This Strategic Plan is focused on the period 2015 – 2018. All Rights Reserved. The same goes with the usage of a hospital strategic plan. In addition to understanding the internal strategic direction, a successful service … Strategic Plan MaineHealth 2020-2022 Strategic Plan sets forth, at a high level, our course over the next three years and articulates a shared mission and vision, as the MaineHealth system and its local health systems work together toward common goals. Brentwood, TN 37027. Separation of the functions of a CV service line from those of the remainder of the health care system comes with responsibility for the service line. During the process of working with the hospital to answer this question, QHR identified key challenges to increase market share and strengthen financial performance. Build strategic marketing initiatives around them including: As a result of its strategic and service line planning, the hospital affiliated with a well known tertiary children’s hospital offers the hospital’s local community a state-of-the art pediatric inpatient hospital. Identify its core service lines of orthopedics, cardiology, pediatrics and general surgery for selected clinic patients who must travel long distance for clinical services to use in lieu of face-to-face The true scoreboard of success is an effective, strategic marketing plan that is carefully aligned with — and supporting of — your hospital’s business objectives. We've also directed service line performance improvement initiatives, including workflow redesign, revenue cycle management, and IT system optimization. From strategic planning through service line re-engineering to new program implementation, physician practice and alignment, and everything in between, Corazon offers a full continuum of niched consulting services that can address any program need within the cardiovascular, neuroscience, and … Suite 200 The foundation of Main Line Health’s strategic direction is to provide the safest and highest quality care to all those who come through our doors and those who utilize our community health services. Focusing on one specialized aspect in the spectrum of services delivered by the larger health care system empowers the Once the planning is complete and execution begins, we are able to apply the full weight of ECG's strategy, operations, finance, and technology expertise to successfully address any challenges that may surface. Using national benchmarks to build and maintain your hospital's service lines. Under Vision 2020, hospital officials evaluated various practice models, in part by looking at how service line physician groups and organizational staff "relate to one another and the hospital." The strategic aim of St. John’s Hospital is to continue to play a vital role in the development and provision of acute hospital services in the Mid-West Region. An effective neuroscience strategic planning effort must begin with the end in mind. Our service line planning engagements often include: We have received your request and will be in touch shortly. Look at your role in this future. The Memorial Hospital Strategic Plan serves as a roadmap for every program and service we develop. All rights reserved. The strategic plans also outline how HHS strategies support the health and wellbeing of local communities. Strategic planning drives a successful project … September 4, 2017; Most healthcare organization today see strategic planning as an imperative. © 2020 ECG Management Consultants. Market analysis. 1. Things to Do before Writing a Hospital Strategic Plan. , Hospital Service Line, National Benchmarks, Strategic Planning, Maximizing Service Line Growth. The checklist below shows how each of the strategic questions posed above relate to the three overarching strategies. If you have any existing strategic plans and facility layout plans, share them with your project team, who has the expertise to spot any gaps and add detail where necessary. Competitive positioning and new service offerings, Center of excellence feasibility and development, Payment models, including bundled payments, Governance, organizational, and management structures, Physician workforce, leadership, and alignment strategies. • Develop & deploy e-health for outreach expansion! Should Your Organization Add a TAVR Program? • Become more deeply subspecialized! Orthopedic Specialty Hospital Business Plan January 13, 2008 ... HR Strategic Plan IT and the Business Process Knowledge Management System Chapter 8 Financial plan: ... and non-medical services. The Affordable Care Act and industry-wide pressures to cut costs have accelerated the need for hospitals to assess the strength of their service lines. 1573 Mallory Lane While trauma may or may not be included in the first two strategies, the ER is a critical part of access and patient satisfaction in orthopedics, and therefore must be incorporated into any strategic plan.