KnifeJoy ... Be the first to leave a review. I personally think my Manix 2 Maxamet has held an edge better than any steel I've ever used. One of the most popular and in-demand folding knives ever created, the Para Military 2 distills the performance and reliability of the Military Model into a more compact, pocket-friendly format. Made in Golden, Colorado, USA. 12 comments. Sort By: 1; Black Friday Spyderco Para Military 2 Carbon Fiber ... Black Friday Spyderco Para Military 2 G-10 Dark Gray Maxamet - Combination Edge/Plain Edge For Sale. Cheapest Spyderco Paramilitary 2 - Sale Up To 70% OFF. Discuss Spyderco's products and history ... your results, I ordered one without hesitation. report. $174.00 $310.00 . share. If you are unfamiliar with the Para Military 2, this will help you get a better understanding of one of the most popular knife designs in the past 10 years. Shop our complete collection of PM2 models and accessories below. Boasting a premium steel CPM-S30V saber ground blade with a satin finish, the knife opens smooth and easy with the Emerson feature. When mine arrives, I will perform my own extensive test by slicing up 2 sheets of notebook paper. Spyderco C81GPDGY2 Paramilitary 2 Gray G10 / Maxamet Spyderco. Top quality materials, impeccable design, and Spyderco���s state of the art Compression Lock are just a couple of the reasons this knife is so popular. hide. Originally referred to as the Para-Military 3, and then rumored to be called the Minuteman, the Para 3 is essentially a shrunken down Paramilitary 2. In 2010 Spyderco redesigned the original Para Military, and in doing so, created the Para Military 2. Model Name: Paramilitary 2 Micro-Melt Maxamet; Weight: 3.8 oz. This remarkable alloy possesses properties that transcend conventional high-speed tool steels and approach those of cemented carbides, the ultra-hard materials used to machine other steels. Blade is flawless with no patina, bonkers sharp factory edge. ��� Spyderco C81GPDGY2 Paramilitary 2 Dark Gray G10 Maxamet Micro Plain Blade, maxamet knife skip to menu. Spyderco Maxamet Discussion in 'Spyderco' started by Mo2, May 7, 2017. BladeOps is excited to release this exclusive Para Military 2 featuring the Emerson Wave for easy open. Posted by John Ivey on 22nd Oct 2020 Love this knife! The Manix��� 2 Lightweight Maxamet® combines the lightweight construction of our award-winning Manix 2 Lightweight with a blade crafted from Carpenter® steel's Micro-Melt® Maxamet alloy. Erstklassiger Service und kostenloser Versand! Spyderco Paramilitary 2 vs. Endura I was going through my collection and had the Paramilitary 2 and Endura sitting next to each other. Current Stock ... PM2 Maxamet Review. There have been some comparisons with other steels regarding edge retention, corrosion resistance, but nothing definitive so far. $217.00 (3 reviews) Write a Review. For me, it comes down to a few possible knives but the one I plan on talking in this article is the Since its release, the Spyderco Paramilitary 2 has been one of our best selling Spyderco knives. REMOVED. Spyderco is the only company I am aware of that is using Maxamet. Fri frakt, god service och stort knivsortiment! Il s���ouvre tout en douceur et la fameuse Compression lock de Sal Glesser, fondateur de Spyderco, est très robuste et facile à utiliser. Comme d���habitude avec les couteaux Spyderco, la finition est parfaite. ... Spyderco C81GPDGY2 Paramilitary 2 Dark Gray G10 Maxamet Plain Blade. save. 37. Spyderco: Paramilitary 2 - Gray G-10 - Maxamet - C81GPDGY2. I am the original owner of this knife, has been carried and used very lightly, some tape, envelopes and such. You must be logged in to post a review. I know there is no right decision, but I'd be happy for some discussions and opinions: ... I���ll give you a hint, it starts with paramilitary 2. The most popular Spyderco knife of the past five years, the Para-Military 2 is now available with the Emerson wave feature.