Related Answers is economics a science? (Ive only 5 Months) And here Im talking about IGCSE O'Levels Economics can be a really hard subject due to the immense content. I had graduated at the top of my class with a 4.0 GPA in my economics major and completed a statistics minor. And accomplished this all while working 30 hours a week to support me. Economics is a relatively modern discipline and Adam Smith is widely regarded as the father of modern economics having developed the idea of classical economics (or liberal economics) in the 18th century. hi guys, thinking of taking economics 3/4 next year, and wanted to hear from some previous students. Do people think this is a hard or easy course, is the content difficult or just writing about it. Economics effects due to NAFTA Related Blogs NAFTA effects between the U.S. and Mexico A bank currently has $70,000 in transaction deposits, $6,000 in cash in the vault, $12,000 on deposit with the Fed, and $7,000 in government securities. I found year 12 to be way more different and harder than year 11. But at least give Econ a shot, it would be a shame if you were too scared to take it, and it's really not that hard. The required reserve ratio is 20 percent. The answer to this question depends on the school that you attend and the difficulty of the programs at these respective schools. An MBA will cover finance and economics, but it will remain more general and include other business subjects. I honestly don't know of anyone who is doing a degree in economics and wishes for … And a 3.5+ is not hard with an econ major, a 3.7+ shouldn't be too hard if you're genuinally interested in the subject and willing to put in effort. My school doesn’t offer Economics at A Level so I took Business instead. Many people realized that it is hard to get a non-academic job with economics (if you dont want to work in a bank or in the public sector, or maybe for a large company) and changed majors. is economics a hard major relative to finance? But I’ve now heard a lot of people say that Economics is very hard. While this story is well-known, it is also wrong, so wrong that it is hard to imagine a story that is farther from the truth. I was a little embarrassed at being shunned. My mathematics GRE was 780. Economics is the study of given ends and scarce means. Legal Information This site is owned and operated by Think Student Ltd. Economics is the study of individual, household and organizational behavior on a huge scale. Nearly all advanced degrees in business are going to require solid math skills. This technique is fairly hard to get down, but once you’ve got it, A-Level Economics is a breeze. So I’ve applied to Nottingham Trent to do Economics with International Finance and Banking. Prelim is more theoretical whilst year 12 is application to the real world with a focus on Australia. I’m good at Business, got an A at GCSE and predicted to get an A at A level. Also is economics a subject that the majority of people score well in, on the exam. It’s the study of how people respond to incentives, how decisions are made, and how problems are solved by individuals and groups. Im planning to give Math and ICT this October by being homeschooled.So is it possible (aka easy) for me to study economics along with these two subject and give its exam too. I found it a lot easier to get A's in than say, Orgo. In many ways, economics is the study of how people think and act. I had two internships: one in research, one in public policy.