Matthew Benjamin "Matt" Braly is a Filipino-American writer, animator, storyboard artist, director, and voice actor. That does it for “Stakeout,” see you next week! The only thing more impressive than their individual abilities is how well they compliment each other. Neither of us minded, and in fact, I think it was instrumental in forging the strong creative relationship we share today. He had complete faith that the audience wouldn’t be thrown off by it, and he was absolutely right. It was not in the script. All so that Anne could scroll by them in an instant. Text. Amphibia is script driven, meaning that much of a story’s DNA and structure are figured out before the storyboard launch. When you wanna practice the style of the show but also have Sashannarcy feels while listening to Yellowcard’s version of Christmas Lights and All Time Low’s Fools Holiday, My girlfriend’s back and you’re gonna get in trouble~. There are some lovely special poses in this episode done by Joe Sparrow. Tumblr. The part where he gets electrocuted is INTENSE: Aw, what the heck - here’s the whole sequence: What’s this? We were having fun, trying to surprise each other and make each other laugh. “Sometimes you write an episode to serve a greater narrative need, sometimes you write to satisfy a pet peeve! Disney Channel has ordered a third season of animated series Amphibia starring Brenda Song (Dollface) ahead of its season 2 premiere on July 11. Matt Braly (@Radrappy) on Twitter. Colors by Daniaelle Simonson and Carol Wyatt. If you look closely at the exterior, you can see that the building is in the shape of Loggle’s own head. See you next week with “Best Fronds!”, “I miss Charlie big bottom with all my heart! We ultimately wanted them to feel part of the murk so we leaned towards earth tones. That’s not very heterosexual of you Sasha. I especially like how naturally Sprig and Anne grow closer in this episode, culminating in a pretty big disagreement.”. This episode was boarded by Hannah Ayoubi and Aaron Austin. Amphibia Renewed For A Third Season As Season 2 Bows July 11th. 1 being how Stan finally scared … Filter by post type. SINOPSIS & INFO Serie de animación infantil de Disney Channel en la que Anne Boonchuy, una niña de trece años mitad tailandesa – mitad americana, es transportada mágicamente al mundo de Amphibia, un lugar habitado por ranas. Next up is “Taking Charge!”  Thanks and take care of yourself! Director Derek Kirk Kim has always been passionate about this story and added some real magic at the end with Sprig falling into Anne’s arms as he nods off. Revisions were done by Janine Chang. You can download and listen to the demo track she sent us here: This episode was one of the very first episodes boarded and was significant because it was one of the first stories that just always “worked.” I remember distinctly that the very first rough board pitch was like a breath of fresh air - these characters had such successful chemistry and their conflict for the episode felt so natural. Soooooo… That Daycare/Combat training course dude… That’s how Sasha got Anne roped into their friendship, only in a shorter time span, isn’t it? Creature designer extraordinaire, Brandon Wu took the concept and ran with it. ;-;”. BG design wise, it was fun for the team to “infest” Anne’s room with Domino 2′s cobwebs. You can see Loggle starting to reach his final form in this earlier draft.”. The other stuff goes here. At one point in the process, we were literally passing the keyboard back and forth. Images of Anne Boonchuy from Amphibia. Props by Andy Gonsalves. It meant we had arrived in a way - that we could always at least point to this episode if we were having trouble in the future. In this conversation. De Matt Braly Avec Tom Kenny Nationalité U.S.A. Chaîne d'origine Disney Channel US. So was anybody gonna tell me Matt Braly’s mother voiced Anne’s mom, or was I just supposed to find that out on his twitter account myself? It’s nice to see Polly somewhat enjoying Anne’s companionship by the end, given that she wanted to kill her in just the previous episode. Canal original Disney Channel US. a-sidekick:. She even built a rig at home so that she could easily film the material: Afterwards, it was added to Anne’s hair via After Effects. The crew worked together to come up with Amphibia-specific versions of these points of conflict. That should do it for “Best Fronds!” Next up is “Cane Crazy!” Thanks and have a good one. Jeff was a very talented writer we were lucky to work with briefly in the very early days of season 1. Since this episode was boarded after our board team was assembled, it’s almost as if Kyler and Kat provided the official “answer” to the test! Created and executive produced by Matt Braly (Gravity Falls), the fantastical series is inspired by his heritage, family and childhood trips to Bangkok, Thailand. Not only that but the monstrous moth version of Domino 2 strikes a wonderful balance of creepy and cool: This episode also has some of my favorite special poses: Props by Andy Gonsalves and color styling by Daniaelle Simonson, Ian Worrel, and Carol Wyatt! It was ambitious and a bit risky, but essential to establishing the world and characters the way he wanted. This world is inhabit by frogs and Anne meets Planter Family. This episode was storyboarded by Kyler Spears and Kat Marusik. Both are such natural comedians and knew how to push and pull the characters in fun ways that never broke them. Amphilbia summary . Here’s a particular highlight, boarded by Hannah Ayoubi, which introduces the character Leopold Loggle. Revisions were done by Janine Chang. WE HAVE BEEN WAITING 3 YEARS FOR THIS OKAY. Artwork by Joe Sparrow, Erik Elizarrez, Daniaelle Simonson, and Carol Wyatt: Art director Ian Worrel and his team of did an amazing job establishing the intial look and feel of Amphibia with this episode. Second, this isn’t inspired by Friday Night at Freddy’s or whatever it’s called. The script of this story has always felt a little serious so I’m so grateful that Hannah and Aaron were able to add so much comedy and charm at the storyboard stage. When we wrote the first version of it, Matt and I had only been working together for a relatively short time. On May 15, 2019, a month before the series premiere, the series was renewed for a second season which premiered on July 11, 2020. Here’s an excerpt of a pivotal scene from Best Fronds: Storyboards. This episode was boarded by Hannah Ayoubi and Derek Kirk Kim (who also directed the episode). This episode was boarded by Bert Youn, Yonaton Tal, and Kyler Spears. It’s also worth noting that this is the first episode to feature painted portraits like the one of Hop Pop with his cane. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. It’s also funny watching that first episode and getting a glimpse of the Plantars pre-Anne, knowing that they’re missing a vital part of their family and don’t even know it yet.”, - Story Editor/Co-producer Jack Ferraiolo. BGs by Ian Worrel, Daniaelle Simonson, Phillip Vose, Sunjae Lee, Joey McCormick, Elle Michalka, Jules Itzkof: That’s it for “Taking Charge!” See you next time! This inspired him to get into animation so that he can tell his own stories. In the writers room, everyone was excited about this episode because it goes to an insanely fun place, with teapots for heads and fighting off corn monsters with power ups. “Stakeout was difficult to write because it deals with all four main characters and, at this point in the writing, we were still trying to figure out who they all were. This episode was boarded by Hannah Ayoubi and Aaron Austin. Here’s the intro to the episode, boarded by Steve: This week’s show-stopper in terms of character design has to be the color styling of Anne’s “galaxy hair” by Daniaelle Simonson: I got some questions after the episode aired as to whether or not her hair was created with CG - amazingly it is not. Color by Daniaelle Simonson and Carol Wyatt. So was anybody gonna tell me Matt Braly’s mother voiced Anne’s mom, or was I just supposed to find that out on his twitter account myself? Leopold Loggle the woodsmith was created to steer Anne to the Doomtree, but we wanted him - and all our side characters - to feel like real people with their own lives, personalities, and quirks. It was ambitious and a bit risky, but essential to establishing the world and characters the way he wanted. The creatures and monsters however are intentionally jagged and horrifying. For a long while, their story arc wasn’t working, but once I landed on the idea of them complaining in similar ways (Anne with: “where I’m from” and Hop Pop with: “back in my day”), both stuck living in the past, rather than focusing on what they have in the present, things finally clicked and fell in place.”. The real challenge of this episode was the flooded basement. Creepy marionettes and other oddities litter the room. This episode also features strong revisions by Janine Chang: Drew is a master of hilariously extreme expressions. You’ll be shocked to learn that the looping texture in Anne’s hair was created completely with practical effects. Me? - According to Matt Braly, Anne Boonchuy's ethnicity is Thai-American just like him. It helps to convey that Anne has never felt more alive in her new environment. Beguiling, hostiling, we’re all suspicious isling! Creator/EP of Disney's Amphibia and cat worshiper matt braly on twitter < > Most recent. in this case, Taking Charge was conceived because it made me INSANE that Anne’s phone has lasted as long as it has without running out of power. The story originally had the title Passing the Ladle, and was told from Sprig’s POV. For him, the process of bg design and paint are often combined. Matt Braly. I remember thinking how cool it was that Sprig could move in that way, and also— oh yeah, he’s totally lost it. It was also important to track how comfortable Hop Pop and Polly were with Anne up until now. Daniaelle had this amazing idea to film iridescent cellophane rotating on a turntable and run that footage through a kaleidoscope filter on her phone. She was able to make Anne feel very sympathetic as she laments missing her home: The second was boarded by Aaron Austin, who birthed one of the episode’s best moments - when Sprig explains why most other kids don’t get him: It’s worth noting that the whole concept of “friend punch” was authored by Aaron. Ian Worrel and his team did an amazing job making it feel murky, disgusting, and somehow producible. Phillip Vose has such a dynamic process where he’ll often rough out his composition in color - and then go back and tie down the b/w bg before sitting down and painting it for real. Sprig being a cold-blooded frog vs. Anne being a warm-blooded human meant the room temp would definitely be a big issue. Also editing his was hell my PC froze twice and crashed once. The show revolves around a teen girl named Anne Boonchuy. Not only that but it teases some pretty cool things to come at the end. I remember having everyone listen to “Yakety Sax” while they boarded to help make sure the chase felt fun. I’m especially sensitive to heat and noises when I’m trying to sleep, and on the flipside, I can be a klutz and I (allegedly) snore. I will never grow tired of these wonderful expressions courtesy of Steve: Another point of interest is how much we abused Hop Pop in this episode. Sinopsis: Serie de animación infantil de Disney Channel en la que Anne Boonchuy, una niña de trece años mitad tailandesa – mitad americana, es transportada mágicamente al mundo de Amphibia, un lugar habitado por ranas. Artwork by Ian Worrel, Daniaelle Simonson, Joey McCormick, Sun Jae Lee, Elle Michalka, and Amanda Winterstein. Artwork by Joe Sparrow, Erik Elizarrez, Brandon Wu, Andy Gonsalves, Daniaelle Simonson, and Carol Wyatt: It was important to us that the human world feel relatively drab compared to Amphibia. Design highlights in this episode were definitely Loggle and the stickbug. In fact, the part of Sprig had not been cast yet, so we didn’t know what he sounded like and, as a character, he still felt very generic. Log in Sign up. Matt Braly grew up listening to his grandmother tell stories about her life as a little girl in the Philippines. It was one of the first episodes boarded so we were still finding our voice.