Two deer hunters were not having any luck so they asked for advice from an old-timer. The ostrich says, "I'll have one too." You'll never be able to outrun that bear!" "beats me. As for why is it not "salty"-the solutes do not necessarily have to be sodium (in fact sodium is generally extracellular, on the outside of cells). A: Salmon Says. October 28, 2013 by I know everything. Posted by 5 years ago. Tangential; Recent Posts. Q: Where do fish store their money? I rubbed it, and a genie appeared and granted me three wishes for setting him free. PO Box 1583, Merrifield, VA 22116-1583. A milk dud. That means they need to migrate between freshwater and saltwater … Archived. the wedding was okay but the reception was great, What does a grape say when it gets stepped on? If a Saltwater Fish is placed in freshwater it will die, becaus it's breathing in water it's not adapted to. save hide report. "Half price, I know," says the bartender. The bear noticed them, and started to walk toward them. One of the reasons that makes them this amazing is due to their life cycle migration. Why do fish live in salt water? Log in sign up. The man reaches into his pocket and without even looking again sets exact change on the bar. This video is unavailable. Autotuna Who do fish always know how much they weigh? Because pepper makes them sneeze! Bears are much faster than humans. The CAT. Feed your shrimp every other day while the skimmer is off. I know that will be hard, but adding a new fish will also change the water quality. Because pepperwater makes them sneeze. Q: What do you get if you cross a parrot with a shark? A: Because they have their own scales. My 8 y/o daughter told me this joke. Kids love ’em – especially dumb ones.And luckily for parents who like to show off their dad jokes, kids have pretty low standards. If the dog's fur looks like it's been rubbed the wrong way, it's probably windy. Q: What kind of fish do lion fish chase the most? Bad Joke Eel. Nov 30, 2019 - Come join in the laughter with My Volunteer Bag's Joke of the Day. Why do fish live in salt water,this joke is clean and funny.If the joke makes you laugh or giggle,we will be very happy to hear that.Enjoy the joke. Because they have their own scales. 658. See also best jokes rated by other visitors or new jokes. The man said "A chick with long legs and a tight pussy.". 658. Saltwater fish, particularly tropical fish, are some of the most colorful species in the world. After they finish their beers, the bartender asks, "anything else?" A: A bass drum. Vote: share joke Joke has 61.59 % from 39 votes. Why fish swim in salt water Joke submitted by Stephen P., Fallbrook, Calif. ... Y would fish live in salt water. Returning visitor? David was astonished at the bird’s change in attitude and was about to ask what had made such a dramatic change when the parrot continued, “May I ask what did the chicken do?” Vote: share joke Joke has 74.05 % from 60 votes. "Well, the way I figure it," the first lawyer replied, "I don't have to outrun the bear. The man tries to pet the dog and the dog bites him. The Officer thought this answer strange, so he asked, “And what do you have to declare from your waist to the floor?” “I have a marvelous little instrument designed to be used on a woman, but which is, to date, unused.” Roaring with laughter, the Officer said, “God bless you, Father, go ahead.” ', Rihanna, why are you working with chris brown again? Why freshwater fish Can't live in salt water and vice Versa Saltwater fish can live in salt water since they have always lived in it and they are able to get it out of their selves. There are diadromous fish including eels and salmon that spend areas of their existence cycles in saltwater and areas in freshwater. "If you know that, why are you changing shoes?" The bartender serves up four beers, and tells the man, "that'll be $12.67." Above is a joke for the heck of it. The cat says, "I want two Jack and Cokes, and I'm only paying..." 50 cent featuring nickelback, two radio antennae got married. Q: What birthday party game do fish like to play? A: Zebra Fish! The second lawyer looked at him and said: "You're crazy! But if the dog is standing there really soaking wet, it is probably raining really hard. At the end of the day and still empty-handed, one hunter said to the other, "Maybe tomorrow we'll get one if we throw the dog out of a higher treestand. DO Not Add any more fish for a month. The bartender looks at the man and says, "What'll ya have?" The man says, "Well, some years ago I was walking on the beach in Egypt, and I found a magic lamp in the sand. 0 comments. Q: Why don’t fish go into business together A: They are always sole traders. What do you call a cow that doesn't give milk? The essay below is courtesy of seasoned senior and faithful reader John Magnon of Fairhope. After that round, the bartender says, "What else will ya have?" A: To get to the other tide. ... Tech Joke Which Actually Just Happened; The Worlds Longest Time To Get A Punch Line? How are black people and wolves similar? My 8 y/o daughter told me this joke. "Ouch!" The man reaches in his pocket and without even looking sets exact change down on the bar. Saltwater fishes face the opposite problem. 3. Why do fish live in salt water? All animals require a specific amount of salt in their bodies. The ostrich says, "I'll have one too." add your own caption. 48. Close. Q: Why are fish so well educated? Read the most funny Jokes for Kids and Children and tell them to your friends at ... Why do fish live in salt water? Euryhaline fish is the type of fish that can live in both freshwater and saltwater. Freshwater fishes tend to have much higher concentrations of ions (like sodium) in their blood compared with the concentrations in the water. Most people would wish for a million or five million or whatever. I only have to outrun you. Their bodies are designed to expel large volumes of very dilute urine frequently. Press J to jump to the feed. Q: Why is it so easy to weigh a fish? TheJeeronian commented September 30, 2019. A: Because they live in schools. Reply. If the dog is at the door and he is wet, it's probably raining. You can tune a piano but you cannot tuna fish. The bartender asks the man, "How is it that every time you pay for your drink order, you can set exact change on the bar without looking?" User account menu. 1,356 shares. Absolutely brilliant." The ostrich says, "Me too!" New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Nov 30, 2019 - Come join in the laughter with My Volunteer Bag's Joke of the Day.. . The shopkeeper says, "No, my dog does not bite." Question: Why do fish live in salt water? ", Go to your back door and look for the dog. This thread is archived. The man says, "Gimme a shot of bourbon." In simple words, it is the ability of a solution to exert osmotic pressure upon a membrane. ANSWER. Nov 30, 2019 - Come join in the laughter with My Volunteer Bag's Joke of the Day. We’ve casted about for the funniest fishing jokes, puns, and one-liners out there, and we’ve found some whoppers. Submit a Joke; Saltwater Fish. The man says, "I need a Jack and Coke." A: Because they work below C-Level. In: Biology. peppa pig says: November 27, 2018 at 7:46 am ... Boys’ Life will send you this patch for each joke of yours we publish in the printed magazine. The cat says, "I want two beers, but I'm only gonna pay half price." i could say that some particular fish could % particular salinity. 79% Upvoted. There are plenty of "Fresh water" fish around....Wikipedia states that 41% of all known species of fish are found in freshwater. Saltwater is salty, and fresh water is fresh. To fish for compliments. The shopkeeper replies, "That is not my dog! Unfortunately, they are also some of the most challenging fish to keep in the home aquarium. What is the difference between a piano and a fish? If the dog has snow on his back, it's probably snowing. Do you know a good joke which isn't here. What happens when a cow stops shaving? Sort by. Cows Go. Because pepper makes them sneeze. To do this, they actively drink water and form a highly-concentrated urine to expel the excess salts. A: Fish & ships. Potassium and posphate concentrations are more likely to be creating the balance (through an intricate system of ion pumps)-hence the fish is not salty. Their kidneys are specially adapted to excrete lots of salt, and even their gills can excrete salt in this way so that they keep their blood salinity levels at an optimum. Post navigation. Posted on December 24, 2018 by Jokes for Kids with Leave a comment. 800.611.1599 Why do fish live in saltwater? Because pepper makes them sneeze. ", A man walks into a shop and sees a cute little dog. The man reaches in his pocket a third time, and again sets exact change on the bar without counting it out. A: He was reely good at findraising. The man says, "I know, and thank you!" Freshwater fish are the opposite. Archived. Since saltwater fish are surrounded by the ocean which contains high concentrations of solute as compared to inside their own tissue, their bodies tend … This will also help any high spikes in Ammonia in the tank. what's hot; new; best; random memes; upload a funny; caption a meme; show NSFW; login; like qm now and laugh more daily! They both fight in packs. The reason freshwater fish cannot survive in saltwater and vice-versa has a lot to do with a property of any liquid called tonicity. Why do fish live in saltwater? Share Tweet. 10 little piggies, 2 calves, 1 beaver, 1 ass, 1 p*ssy, thousands of hares and a dead fish no one can ever find. Have you seen all jokes? It grows a Moostache. He asks the shopkeeper, "Does your dog bite?" Share. By Mullet Wrapper on January 18, 2017. This is part of the reason why saltwater fish must live in saltwater – that was the way their systems function. They are special since not every marine organism can do that. Answer: Because pepper makes them sneeze! And why is it unhealthy for a saltwater fish to be put in a freshwater tank and vice versa? He had locomotives, What concert costs 45 cents? ", Why did the can-crusher quit his job? rains of older people are slow because they know so much. A: Hold a tupperware party! The beauty and uniqueness of these fish is what draws many to the saltwater aquarium hobby and, in many cases, it is the challenge that makes them stay. These fish, which include salmon, eels, red drum, striped bass and flounder, can live or survive in wide ranges of salinity, varying from fresh to brackish to marine waters. Once the saltwater fish drink the salt for hydration, their kidneys pump the excess salt into their urine so they can get rid of it. Uniting all Americans to ensure wildlife thrive in a rapidly changing world. Posted in Animal Jokes, Riddle Jokes. Q: Why don’t fish do well on school tests? The cat says, "I want a double bourbon, but I'm only gonna pay half price." The first lawyer immediately opened his briefcase, pulling out a pair of sneakers, and started putting them on. So, with the first wish, I wished that no matter what I ever wanted to buy, I would always have exact change for it in my pocket." Hungry Computer. 6 comments. Q: How do you get ten fat cows in your basement? Joke of The Day: Why Do Sharks Live In Salt Water? ", All three sit down at the bar. Some fish that live in a saltwater environment, and only live in a saltwater environment, such as tuna, drink the very, very salty seawater. This works to their advantage in a freshwater environment because they are surrounded by water with low salt concentrations. They’re generally eager to laugh and not too critical of short, stupid, overused one-liner jokes. Why Do Some Fish Live In Saltwater? I have no hope of ever being able to outrun a bear." "You can just about guarantee a deer if you learn to hunt with dogs," he said. Q: Why did the fish start a charity? The man says, "Gimme a beer." Osmosis is the movement of liquid molecules through a semipermeable membrane (like the thin film inside of an egg ) from a low concentrated solute to a high concentrated solute. Close. Jokes! Tweet. A: A bird that will talk your ear off! Why do fish live in salt water? The bartender serves them and says, "That's $14.03." quickmeme: all your memes, gifs & funny pics in one place. Two lawyers walking through the woods attracted the attention of a vicious-looking bear. He says, "I thought you said your dog does not bite!" Why did Sally go to the Lake after her brothers teased her? Why do some fish live only in salt water and some freshwater? What do you call a fish that needs help with his or her vocals? If your mood is sunk and you could use a laugh, don’t worry! also trending: memes; gifs; view more » Why do fish live in saltwater? quickmeme: all your memes, gifs & funny pics in one place, My new party trick - I swallow two pieces of string and an hour later they come out of my ass tied together i shit you knot, So I asked my North Korean friend how his life was going He said 'Can't Complain. He sets them up and says, "$16.38, please." This way, you'll never run out of money, you don't have to worry about carrying it, and you'll never be robbed! The two hunters got a trained deer dog and hit the woods. Because pepper makes them sneeze! Q: What type of instrument do fish love to play? Share. Posted by 1 year ago. Of course, to be able to tell the weather like this, you have to leave the dog outside all the time, especially if you expect bad weather. "Oh, I know that. Share. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue If they end up with the wrong amount, their cells can shrivel up or explode. Not ALL fish do live in Salt water. Yours sincerely,  : Because you need that new water to get a small spike of Ammonia so it will stablize. The bartender says, "So what did you ask for with your other two wishes?" The bartender says, "That's brilliant! Before knowing the process on why saltwater fish can't live in freshwater and freshwater fish can't live in the ocean, you must first understand the process of osmosis. If your joke is a Pedro’s Pick, you’ll receive $10. Nothing, it just lets out a little wine. Q: Why did the squid cross the road? Why do fish live in saltwater? Tonicity comes in three types: hypertonic, hypotonic and isotonic. Joke: Why do fish live in salt water?. A: In a river bank. The kidneys of fish are also designed to produce small volumes of fluid that contain salt. They must continue to drink saltwater to replace lost fluids and then eliminate the excess slats in … The first person to guess the correct answer will earn an easy 10 points. share. Q: Why are fish so smart? Why? maximum fish will die in the event that they're put in the incorrect kind of water eg a saltwater fish in sparkling water. Because it was Soda Pressing, I used to hate facial hair but then it grew on me, A lesbian couple I know can't afford the double-headed dildo they want They're really struggling to make ends meet, Did you hear about the Mexican train killer? Email This BlogThis! They need to maintain salt concentrations in their blood that are much lower than the surrounding environment. Saltwater is way different from freshwater.