Verbascum thapsus, Scrophulariaceae. Differentiation between Verbascum thapsus and verbascum densiflorum using TLC? Mullein is POSSIBLY SAFE for when applied to the ear, short-term. The larvae mature in the seed capsules and destroy up to 50% of the seeds. The plant is self-fertile. VERBASCUM DENSIFLORUM Bertol. Verbascum thapsus is a biennial forb native to Eurasia and Africa. crassifolium (DC.) / ˈ m ʌ l ɪ n /), is a genus of about 360 species of flowering plants in the figwort family Scrophulariaceae. Verbascum densiflorum × Verbascum nigrum. Verbascum (/ v ɜːr ˈ b æ s k əm /), common name mullein (sg. Topic. : Aaron's rod, common mullein, great mullein , Adam's flannel, beggar's blanket, flannel plant, Jupiter's staff, velvet dock, velvet plant. Verbascum densiflorum × Verbascum phlomoides. This plant is NOT an invasive species but can pop up in the wrong places! flannel plant. 20150519Verbascum densiflorum1.jpg 2,250 × 3,000; 1.52 MB The species is hermaphrodite (has both male and female organs) and is pollinated by Flies, Lepidoptera (Moths & Butterflies). Verbascum decorum Velen. There are 9 Verbascum species in Swiss based on of Flore de Suisse: Verbascum chaixii Villars (Molène de Chaix). common mullein. [1] Brojne su vrste divizma, no najpopularnije su: sitnocvjetna divizma (Verbascum thapsus) pustenasta divizma (Verbascum phlomoides) velecvjetna divizma (Verbascum densiflorum) ljubičasta divizma (Verbascum phoeniceum) Upotreba & Heldr. big taper. Verbascum thapsus L. (Molène thapsus). V. phlomoides. It must have been left there by a bird. V. thapsus (French name: bouillon-blanc) V. thapsus subsp. syn. velvet plant. Verbascum thapsus is used in tribal medicine as an antispasmodic, anti-tubercular agent and wormicide. & Stef. The larvae feed on Teucrium scorodonia and Verbascum thapsus. There I found that most likely verbascum thapsiforme sdahere is another name for Verbascum densiflorum Bertol, dense-flowered mullein. Verbascum densiflorum × Verbascum pulverulentum. (Verbascum thapsiforme Schrad) and Verbascum phlomoides L. … V. thapsus V. blattaria 1 of 3 2013 Verbascum thapsus Click here for photos of Verbascum thapsus . There are 12 Verbascum species in France based on different sources:. The tincture from V. thapsus L. (great mullein tincture) is not currently authorised as a feed additive in the European Union. Verbascum phlomoides: leaves not, or only very shortly, decurrent on the stem, and floral bracts 9–15 mm long (vs. V. densiflorum, with leaves decurrent on the stem nearly or completely to the next leaf and floral bracts 15–40 mm long). Verbascum densiflorum × Verbascum virgatum. 5 The relaxation activity of Verbascum… Figure 2 . Verbascum thapsus is similar to these species: Verbascum phoeniceum, Verbascum nigrum, Samolus valerandi and more. Basal leaves are 4-12 in. Could you suggest any literature? Mullein, Mule tail, or Kidney medicine is traditionally used as a root and flower tea for kidney dysfunction. Murbeck (Molène à feuilles épaisses) Verbascum dentifolium Delile Verbascum dieckianum Borbás & Degen Verbascum dingleri Mattf. Záměny: Divizna malokvětá je zaměnitelná za diviznu velkokvětou (Verbascum densiflorum) nebo sápovitou (Verbascum phlomoides). Foliage First year plants develop as a basal rosette of felt-like leaves. Verbascum delphicum Boiss. Nothris verbascella-Wikipedia. V. thapsiforme Schrad, V. phlomoides L.)Lane Assignments Lanes, from left to right (Track, Volume, Sample):. Verbascum thapsus (Great or Common Mullein) (figure 1) is a species of mullein, native to Europe, northern Africa and Asia, and introduced in the Americas and Australia.