Their knives are used by military and law-enforcement personnel worldwide.[2][3]. Cold Steel was founded in 1980, and has been dedicated to making the strongest, sharpest knives in the industry ever since. They provide additional strength to any knife/dagger/sword. Categories of Cold Steel knives & swords are listed below. Cold Steel knives, we carry a full line of Cold Steel knives. Distinctive Products with State-of-The-Art Technology. Blade Style: Tanto. Cold Steel Fixed Blade Knives:Fixed Blades Knives are tough, powerful and easier to maintain as compares to other regular blades. Get the best deals on Cold Steel Vintage Knives when you shop the largest online selection at Cold Steel Linerlock Pocket Knives:Linerlock locking mechanism allows for a single hand operation and it securely lock the folding knives. Anyone know if they were made in-house or farmed out to another manufacturer ?? Cold Steel makes some of the coolest swords, the most useful pocket knives, and the best and the most affordable throwing knives. Cold Steel Swords: The company is known to manufacturer the best professional swords catering to martial artists, professionals and swordsmen. The swords feature long dual sharp-edged blades ideally developed for fighting, cutting and thrusting. Cold Steel provides warranty against any defects in the material, craftmanship and manufacturing of the product. Cold Steel's innovative manufacturing technique forms a unique blade known worldwide for both its sharpness and durability. The vast majority of Trailmasters during this period were the familiar Carbon V Made in USA models made for Cold Steel by Camillus. I carry these just as often as my Tenacious or Blurs. This is a big honking knife. The Warther Cutlery Chef Knife Set is a favorite set which includes the popular and light-weight 7″ Chef Knife from above and is perhaps the best Kitchen Knife Set Made in the USA.Let’s look at the other knives in this set: The Warther Cutlery 3″ Paring Knife has just received the Seal of Approval from the Cooking Club of America magazine with a 96% member recommendation. This steel also resists rust and corrosion. Cold Steel Knives - Huge Selection of 600+ Knives Cold Steel Knives is a leading knife manufacturing company incorporated in 1980 by Lynn Thomson in California, USA. The company uses a specially designed TRI-AD locking mechanism, developed by famous custom knife maker Andrew Demko, in manufacturing the swords and folding knives. Though costly, this modern tool steel is astonishingly tough and exceptionally wear resistant. That’s not a metaphor – I literally made a list, and “refined” only appears three times. Cold Steel Canada. Find great Bowies from Cold Steel and other great knife makers too! Real Looker: Using AUS-8 steel for the construction, the Twitch II is the sequel that the people demanded. They also had two models made in Taiwan, both of which switched to Japan in 2000. They are constantly creating new designs and refining old ones. Cold Steel is one of the brands at Knife Country USA that offers premium quality knives, swords, cutlery knives, combat knives, blowguns and other edged weapons. Cold Steel products are tested to perform multiple tasks with great ease that includes piercing any object, slicing through tough and large meat and bones, shearing ropes and crafting bush. Skip to navigation Skip to content. Get great deals on all Cold Steel products including axes, knives, machetes, daggers, swords and more. Cold Steel is known for having some of the toughest blades in the word. The blade is made out of Shun's proprietary VG-MAX steel and covered in … Most of these blowguns are available with runner ferrules, dart quiver, mouthpiece, quiver guard. Cold Steel, Incorporated was founded in 1980, a company dedicated to making the strongest, sharpest knives in the world. These knives are made of different steel (SK-5 and O-1) than the original knives. Quickly adopted by Military, Law Enforcement Special units, Emergency Services Personnel, Self Defense professionals as well as members of the M The first was the G-10-handled AK-47 with its Ultra Lock; the second was the Black Rock Hunter, featuring a split handle that worked like two opposing slip joints; last was their inexpensive folding Bushman, a steel-handled folder with an … Their knives have seen prominent use in numerous action movies since the early 1980s. The handles are made wood to … When you buy products made in the USA, there is no doubt about the quality. Cold Steel neck knives are quality made and carry on the great reputation of the company. Most of these knives feature finger choil and dual thumb stud to offer comfortable grip to the user. Our American knife collection includes pocket knives, hunting knives, machetes, utility knives, and more. Common grades used in the production of Damascus steel include … We are open through the COVID-19 Outbreak. Knife making is the process of manufacturing a knife by any one or a combination of processes: stock removal, forging to shape, welded lamination or investment cast. [6], Cold Steel's swords are primarily made from 1055 high carbon steel and Damascus steel. Shop Cold Steel Knives knives from the Knife Center. The company makes a range of tools. We are family owned & operated. Unless cold steel is having the Navy knives made ‘small batch’,somewhere in the U.S., with US materials,then DoD funds wouldn’t pay for them,as they’re not Berry compliant. We … [10], Many of Cold Steel's employees are martial artists and weapons experts, who feature in their infamous marketing videos. [11][12], "Flamboyant businessman deals in Cold Steel", Cutlery and Allied Trades Research Association,, Official website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Andrew Demko, Robert Vaughn, Ron Balicki, Luke LaFontaine, Anthony DeLongis, Knives, swords, tomahawks, pepper spray, machetes, spears, blowguns, axes, martial arts & self defense-related products and training tools, This page was last edited on 2 December 2020, at 04:23. Made of Cheap Shot™, a space-age polymer stronger than steel. The hand-tools, accessories and knives should not be used as hammers, pry bars, screwdrivers or chisels. The company prominently uses CP3V steel to design large blade knives and swords as they require extreme toughness. MADE IN JAPAN " on Blade. As a result all Seki Japan made Cold Steel knives have … Cold Steel Hunting Knives and Tools. SOG Twitch II. Cold Steel. One stop shop for all things from your favorite brand. Cold Steel products have often featured in many movies, games, web series and TV shows. Cold Steel Knives: Cold Steel Sword Cane, Heavy Duty, CS-88SCFD The illustrated Sword Cane is the Heavy Duty Cold Steel Sword Cane that features a 24 1/4" blade made of 3Cr13 stainless steel, 5.5mm thick, with one long cutting edge, a strong sharp point and a fully sharpened top swedge. Both are nice upgrades, but they do kick the price up a bit. What types of knives does Cold Steel produce? Asheville Steel was formed in 2006. 100% made in USA. The tactical field knives have 6 to that group - only 2 are made of carbon steel. Although the Cold Steel Trail Master knives are roughly the same shape and size, they are very much different in construction and blade material depending on the model and where it was made. These lightweight blowguns are made from the finest quality aluminum with rubber mouthpiece. ©2020 Escape Distributions, Inc. All rights reserved. Cold Steel Knives: Cold Steel Finn Hawk Knife, CS-20NPK The illustrated Cold Steel Knife is the Cold Steel Finn Hawk Knife that features a 4" Scandi Ground straight point fixed blade made of German 4116 stainless steel, 2.7mm thick. Dan Jackson says. Blade Finish: Satin. Shop now. Model 16JSM. This enables us to offer handmade knives at very reasonable prices. The American company has carved its niche in the market by offering the premium quality knives, swords, cutlery knives, combat knives, blowguns, machetes, batons, DVD videos, walking sticks and other edged weapons. The company offers a wide range of product line which includes kukris, batons, DVD videos, blowguns, folding knives, tomahawks, walking sticks, swords, machetes, martial arts items and training equipment. Reply. About Cold Steel Cold Steel, Incorporated was founded in 1980, a company dedicated to making the strongest, sharpest knives in the world. Cold Steel Gladius Series:The fixed blade machetes with black blades and anti-rust coating caters to most people. This knife is getting harder to find in AUS-8 ever since Cold Steel made the switch to carpenter steel and AUS-10. Cold Steel sent three knives for testing. Since the original Cold Steel Tanto arrived in 1981, many variations have been produced. $49.00. Cold Steel Lockback Pocket Knives: The wide product range offers everyday carry, foldable knives with lock back locking mechanism. USA made axes and tomahawks have handles that come from high grade American hickory wood while the heads are American made brass and steel. It has a PakkaWood handle and a very sharp edge. Cold Steel makes very high quality knives. [1], The company's products include fixed blade knives, folding knives, swords, machetes, tomahawks, kukris, blowguns, walking sticks, and other martial arts items and training equipment. The Cold Steel Barong inspired Machete features a beautifully curved 18 inch leaf-shaped blade made from 1055 Carbon Steel with a baked on, matte black finish to aid in rust and corrosion resistance. Knives are imported from all over the world from the finest knife makers direct. These days, finding a tried-and-true American knife can be a daunting prospect. Knife Country is an online platform that offers a variety of tools and knives from international brands in one place. While Damascus steel is often made with importance placed on aesthetics, strong, functional and durable knives can result from the proper choice of steel and careful forging. The sheaths are made from nylon or kydex. The company is known in the marketplace for innovative, sophisticated and quality knife designs. Cold Steel knives are unashamedly bold and they don't care what anyone thinks about it! Cold Steel Knives. Typical metals used come from the carbon steel, tool, or stainless steel families. The knives and swords are manufactured by experienced craftsmen along with professional martial artists, swordsmen, stuntmen and weapon experts. Cold Steel Recon 1 Series Tactical Folding Knife with Tri-Ad Lock and Pocket Clip - Made with Premium CPM-S35VN Steel, Tanto Plain Edge 4.8 out of 5 stars 318 $82.28 At the same time Cold Steel moved all of their folding knife manufacturing from Seki Japan to Taiwan. Over the last three decades, Cold Steel has been at the forefront of the many innovations that have helped to define the knife industry as a whole. $49.00. [9], Thompson also writes regular articles regarding the use of knives for self-defense. It’s almost a caricature of a folding knife. Cold Steel has set out to make the toughest, sharpest knives in the world. Blade Length: 6″. It dwarfs normal folding knives. Its a shame to see a quality line of knives like cold steel go down the drain. So due to popular demand, we're sorting the best quality "Made in the USA" knives into a separate category for your benefit! Thanks to the Tri-Ad lock, perhaps the strongest lock on the market, their folders are built for hard work.