Sell your used audio equipment in the greater NYC area & around Denver Colorado. One of the only games in central LA outside Magnolia. ; 2 The best of the best at price points for everyone. Brands like Nagra, Magico, Devore, MSB, Vimberg and Leben. I knew I wanted some Vandersteens. Nice people too.” more, “A way under the radar place for McIntosh gear. In it we are recognized as "one of the nation's foremost retailers of top-end audio gear". Music Hall. We have a variety of product lines and high-end name brands to choose from. Also, I do a fair amount of research before I enter a store, to…” more. Loudspeakers, amplifiers, analog, digital, turntables and DACs. I…” more, “This is the go to company for any audio video needs. The gentleman I spoke with has been into audio probably 50 years. Well over a decade ago, I stumbled into his store, armed with little spending power. But this all changed when I sucked up my nerve to give this site…” more, We’re here for you with low prices on everyday items. Absolutely amazing store! I tried google without much luck. 1 We make high-end hifi easy and fun. Behrens Audio-Video has been serving Northeast Florida's home entertainment needs for more than 38 years. The Stereo Shop, hartford ct, high end stereo, world class audio, video and home theater components, smart remotes, home intergration, turntables, The Stereo Shop is known for the quality of the equipment we sell, as well as the knowledge, experience and integrity of our staff, who go through continuous factory training to bring you the best. Ends Dec. 24, In club & online. The manufacturer stopped making parts years ago. Dynavector. While I'm no audio geek, I've bought enough stereo equipment to know when I'm getting fact-based information as opposed to a mere sales pitch. (323) … SpearitSound and sell specific brands. I…, Cowon's products are great. Account. We offer a carefully selected portfolio of the world’s finest audio products. BROOKLYN. High End Audio Equipment - The Analog Shop - Victor, New York - We Take Trades! His knowledge of all things audiophile/videophile is worth it if you are building virtually any type of system. Audible Elegance of Cincinnati is a premier dealer for Totem Acoustics, Focal, Goldenear, Bryston Electronics, Naim Audio, Martin Lgan, Home Theater installation and Control 4 with Home Automation. eXemplar Audio. Offering the finest Music Servers, Speakers, Stereo Preamplifiers, Stereo Amplifiers, DAC's, Equipment Racks, Phono Cartridges, Turntables, Record Players. Get home theater systems, speakers, receivers, & surround sound. "I am a customer of Park Avenue Audio, a high-end audio retailer at 440 Park Avenue South. Their clearance and demo gear offerings are spectacular. Home About Services Solutions Contact There is a 650px maximum height restriction on the content. Prices are reasonable, their collection” more, “Randy is the man! Free Shipping for all online orders over $100! I had a few visits to this location in the past that were less than satisfactory. We sell a lot of new and consigned high end stereo and audio systems across Northern California, Napa and the rest of the country. However, in my case, I probably could have picked up a set of…” more, Serving Falls Church and the Surrounding Area, “Jeff and the rest of the guys at Command Performance AV are fantastic. I drove up from Richmond as he is the closest dealer of line magnetic gear. Adding a business to Yelp is always free. He is always very pleasant and thorough. Prior to shipping your purchase, all equipment is carefully reviewed and carefully packed. Audio Concepts is your #1 Home Automation & Home Theater company in Long Beach & Newport Beach, Ca. ; 4 Get all of your questions answered. 30 Maujer St., 1B Brooklyn, New York 11206 By appointment ONLY. HiFi Audio Dealer, Located in the greater Kansas City region. Your needs are unique. We’ve worked with JS Audio for nearly 15 years and look forward to continuing our relationship." I want to commend the customer service of both Andrew Lorberbaum and Michael O'Keefe, two members of Park Avenue Audio's sales staff. Great job done, fast and clean, great attitude, nice and kind people. They also allow for easy access to … Adding a business to Yelp is always free. “I had passed this place several times and dismissed it as a store for religious literature. DEMOS & SALES BY APPOINTMENT ONLY Monday-Friday 8:30am - 5:30pm Pacific Copyright © 2004–2020 Yelp Inc. Yelp, , and related marks are registered trademarks of Yelp. Offering some of the finest values in hi-end audio with expert advice and service. That said, there's a huge difference between good enough and the best. Parasound. For fun even listened to a pair that were $40k. It looks great, sounds great and the overall experience was great. We wanted high quality sound for our house within a reasonable budget and he came to the house, advised on speaker placement, system type, and effectively gave me a very detailed lesson on how to maximize the quality of our sound. The Audio Store is at the very vanguard of custom home theater design and installation, cutting edge smart home automation systems, and 2-channel stereo systems. I ended up with some 2ce Signatures. They carry many of my favorite brands; DCS, Sonus Faber, VTL, Grado, Audioquest, Cardas and Transparent cables, along with many other high end manufacturers. Clear Audio. Incredible place.” more, “David has been my media guy for over 13 years and for a reason. “Tim recently mounted our tv and soundbar on what was a very tricky wall above our fireplace and did a superb job. Cricket Wireless has Smartphones at Smart Prices from the…” more, “Home Automation installation Smart Home Installation New Construction Prewire Remodeling Prewire Home Theater Installation Security Cameras installation Access Control installation…” more, “We had a rather unusual request that was very low tech but physically challenging.... rerouting satellite cable, sorting through a bunch of old wires to figure out which ones were…” more, “Diamond Music Exchange is a Family owned business, Specializing in Accordion's, Acoustic guitars & Band and orchestra gear!” more, “As a means of providing more efficient service to our customers we are introducing Installs Online. There is a 650px maximum height restriction on the content. We specialize in a variety of audio components, including amplifiers and preamplifiers, speakers and home theaters, cables, digital, and analog equipment. "- Jason Victor Serinus, Stereophile Magazine Scott Walker Audio @ T.H.E. Oracle. Established in 1973, Paragon Sight & Sound is a family-owned-and-operated business that offers world-class high-end home audio & video products and expert installation for two-channel audio, home theater, and smart home automation. Doctorgadget Custom Audio Video Installer. An article published in the June 4, 2007 issue (starting on page 64), talks about high end turntables and Goodwin's High End is prominently featured throughout. Normally I would not post another review so close,, but Nick's response time to our problem was so amazing, I felt I had to.…” more, “Cricket Wireless specializes in Cell Phones, Plans, and Service, with a variety of cell phone plans to fit any lifestyle. On the real, I just didn't want to be bombarded by "Do you believe in the sacrifice of…” more, “I bought a set of five Focal speakers (2 towers, center and 2 ceiling) and a Sony receiver and am very happy. Record Store Hours: Tuesday through Friday, 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM Hifi Store Hours: By Appointment Only. Audio Dealer For: Wilson Audio, Dan D'agostino, KEF, Wilson Benesch, Aurender, REL, Stillpoints, Shunyata Research, Electrocompaniet, HB Cable Designs, Stage III Concepts, Furutech, Symposium, Mytek, Ypsilon Electronics, Rega, ASC. Show 2019 -- "This is a system that reminds you what the high end is all about. Audiogurus is an online audio store with all your home audio needs. While there, he took the time to explain all of the things that make Vandersteen's special. First purchase was an elite kuro in 2006. Good to see a little shop still operating despite Best Buy and the internet. Store. It was like going to…” more, “Decent little audiophile store. Audio Craft has been a leading industry provider of advanced residential and light commercial audio video systems since 1954. We are always looking for new consignments. “Discover the smarter way to get all of the high-end devices you want and the network you need, for less.” more, “I was looking to hardwire my 3 level TH for Ethernet and clean up all the exposed cable wires in the house. We feature the Southwest’s finest collection of world-class audio/video components, most of which are designed and manufactured in the USA and Europe. StereoBuyers is a family-run business in New York City, specializing in buying pre-owned high-end stereo and home audio equipment like amplifiers, receivers, pre-amplifiers, CD Players and more. Kudos that he was able to do it. 7907 Harford Rd, Baltimore, MD 21234 (410) 882-4360 Upscale Audio 2058 Wright Avenue La Verne, California 91750 (909) 931-9686. I immediately sensed honesty, full transparency,…” more, “Your ONE-STOP Technology Provider Network cabling, home automation, home theater, conference rooms, Sound systems, IT, Wi-Fi systems, cell boosters, home automation, access control.…” more, “I just had surveillance cameras installed today by Dorel. I appreciate very much that they worked with me on this and were considerate.” more, “Was in the market for speakers and had listened to Paradigm, Golden Ear, Aerial Acoustics and several others from different hi-fi shops from San Diego to LA ranging in price from $6k to $10k. Deja Vu Audio is an audiophile store” more, Serving Tysons Corner and the Surrounding Area, “After looking for a retailer in the area who sells high-end CD players, I visited Evolution. Discover your next great read and gifts for everyone. Stay home! They also don't work on commission--they aren't going to blow smoke up your ### just to make a sale. High-end audio manufacturer of high-quality planar magnetic headphones, lightning cable headphones, amplifiers and accessories. This is OLD SCHOOL. Scott Walker Audio @ T.H.E. Also, I do a fair amount of research before I enter a store, to…” more The customer service and dedication Hi-End shows to its customers is one of the main reasons this company has been my ‘go-to-guy’ for all of my audio components over the past 10+ years. Contact Us. Ben also gave me huge discounts and the…” more, “Brett offers a unique service. Monaco AV Solution Center Store in Pasadena California carries the latest in high-end home theater and audio solutions. Quest For Sound is a high-end audio equipment retailer. Dec. Savings Event. Anyone know a store that caters to audiophiles in the DC area? Audio High specializes in automation, high-end audio, and home theater systems for your home or business. I was also happily surprised they sell some Vinyl here! at a different high-end store” more, “Was so excited to have a local record shop less than 15 minutes from me when High Fidelity moved to West Adams. The same can be said about JS Audio as they are truly “high end” and completely focused on music. MusicDirect is a real, high-end audio store in Chicago. I would recommend them to every one.” more, “My last review for American Home Systems was in January. They all sounded good in their own way but nothing that…” more, You can request a quote from this business, “As of 2018 I have been doing business with Bijan for over a decade. ; 3 Our passion and expertise make your hifi money go further. We are industry experts with 30+ years of experience. An American Destination For High End Audio & Cinema Showrooms in Scottsdale and Tempe. Cables, connectors, and adapters don't always have to be expensive. Their showroom is beautiful with great attention paid to every detail, making it a perfect location to showcase and experience performance audio. “Stopped by Common Wave after my vintage receiver bit the dust and ended up getting a new NAD receiver and Rega Turntable. They are very knowledgeable about what they sell, the records are always in great shape, and their prices are very very fair. The vibe in here is comfortable and adds to a very pleasant purchasing experience. The open architecture of these racks and stands are perfect for showing off your gear. Salamander Designs. Welcome to LMC, where “Legendary Music & Cinema” is more than our name – It’s our passion! We carry the top brands in the industry and offer private listening sessions. We also have an office in Denver, serving Colorado audiophiles. Our staff are professionals and enthusiasts with a passion for delivering the best quality systems to our customers. I'll try to stick to the place itself, not the metaphysical trip I took to Diana Krall's studio performance of "Little girl blue" via Stax SR007s. Now during the COVID-19 it's been a blast browsing their new…” more, “They repaired my Marantz with a fair estimate and in a timely manner. VERMONT. While other electronics retailers have come and gone, Behrens continues to provide its customers with high-quality audio and video systems along with full service and support. I had a old set of speakers with busted woofer cones. Ahead Stereo 52 $$$Electronics, Home Theatre Installation, High Fidelity Audio Equipment. I wish I had known about them years ago. Bijan recently convinced me to try…” more, “, then shop around if you want because in the end you'll make your purchase here. PrimaLuna. Most of all, your environment is unique. 5 Bring your own music or movies to experience your favorites like never before. Just like fine cooking, creating a Home Theater or Audio system requires skill, knowledge, and a passion to achieve extraordinary performance. Please call (212) 784-6084 to make an appointment. $50 Orders Ship Free! Vintage Stereo Store - Turntables, Stereos, Speakers, Reel to Reels, Cassette Decks, Amplifiers and more! The employees are super knowledgeable. He even played the…” more, “Could not make it in due to Covid, they held on to my record player for months. Well Tempered Lab. Brands. “After looking for a retailer in the area who sells high-end CD players, I visited Evolution. Mostly interested in trying out some headphones…. And he's incredibly available when you have an…” more. We are experts in home automation, whole-house audio and video distribution systems, home theater, two-channel music, multi-channel music, lighting … Brett found something that would work and ended up fixing it. Ortofon. He is brilliant, creative, very personable and a great problem solver. Monaco has audio video products and custom home solutions for any budget. Your taste is unique. Andrew helped me pick out my system, with which I am thrilled. Copyright © 2004–2020 Yelp Inc. Yelp, , and related marks are registered trademarks of Yelp. Ryan S. … They mounted my 65 inch TV, did all the wire management perfectly, set up universal remotes in my tv room and bedrooms, installed…” more, “This is my follow- up review.. 30 Day Warranty. Rob set up the router, switch and necessary outlets in a closet, put all…” more. "High-end" two channel hi-fi. Cart (0) 941-932-0282. Brooks Berdan is absolutely the best audiophile store I've visited. The Listening Room is Maryland's premier dealer for high end audio systems. AudioAdvisor will sell the gear they use … Deja Vu Audio 703.734.9391 New address: 8450B Tyco Road, Vienna, Va 22182 Everything hifi audio, Suncoast Audio is here to help you build your ultimate system. When I was in the market for a new mp3 player, I researched audiophile websites for weeks before coming to the conclusion…. A nationwide low voltage installation service provider, serving all major US…” more, Serving Los Angeles and the Surrounding Area, “Wes really knows his stuff and he's a good dude. Suncoast Audio. Overflow content will not be displayed. I mention this because these guys can put together a system for any budget.…” more, “ affect my opinion of the other, should it? Recently, my son saw the new McIntosh amp (On-Sale!) 1 … Friendly staff. Keep in mind, putting together a system is a CUSTOM project. The space is amazing, the owner Wes takes time to find you…” more, “Here's why I am and you will also be a customer for life: Within just a few minutes of the initial phone call, I felt right at home. All the way from my first visit to store when Ben demoed me various products, answering all my questions patiently, they made my experience pleasant. We’d love to share this awesome passionate hobby with you. Please see our ‘ Brands ’ … Deja Vu Audio high-end audio components: amplifiers, analog, speakers, digital, pre-amps. While I'm no audio geek, I've bought enough stereo equipment to know when I'm getting fact-based information as opposed to a mere sales pitch. The place is set up as 4 different rooms which roughly increase in price. They ship and have a generous and fair return policy. Call us direct at 513-793-3737.