BTS Jungkook, BTS V, and BTS Jimin The maknae line of BTS get the most hate with no reasons. Very circular, these behaviors. With BP, not so much. Because rational thinking men dont like feminine men, It goes against what we feel as normal. Most Fashionable K Pop Group of 2020: Fans bow down to BTS … YG first releases the teaser early and keeps us waiting. They have some bops and I booty pop to their music from time to time. while im pretty sure most of our fandom doesn't see blackpink as a threat, i do agree that blackpink is getting a lot of unprecedented hate. But they are not trash or even below average. They are a slightly above average group that is way more popular than it is talented. I think they have great vocals too. well, they are on the billboard and some kind of ching-chong hippity-hoppity can't go to the billboard right? I think criticism should be allowed in discussions because it can lead to good things and different people lending their perspectives can lead to people possibly changing their minds. K Pop is all flash and no substance; I want my musicians to actually be musicians and not auto-tuned models posing as a band. There's a couple reasons for this! Yeah you read it right, today I'll tell you why I hate BTS. How dare they! Dislike if u got offended :) I rarely see those Blinks though. This fucking pissed me so Imma make a vid to prove the stupidness of this fanbase. Halsey sat down for a 20-minute interview with iHeart Radio Elvis Duran to talk about many things including her upcoming album and surprising BTS during their interview with Elvis Duran. They are just an Asian boy band. I don’t think Blackpink is untalented though. I think because you haven’t interacted a lot with the other fandoms, and you only see Blinks’ opinions more often that’s why you think of it that way. The fact that criticism from genuine fans often gets misconstrued as hate is frustrating and hurtful. I think the majority of people know how to distinct between the 2 but Blinks seem to not know how. Lol. What is your take on the "Coronavirus"? Red Velvet falls short in their choreographies sometimes and their stage presence can be very inconsistent, but I think they compensate for that with their amazing music and concept (forgot to mention their godly vocals). 1 year ago. BTS all the way. That stimulus bill is a garbage and should be vetoed, anyone else agree? Blackjacks acted this way from 2009-2014 and then they calmed down. I think they’re decent performers and yes they get a lot of hate but the valid criticism is lumped in with that hate and I think blinks have a hard time distinguishing between the 2. The fact that Hueningkai has to address fucking rumors about the group not being close because of how much hate they get from anti's for "lack of chemistry", "being unfunny" or "seeming not close". ENJOY!!!! It's unfortunate, but this is super predictable… 1. I can get behind and listen to other opinions but some of the “criticism” does not even make sense and y’all usually bring up the same shit all over again. Criticism suggests where groups can improve without ever outright dissing them completely, hate usually includes extreme statements, points that aren’t backed up completely, and have a general undertone of malice. 2. Okay so I'm not very a social media kind of person, but when BTS won the BBMAS I just couldn't help myself. A lot of my issues are not about the girls themselves but I'd still get attacked. As an old army, the main reason of leaving the fandom is too much toxic fans. Yes, BTS and BLACKPINK ships exist, and they are annoying and cringey for many. Considering all the achievements and successes of both BLACKPINK and BTS, their respective fandoms, Blinks, and ARMY, could not reportedly help it but compare the two K-pop groups.