. First of all, I must be truthful in being a little biased towards this restaurant. I do love their food especially their burger steak. Thankfully, I placed my order for pick up just after I had lunch so my eyes wouldn't order food for 10 people when I'm only sharing with one other person.I had to downsize my order to chicken, spaghetti, palabok, Aloha yumburger and peach mango pie. It's crispy!Now, good luck getting them on the phone haha! Came on a Sunday and there was a line. 490 % Daily Values* Total Fat. Pretty good. They are known for their  Filipino fried chicken and spaghetti. It's the only thing remotely healthy on the menuFries - They are really fast food fries, not better than that. The aloha yum burger is my favorite all time burger from any fast food restaurant... the burger itself is flavorful and with the sweet pineapple it's absolutely to die for. So, to get something not dessert like I tried their small chicken wings combo which was 3 small wings dipped in sweet hot sauce, rice, and a few lumpia (egg rolls Filipino style and IMO better than eggrolls). Thankfully, I placed my order for pick up just after I had lunch so my eyes wouldn't order food for 10 people when I'm only sharing… I told her. Maybe the palabok. The restaurant was super overcrowded and hard to get to seat. From a fast food restaurant! This dessert is very popular during summer. My missus poured the gravy on it, which at least washed out that mushy weirdness (now it's just soupy weirdness), but I am still not eating much more of that. We got fried chicken, a burger, and some halo halo. Service was friendly, typically of most fast food joint. Welcome to our channel "The Boasso Family". It's warm and the flakey crust is perfectly sweet and crispy with just the right amount of filling. Imagine your fave halo-halo toppings such as nata de coco, ube syrup, and macapuno in your ice cream sundae?. Oh and don't skip out on their delicious halo halo dessert, pineapple juice and mango pie!! I got one so my boyfriend can try and appreciate the full Jollibee experience. The prices were much higher than other chains. My spaghetti was decent (not great) since I'm used to having meatballs instead of cut-up hot dogs. The gravy that comes with it is amazing as well. Today, Ray & Jeanrose had a JOLLIBEE'S HALO HALO CHALLENGE! Needless to say, I am not thrilled about most Pinoy cooking.That being said, thanks to some social media shenanigans via her west coast friends, the missus became irrationally exuberant about the opening of Jollibee in Manhattan - it's next to the Arbys near the bus terminal, and the area is frequented by the homeless coming out of the halfway house nearby. So back to their halo halo. Chickenjoy: w/ rice: $5.89: 1b. Super satisfying, creamy, not too sweet, and all the flavors meld really well together...People like the peach mango pie but I find that it tastes like stale oil most of the time. You can't go wrong with gravy. This is one of my favorite summertime childhood treats. I personally tried for myself the Jolly Spaghetti and the… 6 tablespoons halo-halo mixture, divided into 2 tablespoons each. It makes sense - in some provinces there are no fridges nor ground beef so they ate the plastic textured "dawgs"..They loved ketchup,thus the birth of pasta a la weiner. Overall, too expensive for what you get. EDIT: THIS IS OUTDATED, CHECK MY NEWEST HALO TIER LIST POST. Other than churchs chicken they have the best fried chicken here. The price of what Halo: Combat Evolved's skins would have cost on Halo: Infinite's pricing model really puts into perspective how bad it is for fans. I ordered the regular for myself and spicy for my boyfriend. I love it,” Bourdain said of the halo-halo… Unfortunately I was eating with a Chinese friend at the time and I was sharing. My friends took me to Jollibee because I'm currently obsessed with shaved ice, and they insisted that I had to try halo halo. It's an experience. The last time I tried to find something traditional and not saturated with porky horrors it was Chinese water spinach cooked in coconut milk until it resembled a used army sock that someone beat off into once too many. Nothing I'd crave. Deselect All. The chicken tenders were dry & uneventful, & the fries were uneventful. The fries were mediocre. Then… People of all ages love to dine here. It wasn't as juicy and the skin wasn't as flavorful. Also in the area is Jollibee, located near Sizzler, and here Bourdain had a taste of halo-halo, which CNN described as a dessert consisting of red beans, white beans, Jell-O, chick peas, coconut, shaved ice and flan. The hair was scrunchy and reminiscent of pubic hair...Nevertheless I'll continue to eat Jollibee, but not here. I always try to stop by Jollibee whenever I'm in the area. Anyone else have this experience? YAY for lucky number 300th review on yelp! Item Size Price; Chicken: Chickenjoy: $13.39 - $2.99: 1a. Crisps skin, juicy meat, highly recommend!The spaghetti is crack to me!! Chances are, you'll be so frustrated by the wait that you'll give up before ordering (the menu reads like the dating section of a North Korean newspaper, no standout/appealing choices) and will not have to deal with the Herculean task of finding a place to sit down and eat. It's YUMMY. Food is good so yeah, you're going to have to maneuver your way into the "line". Vitamin D-Calcium-Iron-Potassium-* The % Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. I know this dish would appeal to non-Filipinos since it's not one of those "exotic" Filipino dishes, like balut. Submit corrections. The spaghetti was odd, but not bad. I lived just 3 blocks away from this place for years before I realize what it was. I honestly love everything that I've gotten from here including the regular fried chicken, spicy fried chicken, aloha yumburger, spaghetti, adobo rice, burger steak, peach mango pie, halo halo and the pineapple quencher. Jollibee Chino, Chino Picture: halo halo - Check out Tripadvisor members' 1,324 candid photos and videos of Jollibee Chino I've been wanting to go to the Bee for a long time now. I always like to change up rice for their sweet spaghetti. Interior was nice and clean, considering that this place has been around for a while, and it's considered a fast food type of jointNext time, I'll need to try the chicken joy because from the sounds of it, it seems like a lot of people like that, and the halo haloP.S. Vendors often sell Halo halo in the side-streets. The peach and mango pie was very tasty. I wish there was one closer to where I live! Gravy was included, which I tried but felt it was a unnecessary addition but I'm biased because I'm not big on gravy.2. I'm a fan! I also highly recommend the buko pandan pearl drink and Ube drink very very delicious!! I was introduced to Jollibee from my Filipino boyfriend and the food is amazing! Honestly, I would rather save the money and the calorie hit for something from the Red Ribbon Bakeshop 2 blocks away on Roosevelt Avenue. "Sure!" 0%. By all accounts it is blander than KFC's but here's the interesting part. I mean I've lived in Cerritos basically my entire life, and I've never eaten here before?! Also this location was extra careful with safety, taking orders from the line outside and only allowing a couple customers in at a time to pay and pick up their orders. They also had some noodle dish, and burgers. One side of the restaurant can be reserved for kids' birthday parties. It is an explosion of flavors in dessert form. The spicy fried chicken was actually spicy and very delicious, perfectly cooked and crispy, and the skin was a delightful combination of fire and savory fat that I know I shouldn't be eating but I ate it anyway. It's super strange. I have a love hate relationship with this place. It is pretty pricey but I don't think I've found this before in other places so I can't say how authentic it is. I am a fan of the ChickenJoy with gravy and spaghetti. Someone plug in the magic mic! It was also pretty juicy! ... Jollibee’s Halo-halo Sundae and Adobo Flakes Yum Burger were made available last year for the celebration of Independence Day. I grew up eating Jollibee way back in the Philippines when I was little so I know the authentic Jollibee taste. The service is fast, friendly and efficient.As others have stated, Jollibee is a place for Filipinos to go to for a nostalgic taste of home, with popular comfort foods that can appeal to a wide variety of tastes. Oh yeah - and the peach mango pie! Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. Lastly, you would want to wait for the halo halo to melt a bit so you can scoop its contents or keep mixing until it's more of a slush consistency and drink it. Our chicken, corn and gravy were quite salty. That's how bad I've missed Jollibee. Being a child of Filipino immigrants, I've seen and driven by this Jollibee restaurant location many times, not even aware of how popular this chain is back in the Philippines.