The Dravidian language of the The Dravidian language of the Tamil. It is obvious. I think editors on both sides of this need to take a breather and approach this with a bit more civility. Cash - Kasu - coins or dollars used by early Tamils. you really are an embarrasment. Let me clear the situation for you. Meaning: (He) wastes a lot of effort to do simple jobs. Kar means Gaining . And why are the arrows pointing the wrong way?--, The French, Spanish, Arabic, Persian and Sanskrit are agreed upon. My motive is that the page starts out with saying that these words are ultimately of Tamil origin. Doctor Bruno 13:12, 16 March 2006 (UTC), I go with the advice of Sundar and other seniors that we "let go of this instance of incivility and get on to editing. Copra: Kopparai - means Coconut shell. It is notable here that the civilization in west is only a max. Petal: Ithal Now coming to the fourth question, When Mr.X questions my fact, How can I show a book written in French (for example) to Mr.X (you have told that books in other languages are also reliable) when he does not know French. What you are saying is something against the Official notification of Government of India. [Middle English gingivere, from Old English gingifer and from Old French gingivre, both from Medieval Latin gingiber, from Latin zingiberi, from Greek zingiberis, of Middle Indic origin (akin to Pali singiveram), from Dravidian : akin to Tamil iñci, ginger (of southeast Asian origin) + Tamil vēr, root. I hope you can understand that an encyclopedia cannot cite itself as a source.--, This page was last edited on 10 October 2020, at 14:49. They include, Well, what are the sources on those pages? Cry:Kurai(Dogs Barking, Animal Shouting), Kural(Loud Speech) AluKural=Crying Loud, Imil Kural = Birds sound etc.. Sphear : Vael (Cut the S, Change P to V, and "R" To "L" these are common sound transitions), Shade/Shadow/Skot : Kudai (Cut the S) (Kudai means Umbrella, but early literature it means under the shade, under protection etc), Stall/Stable : Tholuvam (Cut the S) (Tholuvam means cattle shed), Snake: Naaka Paambu (Naaka is cobra a type of snake) in Tamil "Paambu" is snake. 1. For wrong sentences, we have every right for an apology, especially for these words which are an insult, Any one has a right to claim proof for a fact. The best idea would be to do that if need and also not remove the words from here.Vayalir (talk) 10:28, 8 March 2008 (UTC), Malayalam and Tamil do not share linguistic roots. Malayalam is probably a pidgin evolved from south-east-india(Tamil) because Tamil kings ruled Kerala(language Malayalam) till the 10th centuryADVayalir (talk) 09:34, 6 March 2008 (UTC), It is incorrect that Tamil and Malayalam have a common root stock. Wow! There was the old sangam Tamil(which is the same as the present Tamil). Definition of Tamil in the dictionary. They may get an ISBN number when again published. Dear Mr.DrBruno, get one thing clear. Google's free service instantly translates words, phrases, and web pages between English and over 100 other languages. The usage of the so called MODERN Tamil is only due to spoilage/illiteracy or improper knowledge of the language. wandered synonyms, wandered pronunciation, wandered translation, English dictionary definition of wandered. What is your qualification and academic credentials as far as Dravidian languages are concerned, Since you have said "NO" to the second question, the first question becomes irrelavant. Now, assume the origin is Tamil: the word in pure Tamil is "ondru" which is misprononounced while speaking as "onnu"(for ease), which matches with the English "one"(probably adopted in speech). But the word is not found in other dravidian languages. It's all verifiable, it points out when there are differences between dictionaries, it gives multiple transliterations of a foreign script. went on phrase. — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 04:36, 6 November 2017 (UTC), The Wiki entry says it is of Tamil origin. Books published some 20 years ago do not have ISBN. Infact, the core grammar for the language was laid down 1000's of years ago(eg:The Tamil Classic "Tholkapium") along the delta of the river Cauvery and it is still the base for the language. Can you decline if I say that "it is perfectly conceivable" that the only language spoken twenty centuries ago was Tamil because the only literature we have from that time is in THE SAME TAMIL WHICH IS USED TODAY and not in Proto Dravidian or other languages and you do not find any literature or stone inscription any where in south india dating before 8 AD When such things happen, we have every right to demand an apology so that IN FUTURE OTHER USERS ARE PREVENTED FROM ABUSING AND INSULTING FELLOW WIKIPEDIANS and also to make sure that someone does not IMAGINES FACTS and write them as per his/her will just because he is an Administrator. Kuruvintam is also mentioned. 2. But we don't have any such proof. If he is or you are not satisfied, just ask us to give proof. What I'm asking is, what source (i.e. Can you show me the article edit where Nohat (or anybody) makes a change regarding the number four in the article space? Know/Knowledge - Gnanam(Knowledge), Gnaalam(Worldly knowledge), In Tamil "Gnaayiru" means Sun, the ultimate en-lightener. It consisted of 3 major kingdoms Chera(current kerala),chola(current north tamilnadu) and pandya ( current south tamil nadu). I shall wait for the proponents to provide a reasoning for their inclusion.... You (User Nohat) blatantly tell that the "the proto-Dravidian /l/ of 'four' which has been lost in Tamil", which is a TOTALLY INCORRECT statement. So if some one feels that there is not enough evidence to add to the mainlist can be put in this list. You really DON'T get it, do you? Meaning in Tamil Last Update: 2020-11-11 Usage Frequency: 1 Quality: Reference: Anonymous I don't think that Wikipedia has a policy which permits me to call Mr.X a fool and the culture of Mr.Y's country as Speculation. One the other hand, what we have is documents and temple inscriptions in Tamil for more than 20 centuries. Download this app from Microsoft Store for Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8. Who are you do decide something about Dravidian languages. "Talk pages are for discussing proposed changes to the main page", and not for insulting some one who asks a legitimate question. 'Gonna' is a verb form, and the word here is a noun. Meaning of Tamil. 1. In fact "Nal" as well as "naangu" means four in tamil. There may not be citations for Tamil being the oldest language among Dravidian languages, but, the Tamil language article cites George L. Hart to claim that it has the "oldest available literature" among Dravidian languages. I removed the following items, which had been added: 1) I believe those words are not borrowed from Malayalam, and are "directly" borrowed from Tamil. get off definition: 1. to leave a place, usually in order to start a journey: 2. to leave work with permission…. What is your level of knowledge regarding Dravidian Languages. Similarly many books, may not have the ISBN numbers. My eldest brother in law passed away 3 years ago june 2016. Our question is What is your qualification as far as Dravidian Languages is concerned that makes us show to "YOU" the proof. The general thought is that the more surface area (wrinkles, creases, etc.) There seems to be conflicting information about whether kuruntam was derived from kuruvintam on the internet. Meaning: Continue an action; Example: I think I’ve said enough now; I’m not sure I should go on. ‘He remembers how as a 12-year-old boy, he would run to the bunkers every time the siren went off and bombs exploded next to his house.’ ‘The alarm clock went off and Nicole slammed her hand on top of it.’ If yes, then this is the best application for you. Putting it in Tamil is guesswork as far as I'm concerned (unless someone does indeed have a source for this). A member of a Dravidian people of southern India and northern Sri Lanka. I can arrange for a letter aksing explanation delivered through the embassy along with the relevant orders. What does went on expression mean? 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