The blade deploys easily with one hand, and it locks securely into place with a loud "plasticky" click, which surprised me. Inspired by the Japanese concept of kaizen ("continuous improvement"), C.Q.I. Production date of KQ. I purchased this knife as a gift for my husband. Sharpening system with 3 diamond sharpening stones and file. Opening boxes and grain bags, cutting bailing twine and rope, removing foil seals from fluid bottles, trimming hoses and tubing to the desired length and cutting-up cardboard containers for disposal are just a few among the many uses. Handle Material, Blade Sharpness, Handle Feel, Overall Quality. Blade was plenty sharp out of the box and haven't had to touch it up at all. I'll quote The Late Boy Scout: "great in pocket, good in hand". Tactical pen in the shape of a Balisong or butterfly knife. Ridiculous. I usually trade off knives alot but I've ended up carrying this and whatever other knife looks good that day because I can't put this one down. So the stock out on the market is a mixed bag right now. I love the new full flat grind on the blade in these Native 5 models; it's much preferable to the hollow grind on previous models. 29 review(s) € 181,50 € 244,95-25%. GiantMouse Knives: finally available in Europe! Osta liigendnuga Spyderco Native 5 C41GP5 Lamniast. Once I had adjusted to this I realised I had a lot more knife than I thought I was going to get. Their claim it doesn't weaken the knife is nonsense. A really great knife. I wasn’t terribly happy, but after some stropping, the Native 5’s edge put a smile on my face. I had my eyes on this little guy ever since I was saved by the grace of Spyderco but I could never really pull the trigger since the PM2 always did everything I needed a knife to do. I've carved a few blocks of balsa with the knife just for giggles and I'm impressed how the design of the grip on the knife allows for careful dexterity in making fine detail (not that I'm aces as a carver, but this knife is very easy to use for small, delicate cuts). Bark River Knives Bushcrafter 1 Expert Review | The perfect bushcraft knife, Böker 150 years: factory visit in Solingen, Germany. 360/1000 grit Click here to read the review. A tracking number will be provided to you upon shipment. Lock Type, Pocket Clip, Blade Sharpness, Blade Material, Handle Material, Lock Ease of Use, Weight, Ease of Opening, Overall Quality. This knife has quickly become one of my favourites. In Stock . The steele should be tough enough and make it an even better cutter. But I can one hand it with some wrist flick so not a huge issue. Back Story: I had ordered one off of Amazon but it was made before "The Great Red Loc-Tite Purge". $161.00 (You save $69.00) SKU: C41GP5 Availability: Usually ships within 1 business day when in stock. This week you have the chance to win a Spyderco C41GP5 Native 5 G10-Overall Length 6.95" (177mm) Blade Length 2.95" (75mm) Steel CPM S30V Closed Length 4.00" (102mm) Edge Length 2.42" (61mm) Weight 3.0oz (85g) Blade Thickness 0.125 " (3.2mm) Handle G-10 Clip Position Ambi Tip Carry Position Tip-Up/Down Lock Type Back Lock It is small enough for EDC and strong enough to do the job. USA-MADE - Spyderco … It's one of the most comfortable pocket knives I own. You won’t be disappointed if you purchased this knife, Lock Type, Blade Material, Handle Feel, Pocket Clip, Overall Quality, Weight, Lock Ease of Use, Blade Sharpness. WISH I had the sage back, with that said this is nearly as good. This is now priced up into the range where you can buy, for example, some of the higher-end production Zero Tolerance knives. Please take delays into account. The Native 5 represents an evolution in American knifemaking with a bold G-10 handle and nitrogen-hardened CPM S35VN blade. YOU SAVE € 63.45. The hole is slightly larger. Check out the Lil' Native. Blade centering is good, and there's no slop, play or bouncy springback when the blade is deployed and locked into place, something that is sometimes an issue with backlock knives. G10 is nowhere near as strong as steel. this is just about the strongest knife i owne,super tight lock up and sharp right out of the box,very nicely made,good job spyderco! Overall Quality, Blade Sharpness, Ease of Opening, Lock Ease of Use, Blade Material. Every edge is flush, with no gaps between scales, liners and lock. Spyderco Native 5 C41GP5 pocket knife. They make great products, I'm happy with all of the knives in my collection that bear their name, and on the rare occasion when I have contacted them they have been helpful and generous to a fault. This review is written in Dutch. Is the linerless knife still viable? Compact, affordable and expandable sharpening system for knives. item 5 Spyderco Native 5 … Spyderco … Our customers give us a 5-star rating. Um, no.***As an Amazon Associate, I … Excellent results without water or oil ! Top-quality 6-piece screwdriver set with holder. By using our website you consent to our Cookie Policy. The position of the enlarged Spyderco Round Opening Hole in relation to the pivot leads to smooth oepning and the FRN (fiberglass reinforced nylon) handle fits the hand ergonomically with a series of grip angles and leveraging spots. When the order arrived a week before Christmas, the package (including the Spyderco knife box) was in rough shape, which is to be expected since it was opened and inspected by customs. Add to Wishlist; PRODUCT DESCRIPTION. Free shipping. Pocket Clip, Overall Quality, Handle Material, Handle Feel, Weight, Lock Ease of Use, Blade Sharpness, Blade Material, Lock Type, Ease of Opening, None. Shop Spyderco … Feels great in my hand, love the steel and edge. Spyderco SPY27 Native 5 w/ Cobalt Blue FRN [A] Spyderco Collectors Club Edition #22. Hits the sweet spot for an EDC. Spyderco C41GP5 Native 5 G-10 Black MSRP: $230.00 $161.00 Compare. It's Week 49! If you would like to support my channel, follow this link to my Patreon! Since its original release in 1997, the Native® has been a mainstay of the Spyderco product line and a shining example of our American-made quality and innovation. This review is written in German. It seems to be the perfect combination of size, steel, form and function for me. Well, Spyderco greatly improved on the materials and ruggedness of the Native with this iteration. We compared them side-by-side. Loosen the pivots and still tight, depress the lock and blade is totally free. Spyderco Native 5 folding knife C41GP5 at Lamnia webstore. Spyderco C41GP5 Native 5 Black G-10. In comparing the Spyderco Native5 to the older model, I find it to be a significant upgrade. Once in the hand, however, it feels good. Spyderco Native 5 Signature Folder Knife with 2.95" CPM S30V Steel Blade and Black G-10 Handle - PlainEdge Grind - C41GP5 . However after doing some testing with the paper i noticed that the edge had rolled. This product has been ordered. Use this piece to cut cardboard, some wire (22 awg hook-up as well as RG-178 coax) with no problems and no negative evidence to the blade edge. Your mileage may vary. The Spyderco Native 5 is the first Spyderco pocket knife manufactured from the new S35VN steel, which is comparable to the very popular and tough S30V steel. Blade Sharpness, Lock Type, Blade Material, Pocket Clip, Overall Quality, None. Dimensions: 100 x 45 mm, Knivesandtools Knife Pouch Black, by Maxpedition, DMT Diafold two-sided sharpening stone, FWFC, Wera Bit-Check 10 Torx universal 10-piece Torx set, 5057115001, Spyderco SpyderPac Small knife carrying case, Shapton Glass Stone sharpening set grit 500, 2000 and 8000, 50308, Wera Tool-Check automotive 1 bit- and cap set metric, 5200995001, Spyderco BaliYo YCN100 Lightweight, black, Wera Bit-Check 30 Metal 30-piece bit set, 5057434001, Wera Tool-Check PLUS bit- and cap set imperial, 5056491001, Maxpedition CAP Compact Administration Pouch Black, AGR, Wera Bit-Check 12 metal 1, 12-piece bit set, 5057424001, Wera Kraftform Micro 12-piece screwdriver set, 5073675001, Skerper Pocket Strop STP002, stropping paddle, Wera Kraftform Micro 6-piece screwdriver set with holder, 5118150001, Wera Star magnetizer and demagnetizer, 5073403001, Spyderco Bead BEAD5LY Flat Bead Pewter with lanyard, Skerper Pocket Stone diamond/ceramic sharpening stone, SO003, Spotlight: Real Steel Bushcraft Plus Convex 3720 bushcraft knife. YOU SAVE € 63.45. The Native 5 is Spyderco's 1st production folder made using Crucible Inc. powdered technology CPM S35VN … Under present circumstances, I would strongly recommend the Spyderco Para 3 over the Native 5. The handle on the Native is patterned with two separate finger choils. However, its latest refinements take that process even further. Esmaklassiline teenindus ja TASUTA kohaletoimetamine! A Krein regrind is in order here. Spyderco C41GP5 Native 5 C41GP5 - CPM-S30V Blade - Black G-10 Handle. And if you know anything about folding knives (My collection includes a few Spydercos, both lightweight and as heavy-duty as they make), you immediately realize that this is a lesser product at a fairly premium price.