Miyabi looked into the distance. "Oh, so you want Jasiri's approval first?" "Uhmm....No." She was about to walk to him but slipped. Hatari rolled his eyes and continued to head to the volcano. "Oh yeah?" #disneyjunior "Thanks." Ze is een vriend en bondgenoot van Kion, die hem al geholpen heeft tegen Janja's clan Jasiri staat volledig open voor vriendschappen met De Koningslanders in vergelijking tot Janja's clan. Janja asked with fear in his words. Janja and Jasiri don't get along. "I miss him too. She had to do something. Jasiri asked clearly confused "uh I heard scar mention about the outsiders once or twice"Janja nervously admitted "How do you know about zira"Janja asked confused Jasiri sighed in defeat"she took over my family's watering hole and they wouldn't share it"Jasiri told Janja "I know exactly what to do come on"Jasiri told him confidential. "No.....but, I'm returning the favor after you licked my neck. #laughinghyenas Jasiri licked her paw. #janja Jasiri thinks she likes Janja but doesn't want to accept it because of their rivalry and different point of views in the circle of life. There had been no turns. Wound!" He whispered the last part slowly. Sell custom creations to people who love your style. Janja first admitted having thought about what she had told him about Sisi Ni Sawa before revealing Scar's betrayal and the current situation of … Hatari and Janja's crew made their way to the volcano. "I want you to see this" Hatari said as he took Janja by his mane and pulled back his head downward. Jasiri lowered her ears. Janja immediately orders his two minions to return to Outlands while Kion pursues them to the border. "Thanks for saving us back there Jasiri." "I was thinkin' it ever since we got down here. "You're doing this to impress Madoa" Wazimu said between snickers. "What is it?" Janja is a malehyena. He looked up. "You're limping. "Really?" Janja began walking back to the volcano, a smile on his face. Okay" Janja leaned down and Jasiri landed on three paws. Janja shook his head. Hatari turned to Chungu, "And the whole point I spooked them before the lion guard left was so they could get killed in the stampede! No! Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. #janjasclan Janja and Jasiri were following the lion guard's scent when all of a sudden an leopard jumped out "who are you hyena"the leopard asked Jasiri making Janja angry because the leopard called her hyena " her name is Jasiri"Janja said through his teeth "I DON'T CARE WHAT HER NAME IS HYENA "the leopard yelled at Janja "YOU BETTER CARE WHAT HER NAME IS LEOPARD!! Hatari sighed. "Oh, alright." After she and the cubs were rescued by the Lion Guard, Jasiri openly admitted that she noticed how Janja had become much more determined to … That was the most fun he’d had since…well he couldn’t even remember since how long. Peaceful discussions." "No. Her expression full of worry. Jasiri looked away from him. "That's not your bad side. He tried to bite it when the zebra kicked him. Don't even think about it Janja told himself, but she looks....it looks.....comfy. "Where?" #thelionguard Hatari launched at him. #savanna How could I admire that? He was alive. 2 Janja. The Lion Guard followed Jasiri through the Outlands. Janja dodged but was quickly pinned down. And I know that Jasiri will be okay. "How could we have lost to a lion cub, again?!" “Janja,” she scolded lightly, “Don’t you think that Ashanti is a little young for all this fighting?” She began walking in the direction of her daughter and mate. Blood was everywhere. I'm simply doing these for Jasiri" Kujitoa said without turning to Wazimu. Just hope." Well, here we go again. I'm fine." She slowly took her paw away from his and took a step back. Jasiri has already been shown to kick Janja’s ass, so Jasiri automatically wins. Almost out. "Ya okay?" Read 16: Good morning from the story JanjaXJasiri by jasirixjanja (Jasiri X Janja) with 499 reads. "Uhh...No" Janja thought for a while, "Actually, could ya give me some time to....it's cause I drank too much." By the time she arrives with Janja at Pride Rock, the Lion Guard and Janja's clan have already escaped the fire. "Jas, it's like ya said, we need to work together, let me help ya. Janja teased back, "Ya scared of me. He closed his eyes and when to sleep as he blushed hard. So soft..... Janja thought as he cuddled close to her and nuzzled his head on her mane and neck. Janja, Jasiri, Kiburi and Reirei had agreed to have a meeting about the Outlands, and it was determined that Jasiri was the most worthy to lead the Outlanders, as Janja and Reirei knew Jasiri would help the Outlands tremendously and Kiburi didn’t care much about it at that point. I was thinking if she is good maybe she could change Janja… 41 Favourites. jasiri, jasirixjanja, tlg. She looked at the ground. She held the one that hurt up. Janja and Jasiri profess their love and share a kiss. Madoa and Miyabi came out of a cave. "I almost got you!" He took hold of her injured paw. Evil? Later, Janja observes Jasiri playing with Wema and Tunu. "Do you like what you're watching? Still givin' credit to TheGamingHyena16 for keeping up with the idea. "Yeah, but we're also friends." Later, he and his clan join Jasiri's clan and submit to her leadership. He calmed himself down and closed his eyes. Chapter 16 Accepting differences over feelings. they became enemies, but he reformed in Season 3, "Battle of the Pride Lands. Jasiri understood what he was trying to say to her. Hatari motioned to Cheezi and Chungu. Jasiri was touched. Janja went to the corner and leaned down. "I agree" Jasiri said to try and keep him from killing her. "Relax, and guess what?" Janja faked cries of pain as Ashanti dug her teeth softly into Janja’s mane. Janja and Jasiri used to be enemies. #lionking Jasiri stated with a nervous tone as she blushed, "You've always tried to kill me. Janja bolted awake. He looked over at Jasiri curled up in a tiny ball. Yay! It's your competitive side." Bold, spunky, and snarky, Jasiri is a hyena through-and-through, but unlike Janja, she is a fr… But after spending time with the hyena Janja comes to care for her and feels he is in love with Jasiri and tries to impress her. Janja and Jasiri my fav couple from the lion guard. He laid down and went to sleep. I can see every time I chase ya how ya tremble in fear." "Whoa. Ch. Kujitoa stopped on his tracks. What Janja saw was the whole Pride Lands where everyone laid dead. Jasiri gasped and chased after Janja. "I'm also worried, and wherever Jasiri is right now, she must know that we're worried. With Mzingo's help, they locate Vitani's pride and fight against them until Kion nearly uses the Roar to end the battle. "The corner of that wall next to the tunnels." "Yeah?" Jasiri does not seem to feel threatened by Janja and is able to defeat him and most of his clan alone. “Well, I gotta go, Janja. "You barely think of that?" Janja sighed. Well technically he pined jasiri once and almost killed her. He continued to walk. After learning of Scar's return, Jasiri is given an offer by Kion for her and her clan to live in the Pride Lands for safety, but Jasiri states that the clan cannot abandon the Outlands. Jasiri lacht veel, is speels en impulsief. Set after the film, Janja and his clan continue terrorizing the animals of the Pride Lands, but only to be stopped by Kion and his Lion Guard.In \"Never Judge a Hyena by its Spots\", Janja, Cheezi and Chungu chase a herd of oryx until the guard arrives. Come on you look like a scared pup. #lionguard We both once lost one of our best friends. 12 Comments. Jasiri rolled her eyes. #lionguardjanja Oh, and the extra blood in the volcano, I guess your crew didn't make it." "No problem" Jasiri laughed, "You guys helped me before." The one we cared for so much." He barked, "I'm begining to think it had something to do with you too." Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. "How could you?" Miyabi exhaled. Ya can limp but ya can fall too. #lionkingjasiri Janja's clan approach Jasiri. Davidchannel's movie-spoofs of Dreamworks Animation SKG's 2004 Computer-Animated comedy sequel filmShrek 2. He asked as he held her close to him. Jasiri smiled. "I'll be careful" Jasiri insisted, "You're not going to be carrying me on your back the whole time." She's soo cute and peaceful Janja cooed. Jasiri laughed. Janja smiled mischievously just thinking about his idea. Janja barked. Jasiri asked. Janja sighed. Which gives her more reason to come back home." Jasiri asked, "You want me to get off?" No longer believing she is beautiful, Jasiri is consoled by Janja, who tells her she always has been. Jasiri leaned against the wall. #jasirisclan "Oh! Janja quickly corrected himself. He can't sleep. Janja stopped. Hatari turned away. Ya got injured. It was moments like these that made him forget about being hungry. Wazimu stared at Kujitoa for a while as they searched. Madoa took notice. "Thanks for everything" Jasiri said and smiled, "You're not the bad hyena I know inside these caverns." He looked up at Jasiri, "Oh,...so ya miss my bad side all of a sudden?" He sighed and looked deeper. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Janja exclaimed. "Well, arent you going to continue?" Janja leaned down. Hatari laughed. "What's wrong? Janja and Jasiri. "Janja isn't here! But I'll proove to be even more." But after spending time with the hyena Janja comes to care for her and feels he is in love with Jasiri and tries to impress her. Kion thanked as he walked by her side. Their eyes looking into one another with their faces close to each other. Little did she know, that flying above her was a vulture, who is close to Janja. Janja sighed. "What did you do?" Janja rolled over, letting the cub rest atop his belly. Now this is comfortable. Janja yelled as he reached the zebras tail. Davidchannel's movie-spoofs of Dreamworks Animation SKG's 2010 Computer-Animated comedy sequel film Shrek Forever After. Show me what you've got." He then got to her side and placed on his front legs around her waist. In Rescue in the Outlands, Janja smiles with a somewhat dreamy expression when he says that Jasiri is fearless. Janja exclaimed, "You could get hurt again." Atleast, not in a comfortable way. "Yeah. Near the end of the episode, Jasiri saves Janja fro… And I've already slept with her last night so If I want to I'll do it again! "No sign of Jasiri at all." "That's the way Janja does it." But after spending time with the hyena Janja comes to care for her and feels he is in love with Jasiri and tries to impress her. "Bori!!" Jasiri thinks she likes Janja but doesn't want to accept it because of their rivalry a... #disney They were led by Janja until they integrated into Jasiri's clan. Jasiri blushed and got on top of him. "Sure..." He started walking. Janja got up and chased the zebra. "Well, Jasiri" Janja tried saying in a nice tone and friendly smile, "Maybe we should listen to each other's opinions and have discussions over it. He got in front and leaned down. Hatari laughed. I can feel it he thought I wonder if it's already night....I'm tired. By CunningJanja Watch. He is the former leader of a clan of hyenas from the Outlands. She laughed. Jasiri asked. Jasiri assumes "love's true form" as the curse predicted, and remains an hyena permanently. Wazimu teased as she laughed. Cheezi added. Jasiri smiled. I'm still bad, I'm just goin' easy on ya 'cause ya injured." #lionkingjanja Jasiri laughed. As Jasiri was sleeping, she smelled the scent of Janja that shows up right after and she asked him what he is doing on his territory. She teased, "But the bad hyena I know would take the total advantage and finished me off." Kion gave her a warm smile. Janja and Jasiri don't get along. Cheezi and Chungu looked down at their so-called new boss. Hatari smiled in diabolical way. Janja sat down. Kujitoa rolled his eyes then smiled at his friends statement. "What are you looking at?" #theoutlands. Janja went back to find some privacy to himself. He sighed. He looked around. "Besides....it was the both of you who yelled my name out loud that the lion guard heard and where able to escape the stampede in the nick of time." Janja smirked, "I always knew ya admired my bad attitude." Jasiri is een gevlekte vrouwelijke hyena. Just in 10 seconds Janja opened his eyes again. He panted. "I can make myself useful Janja" Jasiri  said. Janja, still pinned down, look up at Hatari who raised his paw and swiped it down at Janja's throat opening it. He orders Cheezi and Chungu to go after the cubs while the rest of his clan goes after Jasiri, and launches his attack. Janja came to a stop. ". Jasiri is easily able to detect changes in Janja's motions. Upload your creations for people to see, favourite and share. She was about to fall, but Janja held her. So, I decided to wait until ya feel better and we can battle on full strenght to prove who is stronger." "I'm just going to try" Jasiri said. He searched down. #hyenas Miyabi looked down. 2. "Well, I'm not scared of you right now." Janja walked as he carried Jasiri on his back. Janja and Jasiri don't get along. Later Janja meets another hyena named Jasiri to whom he had said never to come to his territory. Jasiri stated bringing her front paws together around Janja's neck. Experiment with DeviantArt’s own digital drawing tools. "Nguvu....." Madoa softly replied. He's dead!" Janja looked around. Find out what other deviants think - about anything at all. But unexpectedly, he starts falling for her and no matter how many times he denies it, the feelings for Jasiri just get stronger and they start meeting up secretly at night. "Maybe,....but when she gets in trouble, she never has a choice" Kujitoa informed. I'll be helping and returning the favor at da same time." "Well, that proves it. Ze duikt op in "De Leeuwenwacht-serie" (2016-2019). 3K Views. See ya!” “See ya Jasiri!” Janja called after her. as stated in a promotional Disney Junior video. Jasiri doesn't weight much but I'm the one stepping on the harsh small rocks underneath me. First of all in the song janja blows away kion....someone's jealous But while janja was talking about jasiri to scar and ushari he mentioned her as "fearless" and i could see a smile on janja's face! She saw Janja chasing a zebra. You're evil. Janja got up from his spot and went over to Jasiri. Janja groaned in annoyance. "Clouds. Kubwa climbed to the tallest cliff on the Outlands. Instead, Jasiri and her clan form a resistance to help the Lion Guard fight Scar's army. Janja blushed. #lionguardjasiri