I’ll also be deeply comparing the iRig Pro Duo I/O with the similar Saramonic SmartRig+ units I recently reviewed. Although the directions do not explicitly warn against the practice, I avoided mounting and dismounting the mic by holding the shotgun barrel. iRig Mic Lav is a lapel microphone that plugs directly into your smartphone or tablet via the headphone jack. Auf der rechten Seite befinden sich Gain und Output für Nutzung mit einer Kamera. So I decided to put it through it's paces and see just how good it is. Don't subscribe The recordings demonstrate that in quiet environments the IK iRig Mic Video microphone has a very high S/N and there is virtually no hiss. Thomann USB C OTG Adapter. * It’s perfect for use on-camera, since it captures your voice clearly but doesn’t distract viewers, and a generous 60” / 150 cm cable lets you shoot at the right distance. von Jan-Hendrik Schmid . This is a comparison recording made in front of the microphone. Ebenfalls nicht optimal ist die Platzierung der Schalter und Anschlüsse auf dem Mikrofon gelöst. Use the iPad mic for collaboration but use the higher quality external mic for mastering. You can hear the increased volume of the background noise on the comparison recording. Der iKlip ist auf etwa 40 cm ausziehbar, sodass beim Selfie-Filmen eine angenehme Perspektive erreicht werden kann. The whole assembly magnetically mounts to steel plates mounted on the surface of a portable device or sandwiched in between a phone and case. In these cases, the barrel will help orient the mic to the desired sound but do little to reject unwanted noises. The IK iRig Mic Video digital shotgun microphone aims to solve these problems. the t.bone MB 88U Plus. REVIEW – Today’s mobile phones and cameras come with lenses that are capable of superb zoom for taking videos but the audio can become lost in background noise or poor signal to the microphone. Reviewed in the United States on November 27, 2019 I LOVE this thing. Wie der Name schon andeutet, wendet sich IK mit dem iRig Mic Video … IK Multimedia iRig Mic Video | Universal digital shotgun microphone. Zusätzlich bietet es einen Kopfhörerausgang für Direct Monitoring. This is an audio recording of speaking behind the microphone – notice the echoey and distant tone. 43 € 11 . I used to use another iRig unit for my field recordings but I needed a step up and this shotgun style mic is definitely answering the call. The IK iRig Mic Video digital shotgun microphone comes in a two-box design, with an outer sleeve box over an inner hinge box. The places come with 3M adhesive so they will be permanently attached once applied. The only handheld digital condenser microphone for iPhone, iPad and Mac/PC. Für wenig Geld verspricht IK ein Audio-Video Gesamtpaket, an das man nur noch an das eigene Handy anschließen muss. 6,80 € IK Multimedia AmpliTube Jimi Hendrix AniColl. Lohnt sich die Anschaffung? When using the iRig Micro Amp for monitoring purposes while recording, there’s a slightly soft response. However, these filters must be purchased in order to use them. Im Endeffekt bekommt man wofür man bezahlt und das Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis ist in Ordnung. This is a really neat extra feature. Other options New and used from £70.02. 49 € 71,99 € 1 . Mit der Handyklemme und dem Mikrofon wird es auf der Rückseite des Handy doch recht eng, sodass die Klemme bei mehreren getesteten Handys unter anderem den Gainregler des Mikrofons verdeckte. Hierzu liegen zwei unterschiedlich große Metall-Plättchen bei, welche entweder auf das Handy geklebt werden können oder diskret unter der Handyhülle verschwinden. The microphone on its own is a nice, neutral microphone, but using it in conjunction with the Mic Room … This is a comparison recording. iRig made a point to craft a professional-grade mic this time around. The LED is mounted on the top of the iRig so that it is observable by the camera subject and that way great audio recordings can be made by the subject themselves. iRig Mic Studio Video Review. Howard Sneider lives northwest of Boston and consults in the Bioprocess field. Thanks for this review! REVIEW – Today’s mobile phones and cameras come with lenses that are capable of superb zoom for taking videos but the audio can become lost in background noise or poor signal to the microphone. Fortunately, the program can continue to provide a software interface to the microphone audio in the background. Howard lives with his wife, two children, and pet turtle. The one cable that is not provided is the micro-USB to type A cable, which would be used if you were recording directly to a computer that doesn’t have a type C USB port. All Growing up, he took as many things apart as he could in the house to see how they work. The microphone has a button and a dial on the body. It inspires even more confidence in-hand than the original, and keeps its classic microphone form-factor. The recording software processes the recorded audio and sends it back to the iRig. The other sleeve is in the IK bright red and white colors and has text and the background in matte with the images in gloss. Wie der Name schon andeutet, wendet sich IK mit dem iRig Mic Video in erster Linie an den (Video-)Content Creator. Der iKlip Grip Pro spielt, was die Verarbeitung angeht, natürlich nicht in der Liga der High-End Stativ-Lösungen, aber praktisch ist er allemal und man darf nicht vergessen, dass professionellere Stative schnell ein vielfaches des ganzen iRig Bundles kosten. IK Multimedia iRig Video Creator HD Bundle. These include a wide range of music apps for audio processing, sing-along and recording - for both professional music creation or personal entertainment - video, multimedia and gaming apps, plus thousands more. Atmo-Recordings selbst planen und durchführen: So gelingt die Aufnahme eigener Atmos ohne Frust und Fehler! Besonders angenehm ist die Anbringung des Mikrofons an das Handy per Magnet. You can also subscribe without commenting. I also connected a BlueTooth transmitter to the audio out port. Das IK Multimedia iRig Mic Video Bundle kommt mit einem gut klingenden Mikrofon und vielen guten Ideen daher, weist aber ein paar Schwächen bei der Verarbeitung auf. 229 € 259 € 1 . Aber keine Angst: Das iRig ist für alle Eventualitäten gerüstet und kommt mit Anschlusskabeln für Android (USB-C und Micro-USB), iOS (Lightning) und einem Mini-Klinken-Spiralkabel zum Anschluss des Mikrofons an eine Kamera. Marantz Pro Umpire. The battery is installed in the top of the microphone. (2020), iOS-Mikros: Mikrofone für iPhone und iPad (2020), Kaufberatung - Die 3 besten Studio-Gesangsmikrofone unter 200 Euro (2020), Mobile Digitalrecorder im Test-Vergleich (2020). iRig Mic HD 2 is the sequel to IK’s successful iRig Mic HD and is designed to put all the power of high-resolution sound into your hands, so you can easily create exceptional professional content anywhere you go on any device.. The user manual is only available after registration with IK. Both recordings were made with the iRig recording software. Dieses ist eine Mischung aus Kameragriff, Selfie-Stick und Stativ. - Sunrise, FL 33325 - Phone: (954) 846-9101 - Fax: (954) 846-9077 Replies to my comments Rode hat das VideoMic NTG von Grund auf neu entwickelt, behält aber viele clevere Details von früheren Modellen bei. Kurzum: Gar nicht schlecht. 16.12.2015. I couldn’t get the files to export with MP4 audio because of an app error (error 1200) but other exporting options worked. Das IK Multimedia iRig Mic Video ist ein neues Produktpaket aus IKs Creator Series. The area behind the mic contains the circuitry for the pre-amp, A/D and D/A, the battery, and the magnets for holding the mic onto the device. Aber wie viel taugt das iRig? Both recordings were made using the LG native video recorder but the first video used the iRig as the audio source by enabling the Background Audio setting in the iRig app. It features a gold-sputtered condenser capsule with a tight, directional pickup that focuses directly on the subject in front of you and rejects distracting background noise and surrounding sounds.