Get the technology you need today to drive business transformation and optimize your IT spend with flexible consumption solutions.**. PowerScale is the next evolution of OneFS, and is specifically designed to help customers bring much needed structure to their unstructured data. PowerScale and ECS as the storage layer for CDP Private Cloud Base. • Audience: This course is intended for Dell Technologies partner and customer personnel involved with the administration of PowerScale solutions. “ Dell EMC PowerStore’s unique AppsON capability allows us to take advantage of both compute and enterprise class storage in one system, simplifying our infrastructure while reducing our overall storage footprint. PowerScale OneFS is the power behind the Dell EMC PowerScale storage systems, Dell Technologies’ industry-leading scale-out NAS platform, which thousands of organizations rely on to address their unstructured data needs. OneFS enables data replication from one PowerScale cluster to another through the SyncIQ software module. Dell Technologies announces a new family of storage systems engineered with industry-leading storage software and server hardware to set a new industry standard for how organizations capture and capitalize on unstructured data, such as documents, images, videos and social media content. • Prepares an individual to pass the Implementation Engineer, Platform Engineer, … 2 Get the flexibility of a software-defined architecture with accelerated hardware innovations to harness the value of your data. QUICK REFERENCE GUIDES. And with IT budgets not increasing in line with this new reality, organizations require an unstructured storage solution that: PowerScale delivers Simplicity at any scale to handle Any data, Anywhere and with Intelligent Insights using the latest technology from Intel®. Dell EMC PowerScale allows companies to easily capture unstructured data, and when combined with new Dell EMC DataIQ software, companies can better understand how to make that data can work for them. Today Dell Technologies announced its latest storage family to combine storage software and server hardware, Dell EMC PowerScale. In addition multi-protocol access also enables limitless flexibility to run workloads that can store data with one protocol and access data with a different protocol. Dell EMC PowerScale F600 Resources. In the context of Azure consistency, depending on your application needs, there are two ways to consume this storage. The Dell EMC PowerProtect DP series are integrated appliances that deliver all-in-one protection software and storage in a single appliance. PowerScale can handle a wide variety of data types with support for 8 protocols. Engage services to drive the rapid adoption and optimization of digital technologies throughout your transformation journey. It supports CSI specification version 1.1. Dell Technologies On Demand delivers the industry's broadest end-to-end portfolio of consumption-based and as-a-service solutions ideally suited for the way on-premises infrastructure and services are consumed in the on-demand economy. ”. The PowerScale storage supports traditional NFS and SMB file protocols as well as Hadoop Distributed File System. The new Isilon platform is being rebranded as PowerScale. 38 verified user reviews and ratings of features, pros, cons, pricing, support and more. The PowerScale OneFS operating system runs across all the Dell EMC PowerScale family, including Isilon and PowerScale storage nodes. PowerScale Courses. With the launch of Dell EMC PowerScale, Dell Technologies and Intel ® have set a new standard for unstructured data storage. With a single namespace, single file system environments and enterprise-class data services, customers get simplicity, flexibility, and performance with increased efficiency and new automation capabilities – all at a lower cost. Today we announced Dell EMC PowerScale. Introducing PowerScale. Equip yourselves for PowerScale sales success with training, events, marketing program collateral, and so much more. Using Dell EMC PowerScale With VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid / vSphere 7.0 Update 1 PowerScale VMware have released vSphere 7 Update 1, introducing VMware vSphere with VMware Tanzu vSphere 7.0 Update 1 brings a new possibility to run … Reviews, ratings, alternative vendors and more - directly from real users and experts. Dell EMC PowerScale combines ultra-high performance all-flash storage, the latest Intel Xeon CPU s to support millions of semiconductor design data files. PowerScale is supported by Dell Technologies On Demand, our portfolio of flexible consumption and as-a-service solutions across Dell… access into the lucrative midrange market with PowerScale’s entry level solution, a recurring revenue stream with an architecture that seamlessly scales as requirements change, new sales opportunities in edge locations without local storage infrastructure, customers’ IT architecture across the data center, public cloud and the edge, on the branded and unbranded product versions, enabling your own turnkey solution. Dell Technologies On Demand provides more choice, flexibility, and predictability in how you and your customers consume IT infrastructure in today’s on-demand economy. PowerScale F200 All-Flash NAS Storage provides the performance of flash storage in a cost-effective form factor to address the needs of a wide variety of workloads. Dell Technologies has launched Dell EMC PowerScale, a new family of storage systems designed for unstructured data, as the company continues to simplify its portfolio. PowerScale enables data to be turned into insights with the inclusion of CloudIQ, which delivers insights into the health of systems across the data center, and DataIQ, which delivers data insights and data mobility, making it easy for anyone to find and understand data within file and objet stores. Capacity and performance are provisioned only when needed. Develop PowerStore skills that can make your data transformation real. The new family of … Dell EMC PowerScale F600 Resources.  Implementation and ongoing storage administration labor — $537,554. This technological combination aims to set the standard on how companies capture and capitalize on unstructured data, such as documents, images, videos, and, important in this modern age, social media content. The free introductory course explains structured and unstructured data, the PowerScale physical architecture, the OneFS operating system, and more. Unstructured data is not only increasing at a ferocious rate, it is being created and processed outside of the data canter and cloud. Together, Dell and Cloudera are committed to bringing world-class hybrid solutions to market. PowerScale - seamlessly scales to handle any data, anywhere, and with intelligent insights. This makes the Intel® based PowerScale an exciting business opportunity! PowerScale storage systems bring together the best in Dell EMC server hardware and storage … And of course everything is based on our innovative end-to-end portfolio of leading IT infrastructure technologies, relied upon by so many organizations around the world. PowerScale’s software-defined architecture allows the platform to easily handle today’s unstructured data challenges while not losing sight of what the future might hold.” HEATHER HITCHCOCK , CCO OF … With the launch of Dell EMC PowerScale, Dell Technologies and Intel® have set a new standard for unstructured data storage. PowerScale will replace Dell EMC’s popular Isilon product line. PowerScale Concepts ES131STG01028 eLearning 6/5/19 Please complete one of the following courses Course Title Course Number Mode Available PowerScale Solution Design: Platform Architecture ES532STG01056 eLearning 10/15/19 PowerScale Solution Design: Data Protection ES502STG01256 eLearning 10/15/19 PowerScale Solution Design: Networking