Seeking to obtain a position which provides an atmosphere conducive to the professional growth within the administrative medical field where initiative and professional dedication will be welcomed. Select. With our new and improved Resume Builder you can view real professional resume examples that follow the “resume” rules employers look for. Committed, dedicated professional seeking a position as a customer service advocate with Blue Cross and Blue Shield. My goal is to continue to grow and improve and to use the skills from my past working experiences. Maintained an excellent relationship with my immediate supervisor and workflow coordinators. Change Template Corporate. Summary : 14 years of experience as a Medical Transcriptionist. Did research through the utilization of old reports and trustworthy websites and reference books to determine the appropriateness of certain terms, instruments, medications, dosages and more. Received the designation of "credentialed" transcriptionist for outstanding quality, which allowed me to bypass the typical quality control step for reports exceeding the allowed blanks. Create your new Unique Resume in less than 5 minutes with our templates. Career Objective: Self-motivated, certified and competent ‘Medical Transcriptionist’ with over 6+ years of experience in transcribing verbal dictations or audio records from various medical professionals. Review and edit transcribed reports or dictated material for spelling, grammar, clarity, consistency, and proper medical terminology. Many medical transcriptionists want a sample medical transcription resume to follow in order to know what should be included in a resume. Customer-oriented, friendly, and career-minded individual seeking employment within the medical industry. Create Cover Letter. Summary : I am a motivated and dedicated worker with 13 years of experience in Medical Transcription. Utilized various software and equipment to complete medical transcriptions. A Medical Transcriptionist will listen to the voice recordings of medical professionals and physicians and convert them as written reports or documents. Accurately transcribe medical documents from the digital recording of dictation including histories and physical examination, surgical and operative procedures, progress notes, consultations, hospital summaries, and other miscellaneous typing in a correct and presentable manner. Transcribe physician's dictation of medical office visits, including incoming correspondence. Medical Transcriptionist Job Description Example. It is great to hear that you have experience as a Medical Transcriptionist. After logging in, come back to this page and refresh your browser. The career objective is used to quickly … Build a resume with a template. Med Transcriptionist PRN Resume Examples & Samples Demonstrates through behavior Florida Hospital’s Core Values of Integrity, Compassion, Balance, Excellence, Stewardship and Teamwork as outlined in the organization’s Performance Excellence Program The job summary mentioned on the Medical Transcriptionist Resume falls nothing short of the following – transcribing medical reports, notes summaries and other vital medical documents from recorded messages; listening to recorded dictation of doctors; reviewing and editing drafts, translating medical abbreviation and jargons; entering medical reports into EHR systems and performing quality improvement audits. Medical Transcriptionist. Summary : 12+ years of experience as a Medical Transcriptionist. Objective : Self-motivated and competent Medical Transcriptionist with over 3+ years of experience in transcribing dictations. Medical Transcription Resume. Skills : Data Entry and Typing, Medical Terminology, Office Management, Typing, Customer Service, Insurance, Customer Obsession, and Medical Transcription. Produced reliable medical reports via both speech recognition editing and straight transcription. Medical Transcriptionist Resume Sample The following Medical Transcriptionist sample resume is created using Flexi Resume Builder. What's your job? Produce medical reports, correspondence, records, patient-care information, statistics, medical research, and administrative material. Strictly follow all federal and state guidelines for release of information. © All designs are copyright and original to, Solid knowledge of various medical terminologies, and excellent typing speed, Familiar with using medical reference materials or solving doubts with the concerned medical personnel, Capable of operating word processing equipment, dictation and transcription equipment, and listening to audio records for producing medical documents, Ability to check and review the typed documents for ensuring appropriate medical terms, patient’s medical history, treatment provided, and physician suggestions in the clinical reports, Proficient in English and exceptional in grammar, punctuation, and reporting style for maintaining accurate medical records, Outstanding listening skills and excellent in hand, eye and motor coordination to prepare requested documents in limited time, Adept in using medical codes in the hospital records and ensuring confidentiality regarding patient’s treatment procedures, Excellent time-management and interpersonal skills, Transcribing medical dictation of various medical personnel at the healthcare center to maintain a permanent record of patient care, Performing various tasks such as composing routine correspondence as well as translating and editing medical dictations according to established departmental procedures, Taking dictation using shorthand or stenotype machine or using headsets and converting dictated material or rough notes into written documentation, Listening and accurately transcribing verbal medical notes into typed format by working with various personnel having regional or international accents, Transcribing dictations for a variety of medical reports such as patient histories, physical examinations, emergency room visits, chart reviews, consultation or discharge summaries, Reviewing and editing transcribed reports or dictated material for spelling mistakes, grammar, clarity, and proper medical terminologies, Returning dictated reports in printed or electronic format for physicians’ review, signature and corrections, and including it in the patient’s medical records, Setting up and maintaining medical files and databases, including records such as procedure reports, medical histories, diagnostic workups, and discharge summaries as required, Consulted with appropriate doctors or other medical personnel to get clarity on confusing or unambiguous information to ensure accuracy, Thoroughly reviewed and analyzed the qualitative text to ensure all themes are properly documented and captured, Utilized dictation equipment, computer and word processor application to transcribe letters, medical reports, or other documents in a timely and accurate manner, Prioritized work according to urgency of the documentation or physician needs to transcribe the audios for timely completion of patient’s medical file for discharge formalities, Interpreted medical terminologies and abbreviations in preparing patients’ medical histories, discharge summaries and other documents as required, Provided assistance to oversee and maintained dictation equipment regularly, and informed to the management regarding necessary repairs, Attended training sessions related to speech recognition medical transcription editor and learned methods to transcribe reports by physicians or other healthcare providers to accurately document patient care, Maintained an updated list of reports transcribed on a daily basis, Listened to voice recordings by physicians and other doctors, and converted them into written reports, Provided assistance to review and edit previous medical documents using speech recognition technology, Performed checking of the written documents by using medical reference sites and other educational material to ensure maximum accuracy in medical terminologies, Transcribed and edited dictation by various medical personnel and healthcare providers to document patient care, and assisted in maintaining updated records, Prepare medical documentation of audio files regarding treatment of chronic ailments received from specialists on mail, Attended medical seminars as directed by the specialists to record guest lectures on treatment of diseases under research, and prepared reports, Completed daily operations associated with transcription workload ensuring a high-quality verbatim qualitative work, Coordinated with the team to perform additional administrative duties such as answering phones, and scheduling patient appointments as required, Associates Degree in Medical Transcription, Certified Healthcare Documentation Specialist, 2012, The Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity – Member since 2013. Transcribing hospital reports, medical discharge summaries, er notes, h&p's for the various departments of the hospital. For more information on what it takes to be a Medical Transcriptionist, check out our more complete Medical Transcriptionist Job Description. The curriculum vitae (Latin for "the course of life") is the document that replaces the resume in a medical student’s professional life. Select. Do make sure your mention your knowledge on industry standards like HIPAA requirements etc. Distinguish between homonyms and recognize inconsistencies and mistakes in medical terms, referring to dictionaries, drug references, and other sources on anatomy, physiology, and medicine. Looking to obtain a position which will require me to utilize my computer knowledge, strong personal skills, organizational abilities, and business experience as well as a position in which my customer service, personal, clerical and general office skills will contribute to greater efficiency and productivity. Distributing dictation to patient charts in nurse's station for physicians and nurses, discharges and operative notes for coders or make sure it is available for viewing in CPSI. Medical Transcriptionist/Editor Resume. LOG IN OR REGISTER TO CONTACT ME. Skills : Microsoft Office Suite 2013, Transcription Medical, and Legal, Legal Research, Medical Billing, and Coding, Basic Spanish. Communicate with physicians, employees, and patients of all ages in locating information and/or services needed. Take dictation using shorthand, a stenotype machine, or headsets and transcribing machines.