Two show respect you can also exchange idea, listen to what others have to say and ask questions if there is a need. Many jobs in the kitchen have a core set of standards that don’t change. The attitude with which one approaches a task or work is very important in determining the experience and the product of that work. According to the hardworking of… Integrity is a quality of character whereby an individual has strong moral principles. Honesty is one of the right attitudes to work. A positive attitude toward work will yield good results and a negative attitude toward work will yield no results as opposed to bad results as people might think. Your attitude at work plays an important role in your productivity and job performance. Keeping a positive attitude in the workplace is quite challenging considering the stressful nature of modern day business. f you work with the right attitude and right way, you’ll have your productivity up another level, and eventually, success will be just a step away. As long as I get my job done efficiently, it will benefit the group as a whole and keep things running smoothly.”, “My work philosophy is to complete small tasks as parts of a larger goal. Others will be able to count on your because you are on time. Do not memorize or repeat them. By: Craig Nathanson The Vocational Coach. Work Attitude - Pick A Simple One And Start Working On It Work attitude is often seen as a key determinant of your career success. Passion is what makes you apply all of your skills and energy into your work, passion is always very evident at the result stage. Every kind of work has the desired start and end time so does every appointment. These types of questions are an easy way for management to learn about interviewees, and for hopefuls to show off credentials and problem-solving abilities. Consistency is not just a key to good work, it is an essential ingredient in foster peace, unity and growth in and of a workplace. Most of us have heard the phrase, “attitude is everything,” and while it might be a little cliché, it’s absolutely true. Passion is key at work because it makes work easier, as you will no longer see it as a routine but a quest. Maintaining a positive approach during the interview session is a common element that each and every employer expects. Here are examples of the right attitude to work. But not every employee demonstrates this model attitude towards work. Don’t rely on an outside source of positivity. Maintaining a positive attitude at work will benefit your career and steer you towards a promotion. Your work requires attention and as such, showing commitment will not only yield good results in your performance but your work at large. The following are some examples of how to respond for different jobs. If I can recall what I’ve learned, yet be flexible, there is no task too difficult.”. “When I’m serving, I try to be focused and quick. Required fields are marked *, Copyright © 2011 - 2020 Maintaining a positive attitude at work will benefit your career and steer you towards a promotion. Don’t speak ill … note this is for my MBA Course Project and I need your ‘HONEST REPLY’ in few sentence. What is your attitude towards your work? Also, avoid being overly negative. We do not condone or … "WHAT IS YOUR ATTITUDE TOWARDS WORK?" Related: 4 Ways to Cultivate a Better Attitude About Your Life We also need to understand the attitude of our organization and look to hire people that are a … Your money attitude is often the reason why you spend too much, are in debt or fear your finances. In other words you have a specific attitude towards HIV and AIDS. Your Philosophy Towards Work. It may include avoiding plagiarism, using the power of your office to manipulate others or work data, using the power of your job to influence things for your personal benefit and more. You must show integrity towards your work. If you’re stressed about your marriage or relationship, your kids, your finances, or other problems, it’s really hard to maintain a positive attitude at work. Work-Life Balance It's Your Attitude Toward Your Work, Not Your Hours, That Impacts Your Kids' Happiness The research is clear: It's not how many hours you spend with your kids that matters. 15. Passion will help you to device new and exciting ways to do your job. Please do NOT use any vulgar word. Results differ to a favorable degree if you are doing the work you assign to with a smile on your face, both for yourself and your surroundings. Also, avoid being overly negative. THE INFLUENCE OF THE JAPANESE'S WORK ATTITUDE TO JAPAN AND THE WORLD The hardworking character of the Japanese nation is well known in the world, whether it is workers or farmers, whether managers or housewives, industrious is regarded as a common character and traditional goodness of the development of Japan. It is ideal to be truthful and straightforward towards your work as it will not only make you an upstanding person morally, it will also be visible in your work. As always, try to talk clearly and remain polite. 6. ... which can be hard to do when your work is an all-engrossing passion. Consistency requires dedication and discipline. Which work attitude should you work on? Having the right attitudes to work is essential on the road to success and even after success.Your attitude to work is your perceptions of, beliefs about and attachment to your work.You can either have a positive or negative attitude toward work and for each kind, there are examples. The same theory applies to all types of businesses, small retail shops, schools, maintenance service providers etc. Wherever you are in your journey right now, is an opportunity... are you maximizing that opportunity, or letting it slip? When employers ask this question, they are trying to gauge a prospective employee’s work ethic. Staying on topic is crucial to successfully answering “What is your attitude toward work?” Rambling or evading the inquiry shows a lack of focus. Some employees view their job as just a necessary evil, and this attitude reflects in the work they do. Still, you can try the following tips to maintain an overall positive attitude. By effectively managing the workplace and employees, you can positively shape attitudes and even improve your company’s performance. It is the enthusiastic employee who creates an environment of goodwill and who provides a positive role model for others.