Jason Fenske narrates a channel on YouTube, appropriately called "Engineering Explained". I got good brakes no cable sticking wheel cylinder and master cylinder spring kit shoes drums replaced rotor turn new pads. L. lucho Member. 1,250°F. Simply put, pretty darn hot. They are good for an entry level forge as you can build one without a lot of tools for relatively cheap and with parts you can mostly get off the shelf at a big box hardware store. Make sure to … if I put my finger on drum it burn it. A few serious hard brakes in the middle just to see what would happen. First 2 miles, no brake - front rotors cool, rear warm. The next possibility is that the magnet is not releasing from the brake drum for some reason. I'd just drive it. Brake drum forges vary with the diameter of the brake drum. According to "Marks' Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers", 10th, coal gas burns at about 3,590°F (1,977°C) under 100% air conditions. With the brake pedal depressed and the hydraulic fluid moving through the brake lines, these pistons extend out of the caliper housing and squeeze two opposing brake pads against the car's rotor. I can mile pull over they hot. Out in TR7 today, noticed sthg odd. Yep ever watch a NASCAR race at night?^^^. They make a pretty decent firepot but are not nearly as heavy as commercial firepots therefore will not last as long. Placing this in the groove around the edges of the drum will give you a deeper fire. It's been years removed since those forges so I don't have pics any more. This is the process that applies friction to a moving assembly and slows down your car. See more ideas about Brake drum forge, Bedroom organization closet, Holden australia. Brakes begin to smoke. The friction itself is created through the conditions created when the pistons squeeze the the micro-abrasive brake pads against the rotors. How Hot Do Your Brake Rotors And Pads Get? Most of it was scrap but I did purchase some of the parts. Technology, performance and design delivered to your inbox. 1,100°F - Brake oxidation occurs at … Note: Temperatures indicated are at the lining/drum interface and are approximate. Terms of Service. Brakes work great, maybe even a bit better though I didn't change a thing 'cept clean the piston. While I agree that the brake drum might be slightly hotter than the slave cylinder, there isn't much distance between the two and the shoes would surely transfer the heat into the slave. BRAKE DRUM - 16-1/2" X 7" GOLD BRAKE DRUM - OUTBOARD MOUNTED - LIGHTWEIGHT BALANCED: Accuride 66864B: WEBB® BRAKE DRUM 16.50" X 7.00" BALANCED: Webb Wheel CM10009830: BRAKE DRUM - 16.5 X 7 TRUTURN: Conmet National Warranty. If the drag is too heavy to easily turn the drum then you need to back the adjuster off some more. 10" to 16" (25 to 40cm) will work. In this particular video, Fenske puts his beloved 2002 (AP1) Honda S2000 on a set of jack stands and pops the car in gear. Temperatures are approximate.) ). side front, warm but not so hot. I got good brakes no cable sticking wheel cylinder and master cylinder spring kit shoes drums replaced rotor turn new pads. Honestly, I think this is one of the better ideas the new blacksmiths come across and take action on. Brake Disk Forge: So here you have a basic forge. I had my brakes done front and back. We built our blacksmith forge out of a brake drum, 2… not cherry hot red. Next, the car is revved to 3,000 RPM and the handbrake is pulled. Let's think about the physical action that you take. Not counting what I already … Simple brake drum with plumbing fittings, a bathroom fan, and some cider blocks to hold it up. When we were racing at the old Saugus, CA half mile back in the late '60s, the track management had spotters between turns 1-2 and 3-4 looking for anyone whose brakes were on fire. Further, there do exist brake drums that are every bit as deep as a fire-pot. Watch the meticulous process of designing and manufacturing an aftermarket big brake kit. Felt hub caps, noticed a lot of heat coming off the driver’s side front wheel–lug nuts very hot. If you can feel heat radiating from the brakes I would get them checked. And if you build a brake drum forge, try not to invest unreasonable amounts of money adding features to it, as you may decide to … On the rears, cold. The thermal camera begins to glow brighter and warmer to show the amount of heat that moves through the rotor. I went to many NASCAR modified races at night, almost all had the RF rotor that looked like a ring of pure orange flame. A brake drum from a truck is a very popular choice for making a home made forge. It just works — that’s all there is to it. Then back off 10 clicks, you should have a very fine light drag. Most people who … It’s a pretty cheap start to see if Blacksmithing is for you. The brake drum people always claim to have years of experience using brake drum forges on a daily basis and making lots of money doing the best work using their brake drum forges. I've been inside stock cars that were 130-140 F inside at race time. Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by DirtyDave, May 2, 2016. Set the brake drum and assembly on your stand or cinder blocks with the brake drum’s concave side facing skyward. Temperatures over 200 degrees lead to brake fade and paint blistering of drums. A few serious hard brakes in the middle just to see what would happen. Luckily, there is a simple solution to this problem – just disengage the brake and continue to drive as usual. Something is not right. Of the 300 kJ kinetic energy, if half goes to pads and half to rotors the pads could take about 150 kJ of this. Luckily, unless you're taking your car to the track every single day, typical maintenance should be enough to prevent premature equipment failure do to heat. He then fires up a Flir T1K thermal camera and shows the amount of heat that is ambiently generates as the wheel hub assembly rotates. How do your temperature readings compare to another comparable vehicle with 4 wheel drum brakes? After that I did everything normal, average riding for maybe 45 minutes to an hour. This means that the maximum temperature of a coal fire in a forge is about 3,500°F (1,927°C). 300 Degree C Brakes From Burnout - https://youtu.be/MJ1NK02CL6g Subscribe for new videos every Wednesday! If you’ve done ANY amount of researching on the internet about building your first forge, you’ve almost certainly come across a mention of a “brake drum forge”. Oil or grease has penetrated the drum’s surface; the drum … There should be brake adjustments to fix that, but I'm totally unfamiliar with … Not counting what I already had, I spent about 40 bucks. Coming down Pikes Peak in Colorado there is a brake check station and if you are over 300 degrees you must stop and let them cool. 850°F. Brake Drum Blacksmith Forge: My son caught the blacksmithing bug while he was at summer camp so we investigated building our own blacksmith forge and found that brake drum forges are a very popular way to get into the hobby. You'll want to build an ash gate and clinker braker. I can mile pull over they hot. Simply put, pretty darn hot. © document.write(new Date().getFullYear()) Acton Media Inc. All Rights Reserved. Now that my poor explanation of brakes is over, and you saw the much more sophisticated animation above, we can get to the cool part. Anyhow, that rear is still damn hot. Maybe Bristol, they ran that race late so it would be cooler. Here I will share how I got my start in blacksmithing, beginning with building a brake drum forge and buying the initial tools.