I'm going to look into that). Askari (distant relative; deceased), Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. 3:34. Daniel was amongst this group (Dan 1:6). The Lion Guard stepped through the bushes. In The Lion Guard Kiara is seen being trained by her parents to be Queen and has a subtle sibling rivalry with Kion. Kovu's mane isn't full yet, and Kiara's body becomes more slender, which means they're at the teenage stage. Despite this he still followed Simba's rules and was cautious about going into the Outlands. When he got scar over his eye after being bitten by Ushari, he started developing uncontrollable behavior, losing control of his Roar, losing his temper, getting easily annoyed, losing his patience, and sometimes getting a little violent. Kion left Pride Rock to form his own Pride. Sarafina (maternal grandmother), With Dev Patel, Nicole Kidman, Rooney Mara, Sunny Pawar. He is the fiercest member and leader of the lion guard. That would make a lot of sense, given that 12-13 is the age when lions start growing manes and maybe Kion just had an early puberty or something. He received a scar over his left eye after being bitten by Ushari. 02. Kovu (brother-in-law), He received a mark of the king on his forehead after becoming King of the Tree of Life. https://disneyjuniorpedia.fandom.com/wiki/Kion?oldid=27432, 8 years old (in human years; in Season 1). 02. As the second born child of the Lion King, Kion serves as leader of the Lion Guard, a team of animals who protect the Pride Lands and defend the Circle of Life. For Kion's Season 1 gallery, see here. Scar (paternal great-uncle; deceased), In season 1, Kion has his cub spots and seem to be around a year old, which is 9-10-ish in human age. Max Charles (speaking voice throughout; singing voice for first two seasons and "Battle for the Pride Lands"). “Let’s go talk to them, but be cautious,” Kion said. Kion bears spots on the backs of his legs and the mark of the Lion Guard on his left shoulder. 28. “And a cheetah, and a … He is the leader of the lion guard and the son of Simba and Nala. Add a photo to this gallery Add a photo to this gallery Add a … KION Group generates consistently strong level of order intake in the first nine months of 2020 (news with additional features) Detail. 2021-03-02. Add to calendar. Kovu could be a little malnourished from living in the Outlands, so they're the same size. Das Unternehmen ist nach Toyota Material Handling der weltweit zweitgrößte Anbieter von Gabelstaplern und Lagertechnikgeräten und der Marktführer in Europa. (But it's impossible for him to have cub spots at the same time. Although he is very open-minded he has had a small resentment towards hyenas, though he has moved past this thanks to Jasiri and learned that not all hyenas are bad. He is the son of Simba and Nala, and the younger brother of Kiara. His anger can be soothed by eating tuliza (at first, only for it to stop working eventually), and Fuli can also act as Kion's conscience. 2021-04-28. Directed by Garth Davis. His name means "Leader" in Swahili language. His fur is light gold (which is resulted by Simba's gold fur mixing with Nala's tawny shades), while his muzzle, paws, and underbelly are all lighter in color. The Lion Guard Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Fanon Wiki Ideas So Far Kion vs Sonic Boom (Abandoned) Mär. For Kion's Season 3 gallery, see here. Before he became leader of the lion guard, Kion was a carefree and playful lion who was a bit immature. The series was first broadcast with a television film titled The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar on Disney Channel on November 22, 2015, and began airing as a TV series on January 15, 2016, on Disney Junior. Naturally, this fits real life, as when lions become 3 years old, they leave the Pride and become nomads. Kion is the main protagonist of The Lion Guard. Mufasa (paternal grandfather; deceased), This means Kion should be around 15. Zum Kalender hinzufügen. While Simba is more rounded in appearance, Kion is robust and block-like, with a square jaw and a pronounced chest. It's like Kovu and Kiara had a time jump and aged but Kion stayed the same age. Now I'm not saying he was there in the flesh, but he could of been there but was very very small. Kion and the Lion Guard were looking for these new creatures in the meantime, then they spotted some. Kion is a character in The Lion Guard. Simba (father), Males of this age may also show the first signs of a mane. Small and lithe, Kion is in good shape, bearing slight shoulders, pronounced chest and a moderately well-muscled build. For Kion's Season 2 gallery, see here. Kion and Kovu were the same size in season 1, but they weren't in season 3. His negative behavior finally faded away after reaching the Tree of Life, going through therapy sessions, falling in love with Rani, and regaining control of his Roar. 559-530 B.C.. Kion has his moments of being friendly and competitive especially towards his older sister Kiara mainly because of her catty attitude towards him, but they do eventually get along with each other and care about each other deeply. Kion is the Main protagonist of The Lion Guard. 2 talking about this. Mar. She is the leader of the Night Pride and eventually ascends to become Queen of the Tree of Life with Kion as her King and mate. Kion values his friends and family and would do all that he can to protect them from harm. However, opposing the tradition, instead of lions, he picks his friends; a honey badger, hippo, cheetah and an egret. Saroo Brierley, the inspiration for the film Lion: 'My mother saw my face after 25 years' Rory Carroll When he was five, he fell asleep on a train and ended up 1,000 miles from home. Kiara (older sister), Disney Junior Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Not to sound like a jerk, i don't question the show i just enjoy it. Cubs are hidden away until they are several weeks old, and have a very woolly, spotted coat for the first five months. Most scholars believe that he was likely a young teenager at this time (app. He is very reflective towards his actions and would do anything he can to fix his mistakes. Years later, she is engaged to Kovu where she assists him in explaining to Kion on what happened while he was away and what happened to Zira. This makes the most sense since Kiara is a young tween and Kovu already has a growing mane. Publication of 2020 annual report / Financial statements press conference and analyst call. His fur is several shades lighter than his father's and carries more yellow undertones as opposed to his sister's orange. I mean it's possible that Kion's mane grows really slowly or something.... (and let's not get started about the rest of the Guard because all the animals grow at different rates and it's the most confusing thing in the history of Lion Guard probably). “James look! He, Kiara, and Kovu are the same size, which is confusing. - Same goes with Nala of course. Surak (uncle-in-law). He is the son of Simba and Nala and the younger brother of Kiara. After becoming leader of The Lion Guard, Kion gains a Mark of the Guard on his left shoulder, which resembles a lion's head. So this is my theory for where Kion was in Lion King 2. “Those are the kids I think,” Ono said. A five-year-old Indian boy is adopted by an Australian couple after getting lost hundreds of kilometers from home. In these media sources, He is the son of King Simba and Mufasa's grandson. That would make a lot of sense, given that 12-13 is the age when lions start growing manes and maybe Kion just had an early puberty or something. (Dan 1:21) says that Daniel served the foreign kings “until the first year of King Cyrus.” King Cyrus was the king of the Medo-Persians, and reigned from app. It’s a lion!” Sofia said. Unlike his older sister who went to Outlands that isn't allowed, Kion is obedient to his parents. Kion heeds the words of his parents and intelligently recognizes the signs of potential danger, this strong sense of responsibility is in part why Ki… I’ve actually also thought about that stuff but I know why Kion’s mane didn’t grow, he has a disease named NeverGrowAManeALisis [don’t question the namely the disease I always do this kinda stuff (I had once thought of what I’d name cars if I had invented them and I thought of the name NowYou’reHereNowYou’reNotinators)]. This trait most likely comes from ​Nala, whose tawny color mixed with Simba's gold to result in a rich yellow. Kion becomes a new leader of the Lion Guard, the most powerful team of animals in the Pridelands, defending the Circle of Life. 15 years old). At this point, Kion's mane should be down his back and chest. Veröffentlichung Geschäftsbericht 2020 / Bilanzpressekonferenz und Telefonkonferenz für Analysten. But then it gets complicated. Lion Age in Human Years Conversion Ass Bear Cat Chicken Cow Deer Dog Duck Elephant Fox Goat Groundhog Guinea pig Hamster, golden Hippopotamus Horse Human Kangaroo Lion Monkey Mouse Parakeet (Budgerigar) Pig Pigeon Rabbit Rat Sheep Squirrel Wolf years equals He is also Kiara's brother and the adoptive nephew of Bunga. The Lion Guard is an American animated television series developed by Ford Riley and based on Disney's 1994 film The Lion King. At the end of the series, he retired from being the leader of the lion guard and became king of the Tree of Life upon his marriage to Rani. However, Kion's ear rims are black on the top and brown on the sides as opposed to young Simba's ear rims, which are black only on the sides. His eyes are light brown. Download PDF. What happened to Kion after the time jump in The Lion King 2, because I rewatched recently and he's no where to be seen. He is the fiercest member of the team. Although they are brother and sister, and they do love each other, Kion does not always get along with his older sister Kiara, due to the latter's arrogant and immature traits, as well as the fact that she does not always take her duties as the Princess and future Queen of the Pride Lands very seriously.Unlike Scar h… Apr. KION Group erzielt in den ersten neun Monaten 2020 einen anhaltend starken Auftragseingang (News mit Zusatzmaterial) Detail. As a infant, Kion had reddish-brown eyes, pale yellow fur with brown spots on his legs and a small tuft of red hair on his head.As a young cub, Kion remains the same except that he now has bright yellow fur (which is resulted by Simba's dark gold fur mixed with Nala's tawny fur) and his hair tuft has grown more. Rani is a sleek young lioness, with reddish brown fur and a dark brown stripe running down her back. Kion is kind, friendly, and helpful towards others who would always protect them from harm and keep the circle of life in balance. You can age cubs more accurately by comparing their height against their mother. Cubs can be aged easily on their size alone, and reach only halfway up their mother's shoulder when they are 12 months of age. Though quite similar in appearance to his father Simba, Kion bears a striking resemblance to his grandfathers, ​Mufasa and ​Nala's father. Character Information Rani is a lioness who appeared in the final nine episodes of The Lion Guard. Kion is tasked to assemble the bravest, strongest, fastest and keenest of sight. 28. Granted that movie was made before the show I understand, but he is suppose to be the second son of Simba and Nala, so where is he and why is he not mentioned? Kion is a male lion.He is a member of the Night Pride and the king of the Tree of Life through his marriage to Rani.Formerly, he was the leader of the Lion Guard and the prince of Pride Rock.He is the son of Simba and Nala, and the brother of Kiara.. Before becoming the leader of the Lion Guard, Kion witnessed his best friend, Bunga, being attacked by hyenas, and he reflexively used the … Simba and Kion have a close and affectionate father-son relationship, he loves his father immensely and will do anything to make his father happy, Simba also loves his son dearly. Baliyo (brother-in-law), Kion is the main protagonist of the show, The Lion Guard. once i was 7 years old..{Spirit} - Duration: 3:34. violaceous 5,316,583 views. Kiara and Kovu should be around 3 years old at the end of Simba's Pride, which is around 17-18 ish. But if we say that Kiara is 1 and a half, around 12, and Kovu is 2, so probably 13, Kion would be 2 years younger than Kovu. As far as coloring goes, Kion possesses a pale golden pelt broken only by patches of lighter fur on his muzzle, paws, and underbelly. (But it's impossible for him to have cub spots at the same time. Sarabi (paternal grandmother), - Scar I think was from the same litter and thus the same age. Janna (grandmother-in-law; deceased) He's the current Leader of the Lion Guard. ... Kion's Roar of the Elders - The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar HD Clip - Duration: 1:38. Download PDF. Kion is a young lion cub who first appeared in The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar in 2015 before moving up to the television series in 2016. In season 1, Kion has his cub spots and seem to be around a year old, which is 9-10-ish in human age. The Lion Guard Also known as: King Kion (Tree of Life) Prince Kion (Pride Lands) Occupation: King of the Tree of Life Co-Leader of the Night Pride (with Rani) Prince of the Pride Lands (formerly) Leader of the Lion Guard (retired) Species: Lion Age: 8 years old (in human years; in Season 1) 11 years old (in human years; in Season 2) Kion bears a striking resemblance to his father Simba. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. After assembling the guard he has proven himself to be a fierce and intelligent leader who took his role as leader of the lion guard seriously. They encountered a float of crocodiles and were nearly eaten by them after Bunga unitentionaly challenged one of the members named Makuu. Die Kion Group AG ist ein deutscher Anbieter von Gabelstaplern, Lagertechnik und verbundenen Dienstleistungen sowie Lieferketten-Lösungen. Kion inherited dark ear rims from his father, Simba. However, story-wise, it makes no sense, because Kion would have no reason to leave when he's got his entire Pride and family to have. Quartalsmitteilung zum 31. Kion was born to Simba and Nala sometime after the birth of his sister Kiara.At some point in his early childhood, Kion befriended a young honey badger named Bunga (who was in the care of Simba's friends and childhood guardians Timon and Pumbaa).One time, Kion and Bunga went out to play in the Pride Lands, despite Simba telling Kion to stay put. Simba names her and Kovu as his successor as the ruler of the Pride Lands. 25 years later, he sets out to find his lost family. All News. Nala (mother), - Mufasa at Simba's birth I've imagined about 8 years old in lion years and about 50+ in human years. As a cub, Kion, unlike his parents, Simba and Nala (when they were cubs) and his older sister, Kiara, he is a stickler for the rules, even in the face of temptation. After passing the leadership of the Lion Guard to Vitani, he no longer bears the mark of the Lion Guard on his left shoulder, and now receives the mark of the Tree of Life on his right shoulder. Initially, Simba was against informing his son about his destiny as he is still a cub, however, he agreed after Nala and Rafiki explaine… His tail tuft matches his head tuft in color, being somewhat bushier than his father's, and his eye rims follow the usual pattern, with the top shade being darker than his main pelt, while the bottom shade is lighter than his main pelt. 2. Alle Pressemitteilungen. Kion is a character from the Disney animated television series, The Lion Guard. 2021-04-28. - Adult Simba is about 5-years old in lion years and about 30 years old in human years when he claims the throne. Unnamed lion (maternal grandfather; presumed deceased), 2021-03-02. Kion is a character in The Lion Guard: The Legand of Kion. If not, it should at least be surrounding his neck and not just on his forehead. Kovu. Apr. protagonist of The Lion Guard, a movie and television series inspired by The Lion King.