Grizzly Pollock Oil features one of the highest Omega-3/6 ratios in natural fish oils, a ratio in the range of 13 to 14. . Vital Choice used to have a pet pump but they don’t anymore. -, Grizzly Salmon Oil Dog Food Supplement - Grizzly Pollock Oil Dog Food Supplement, Contains a high Omega-3/6 fatty acid ratio, Easy to "pump" right onto your pet's food, Contains antioxidants and traces of vitamins. More later. Given all the shedding, I began trying to pin down causes. The information presented is for educational purposes only and is intended to be a supplement to, and not a substitute for, the expertise and professional judgment of your veterinarian. Grizzly Pollock Oil boasts an Omega-3/6 ratio in the range of 13 to 14—one of the highest ratios in natural fish oils. I’ve never seen pump oil sold for humans, that’s interesting, but the only two pump oils sold for pets that I know of with airtight pumps are Mercola’s and Welly Tails’. I have an allergy boy who can’t have soy. Grizzly Pollock Oil features one of the highest Omega-3/6 ratios in natural fish oils, a ratio in the range of 13 to 14. I have use virgin salmon oil from last 1 year for my dog in regular diet. Thanks! You can get grinds that have all the meat, bones, and organs, so all you have to do is figure out what extras you want added. Good fish oil is expensive and should have no odor. The information is not intended to cover all possible uses, directions, precautions, warnings, allergic reactions, drug interactions or adverse effects, nor should it be construed to indicate that use of a particular drug is safe, appropriate or effective for your pet. Grizzly Salmon Oil is a sustainable Omega-3 solution: no fish is caught for the purpose of making oil. Also some good reading is “Unlocking the Canine Ancestral Diet” by Steve Brown and some books by Tom Lonsdale “Work wonders, Feed Your Dog Raw Meaty Bones”, Dr Pitcairn, nutritionist Lew Olsen. Salmon oil helps solve skin and coat problems from the inside out by countering inflammations caused by excessive Omega-6 oils. This ratio makes Pollock oil's efficacy comparable to wild salmon oil and far higher than farmed salmon oil, which typically has an Omega-3/6 ratio range as low as 2 to 3. I met a vendor of the product at a pet show and was thinking of buying it on Amazon — their salmon oil is a little bit more expensive but it’s cold pressed which means it has higher nutrient levels. The fish meal goes to feed farm raised salmon, pigs, and chickens. Interesting point, InkedMarie, re the mixed tocopherols/Vit E — wouldn’t have thought about that. Instead, I found Grizzly Wild Pollock Oil. The separated fish oil is used to make paints, lubricants, fish feed, and Omega-3 supplements. Here’s a calculator: (I had to give it a few extra seconds to fully load), At first I just modified the recipe I had with different meats, then I tried a few more recipes, then I started out making my own. I probably have some or 6 or 7 different recipes in my freezer right now. For going all raw a lot of places suggest fasting and switching cold turkey. (I no longer feed my dogs Grizzly products). Freezing of salmon oil is not recommended. Wild Alaskan Pollock Oil Grizzly Pollock Oil focuses on supporting healthy skin and coat, and costs approximately 20% less than Grizzly Salmon Oil… so it’s a great solution if you’re mainly looking for skin/coat support. Thanks, Audrey. Not Quite Complete as Grizzly Salmon Oil but far more efficien than Other Fish Oils. Ingredients. Promotes Healthy Skin and a Beautiful Coat Salmon oil has been in the mainstream for decades meaning that it has been studied better than krill oil. This high ratio puts Pollock oil close to wild salmon oil in efficacy, and far higher than farmed salmon oil with a typical Omega-3/6 ratio range as low as 2 to 3. Or just fast one night and then start raw cold turkey? While every effort has been made to accurately represent the qualities and characteristics of each product, which for the most part were taken directly from the websites of the manufacturers, we are not responsible for any errors.