Logan the Pacifist the farm Old Man Logan driving a graffiti covered Fantasti-car. On the night that the heroes fell and the villains gained control, Wolverine was at the X-Mansion with Jubilee receiving an emergency signal from the Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D., the Fantastic Four, Wakanda, and everywhere else. Their battle ended with Logan beheading Maestro, while killed the dark version of Hulk. At the same time Doctor Alba unleashes Bobby Andrews in his mutated H-Beta form. Where he has grown weaker, the alternate universe version of Logan's good friend Banner has gotten even stronger. The sun is setting on Old Man Logan and his solo adventures, but not before he gets one final rematch to come full circle. Wolverine (Old Man Logan) Enhanced Strength: Now, this might be surprising, but Old Man Logan Wolverine maybe is weaker than his enemy in this battle, Jason Voorhees, due to his advanced age, like his healing factor.For this battle, he'll be able to lift over 800 lbs, but not up to two tons. A one-stop shop for all things video games. His seasoned healing factor wasn't able to keep Logan going, as the Totally Awesome Hulk kept throwing Logan around with ease. Wolverine is the titular main protagonist from the event Old Man Logan.. X-Men: X of Swords Gives Apocalypse the Ultimate Power Upgrade, Star Wars: Rey's Best Training Partner Was NOT Poe Dameron or Finn, I Am Not Starfire Gives Teen Titans Hero a Teenage Goth Daughter, Peter Parker Never Wore Spider-Man's BEST Costumes, Doctor Doom Proves the Villain's Worst Enemy Is NOT Reed Richards. Sadly, the adventures of the dimension displaced Wolverine are coming to an end when Dead Man Logan arrives later this month, leaving his current solo book to set up his eventual demise. Thus he goes off to kill Banner, does it, and then swears to kill the rest of the villains. Despite his fading healing factor , Old Man Logan decided to target Maestro and kill him. The Hulk Eats Wolverine Whole And finally, we’re wrapping up this list on the Old Man Logan story by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven. 4.5 Stars The Maestro from an an alternate universe travels to Old Man Logan's future and assembles a Hulk gang of his own and then hunts down Old Man Logan in his current time and place in order to set off a nuclear armageddon. For the fourth or fifth time in his life, our old Logan fights a Hulk, only this battle has the most definitive ending of them all, as he cuts the Maestro's head clean off his body. The strain almost killed Logan, who barely healed up good enough to return to his own reality. Yeah, but if I'm not mistaken, I thought the Hooded Man and Hulk Jr. he used during run on Fantastic Four were the same Wolverine and little Hulk from the Old Man Logan universe. 2.2k. Justice League Viking: Endless Winter Introduces DC's Ancient Avengers, Old Man Logan Finally, Definitively Kills a Major Character, X-Men: Reign of X Teases the Return of a CRUCIAL Omega-Level Mutant. The reality Old Man Logan hails from is a dystopian ruin of a world. A man forced to help an old friend--the blind archer, HAWKEYE--drive three thousand miles to secure his family's safety. He took over a small town and declared himself King. The Hero Dies: The Dead Man Logan series sees the Adamantium poisoning, his injuries, and the use of the Regenerix drug ultimately kill Logan. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. The United States and the world of Earth-807128 has been conquered and divided among supervillains, with territories belonging to the Abomination (later conquered by the Hulk), Magneto (later conquered by a new Kingpin), Doctor Doom, and the Red Skull, who has named himself President of the United States. Super-Pets!? Old Man Logan kills The Red Skull. In this reality, an alliance of villains was able to overwhelm and murder most of the superheroes. There, he fought then-Hulk Amadeus Cho, thinking the kid was the Banner responsible for ruining his reality, and now he's fighting an evil version of Banner in his book's last issue. Now, CBR is taking a look back at Old Man Logan's battles against various versions of the Hulk to see how he fared against Marvel's various Jade Giants. A man concerned only about his family. "King of Nothing" is something of a dark sequel to Logan's first two arcs, "Berzerker" and "Bordertown." When his family is killed by the Hulk Gang in the original Old Man Logan that ran in 2008, the story takes a sudden turn for the slice and dice revenge that Wolverine is somewhat famous for. After making his way across the United States on a job to pay back his debt to the Hulks, Logan returns to find out the Hulk family had actually murdered his wife and children. Did he actually kill the Hulk? While Logan goes off on a crazy road trip with old man Hawkeye, his family is killed by the Hulk clan. In a final showdown, the Hulk swallowed Logan only to meet his demise. In his Hulk form, Banner is enormous, bigger than the Hulk has ever been shown before, and easily defeats Logan and then consumes him. The Hillbilly Hulk - Old Man Logan. What Was the True Inspiration for Marvel's What If...? Boomstick: When he returned home, however, he didn't find a friendly sight. Both Hawkeye and Logan were shot in Wolverine (3rd series) #72. Logan decided to target the family in revenge, massacring the Hulk's children. He is also the founder, leader and father of the Hulk Gang, and Wolverine's dangerous archenemy. Only a handful survived and went into hiding, including Wolverine. Old Man Logan has quietly been one of Marvel's more fun and delightfully violent books in recent memory. Even though he's always been regarded as "the other Wolverine," his tales have managed to feel fresh and interesting because of his age and the circumstances of his life. An injured Logan also backs away from the fight when he realizes Cho actually isn't Banner. Old Man Logan has taken on some of the strongest Hulks in any of Marvel's universes, and he's lived to tell the tale. Eventually, Logan gets freed by an uprising of townsfolk who quickly give him his last shot of Regenix so he can fight the Maestro at full power. This means that ultimately, Old Man Logan (barely) has a winning record while against Marvel's Hulks. He is a darker and irredeemably evil alternative version of the mainstream Hulk, who is usually only seen as occasionally villainous. Amadeus Cho's Hulk form did not want Old Man Logan, Sabretooth, and Lady Deathstrike to kill him. Honestly it was probably depression and severe PTSD. Logan recuperates within Banner’s stomach and bursts out, killing the Hulk. And Logan's family have been killed by the Hulk Gang, but on a positive note the Hulk Gang and Red Skull are dead, and Wolverine is forming an Avengers team. The final battle was considerably more brutal than any of their earlier skirmishes. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Eventually, Logan was forced to fight the original Hulk, now an obese monstrosity. His attack is met with comical indifference by Cho, who brushes off all the stabbings Old Man Logan throws at him in Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino's battle royale. "King of Nothing" is something of a dark sequel to Logan's first two arcs, "Berzerker" and "Bordertown." After being eaten by the Hulk, Logan proved strong enough to carve his way out from inside the Hulk. A number of villains took over the world and made their own kingdoms out of the planet. Likely not, but an older Logan who can be the grandpa to the newer roster of mutants fits nicely into an adventure like that, or a trip to a Brood-infested space station, or any number of other story ideas. 2007 saw the World War Hulk storyline, where the Hulk became an antagonist against most of the rest of the Marvel universe after being subjected to extreme circumstances. Who has killed the Hulk? This led up to a showdown with Hulk which ended with Logan as the victor. While the townsfolk who have been organizing against the Maestro deal with taking back Fort Wells, Logan tracks the evil Hulk to his pod he used to escape to Earth-616. GI Joe: What Happened to the Original Snake Eyes – And Who Replaced Him? For the fourth or fifth time in his life, our old Logan fights a Hulk, only this battle has the most definitive ending of them all, as he cuts the Maestro's head clean off his body. Seemingly those of the Bruce Banner of Earth-616, while he also was able to use the Hulk's superhuman strength and resilience while in human form, enough to battle Wolverine while still an old man and survive being stabbed and slashed by the latter's claws, to the point where his transformation allowed him to completely heal from the wounds. In the dark future of Old Man Logan, Wolverine finds himself in a vision of apocalyptic America that has been conquered and divided by some of Marvel’s most notorious villains. The Old Man line will keep continuing, with Hawkeye's tale nearing its end, and Guardian of the Galaxy Peter Quill getting a solo title of his own geriatric adventures. Cho's speed became a pronounced advantage, keeping him away from any truly devastating injuries. Superheroes have been wiped out of existence, with the few survivors in hiding. Wiz: Logan murdered all of Hulk's children, and confronted Bruce Banner himself. When Did Green Arrow First Start Using Trick Arrows? 7. This included figures such as Bruce Banner, with Old Man Logan deciding to kill him in an attempt to ensure that the Hulk could never become the monster he turned into in his reality. 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RELATED: Wolverine & Captain America Just Uncovered Marvel's Biggest Conspiracy. Their battle ended with Logan beheading Maestro, while killed the dark version of Hulk. He's defending a Canadian town from evil, same as he did for the town where his future wife Maureen lived in "Bordertown." A man pushed to the brink by the HULK GANG. Nov 23, 2018 - It's the beginning of the very end for this fan-favorite mutant in DEAD MAN LOGAN #1 by Ed Brisson and his creative team. King Hulk Kills The Wolverine As Old Man Logan admits when the first punch hits him, he's made a horrible mistake heading straight into a fight with Maestro. The seasoned version of Wolverine from an alternate reality, Old Man Logan, has proven to be a quietly devastating version of the character. One of them is the corrupted Hulk and his expanding, inbred family of gamma-irradiated murderers. Marvel Comics. ... Old Man Logan is the greatest Wolverine story ever told! That would be bad enough on its own, but Logan has also been spending this arc going up against the Maestro, a Bruce Banner from an alternate universe who Logan has fought many times. 8 Wolverine kills Hulk (Old Man Logan) Movie audiences are used to seeing Hulk as a reluctant hero, someone who wants to do the right thing but is forced to live in constant fear of losing control. Old Man Logan would get one more brawl with a Hulk closer to his age towards the end of his solo series. It's a shame that Logan will soon expire because an older hero is something that the Marvel Universe could certainly use more of, especially one who gets caught up in all sorts of shenanigans. Wolverine joined Hawkeye in his quest back in Wolverine (3rd series) #66. So the use of the character in Old Man Logan … In Old Man Logan, Wolverine had to fight an evil Hulk who had an incestuous relationship with his cousin, the She-Hulk. The strain almost killed Logan, who barely healed up good enough to return to his own reality. [35] As Old Man Logan, Sabretooth, and Lady Deathstrike disputed with Amadeus Cho's Hulk form, William Stryker took the opportunity to get away. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Having been stopped in his quest to create a paradise for Hulk, the Maestro has instead fled to Canada and taken over the town of Fort Wells, where he's gleefully beaten Logan so bad he had to heal for a week. The Hulk featured in the Old Man Logan comic book run is very different. Old Man Logan vs Hulk: Who Won the Marvel Icons' Final Fights? RELATED: The Best Wolverine Villains Who Haven't Appeared on Film Yet. EDIT: The Incredible Hulk - After surviving the hero holocaust the Hulk killed Abomination and took his territory of the U.S. Over the years, he went crazy and procreated with his cousin the She-Hulk, finally he was Killed after Logan ripped through his stomach during the Hulks attempt to eat him. The Old Man Logan storyline started back in issue #66. It's a decisive victory for Logan, and even leads to the former Wolverine adopting the last baby Hulk as his own son at the end of Mark Millar and Steve McNiven's original Old Man Logan tale. This story continues from Wolverine (3rd series) #72. After a remarkably violent and tragic life, he's gone head to head with a number of different heroes and villains, most notably different versions of the Hulk. Ultimately though, Logan healed up enough so that he could fully confront Maestro. A man pushed to the brink by the HULK GANG. Gatling Good: After getting crucified and shot up by the Hulk Gang, Logan escapes and kills the Hulk carrying a minigun. 10 Brutal Wolverine Kills You Won't Believe Marvel Printed. The movie where Jim Belushi played a cop and his partner was a dog was K-9, released in 1989. Marvel has killed off The Hulk’s human alter ego Bruce Banner in its latest comic. While the comic never tells us why exactly, we can still make educated guesses and talk of likely theories. Beyond that, it's obvious very quickly that in this fight, an in-his-prime Hulk is far too much for Old Man Logan to contend with. Would Laura Kinney or the younger Logan get caught up in a Purifier attempt to destroy the X-Mansion with the help of online dating? make offer - old man logan # 2 2016 marvel comic 181 incredible hulk homage cover nmnt Incredible Hulk #181 Facsimile Reprint 1st Wolverine Key CGC 9.8 NM/M Gem Wow $68.52 Well, at the conclusion of Old Man Logan the character, having mercilessly killed the Hulk family and buried his own family, rides off into the sunset promising to bring law back unto the land. A man forced tohelp an old friend--the blind archer, HAWKEYE--drive three thousand miles to secure his family's safety. A version of Maestro that this Logan has confronted in the past, an aged but demented version of the Hulk, arrived in the mainline continuity. Get ready for the ride of your life, Logan. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Bruce Banner, or better known as The Hulk, is the final antagonist of the graphic novel Old Man Logan. Random as they seem, they do allow for heroes to actually age and their current adventures to have genuine weight.