Some of the most popular freshwater aquarium fish are livebearers. You can maintain a 2% salt solution for juvenile Columbian Sharks as you work towards complete marine quarters. Shirlie Sharpe. Welcome to the iFISH Store — an online space to order both freshwater aquarium and pond fish. Typical Size: Up to … Aquarium Fish Depot is the largest freshwater fish warehouse on the West Coast. LEARN MORE: TRAVEL WITH US! Online Pet Fish Store . Eric is an aquarium enthusiast with over two decades of experience caring for a wide array of tropical fish. Care guides, Reviews, Tank Help, Tips and more! We specialize in importing and breeding rare and exotic fish from around the world. Author: Eric Dockett. You may go to any sold out listing and click on the “email me when available” button to sign up to be notified the instant we are able to put something back in stock. This freshwater aquarium fish comes in a number of colors including black, brown, yellow, etc., and has colored body spots throughout. They’re found in tanks… Aquarium Source is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to They are very hard in nature and can live into an aquarium for about 10 years. Welcome to Freshwater Exotics CLICK HERE TO ORDER FISH! Founded in 2004, we are one of the oldest and largest forums dedicated to fish owners and enthusiast alike. Ruinemans Aquarium BV IJsselveld 9 3417 XH MONTFOORT HOLLAND Phone : (31) - (0)348-479800 Fax : (31) - (0)348-479817 Exotic Fish Shop is owned and operated by a true aquarium hobbyist. Pin Share Email Cool water fish prefer unheated aquariums and don’t fare as well when housed in a heated tank. RFI is home to high quality freshwater tropical fish.We have been in business since 1987 and our customers rely on us to provide the best tropical fish for their home or office aquariums.We currently have over 730 varieties of exotic aquarium items including tropical fish, algae eaters, invertebrates, cichlids, aquarium plants, aquarium supplies and fish food. A tropical fish is one which lives between 74-80°F, but it can come from both saltwater or freshwater. Feeder Guppy Fish Quarter Box 100 - 150+ Tank Raised - Live Freshwater $ 111.54 Sciades Pictus Catfish Xlg 4" - 6" Each - Freshwater Fish Free Shipping $ 407.54 is the premier Tropical Fish and Aquarium Forum on the web. We carry many rare and hard to find tropical fishes you won't find elsewhere! Covid19 Lockdown Will Cause Some Delays With Online Orders. Before you start using any medication for them, you’ll need a proper diagnosis and you’ll need to pinpoint the cause of the disease. Encyclopedia of aquarium and pond fish tropical freshwater fish diffe types of pet freshwater fish por aquarium fish profiles tropical freshwater fish live aquarium fish on the internet. Livebearers include common species like guppies, platies, swordtails, Endlers, and mollies. From discus fish to clownfish, choose among common and rare species, included invertebrates, corals and clams. These colorful fish are fun to watch, making them a popular choice for freshwater aquarium owners. Males are generally a fetching cherry color. In other words, stock them in groups of three. Shirlie is a fish and aquarium lover with 16 years of experience writing on the topic of raising and keeping fish at home. Know what you want to keep and have a plan for stocking your aquarium. Freshwater Fish If something is listed as sold out and you are interested in getting some please sign up to be notified once it goes back in stock! Through our long experience we gained the best knowledge needed to import and export tropical and cold water fish. Like the other fish we’ve studied so far, it’s small, and has a beautiful horizontal stripe through its body. Ruinemans worldwide one of the biggest wholesalers of live aquarium fish. Sales Learn about The Spruce Pets' Editorial Process. Never impulse buy a fish at the pet shop. Aquarium fish fall into two general categories, cool water and tropical. Not all fish like warm water. A factor that is frequently overlooked is the optimal temperature for the fish. However, this can be a good thing when it comes to temperament. The leopard bush fish is colorful fish for a freshwater aquarium. Learn more . Freshwater Aquarium Fish. Updated 05/12/19. This group covers a large range of species and consists of many weird and wonderful species such as Elephant Nose and Black Ghost Knife Fish. Bristlenose plecos are peaceful species and get along with other tank mates. Tank Mates: List Of Compatible Fish For Popular Tropical Freshwater Fish Jack Dempsey 2020-10-07T10:41:56-06:00 I hope you love the products I recommend! They are often the brightest colored, thanks to pigmented and iridescent cells on their skin. They will be active most of the time moving here and there in your aquarium. He has a lifetime of knowledge and experience with freshwater fish. Instead of laying eggs, they give birth to tiny versions of themselves. Red Wagtail platies are also in the league of the best tropical community fish, thanks to their rather peaceful nature towards other tank mates. Clown Loaches are one of the most popular freshwater fish in the aquarium scene. His knowledge and experience have developed into a trusted business that imports the highest quality freshwater fish from all over the world. So if you’re considering setting up one, we recommend that you get a variety of tropical fish. Choose from a wide variety of discus, cichlids, koi fish and beyond. By the way, any links on this page that lead to products on Amazon are affiliate links and I earn a commission if you make a purchase. Groups can be kept in tanks as small as five gallons, but larger is recommended if you have trouble keeping up with consistent water changes! Just like any other pets, fish too can get sick. Bala sharks are one of the many freshwater members of the Cyprinidae family that resemble actual sharks in behavior and looks and can be kept in an aquarium. Premium Aquarium Fish for Sale Online. Though they all started as a wild species, lots are now bred from captive … 17 Best Freshwater Aquarium Fish – Most Popular Listed 2020 February 16, 2018 Robert Freshwater Fish 11 Over 12.5 million households keep freshwater fish in the US, they account for the largest proportion of pets owned across America, and it’s no surprise that they are the top choice of pet. Essential Tropical Fish Temperature Chart for Your Aquarium. Modern aquariums are most often made from transparent glass or acrylic glass.Typical inhabitants include fish, plants, amphibians, and invertebrates, such as snails and crustaceans. We import from over 25 countries in the Americas, Africa and Asia. We have a wide variety of fish at reasonable prices for sale online. Hello and thank you for visiting our website! Freshwater Aquarium Fish Diseases, Symptoms & Remedies. Wholesale Tropical Freshwater Aquarium Fish. Aquarium Fish Species Of The WorldInfographic Journal The Total Guide To Tropical FishAquarium Fish The Winning Bidder May Choose Any 20 Out Of TheseA Great Poster With […] Bloodfin Tetras: This fish is mainly identified by its shining silver body and red fins. Exotic Freshwater Tropical Fish Species Information: 1. So if you are looking to start a new tank or want to add to your community tank, we have a variety of fish … Like all freshwater sharks, these fish have a pronounced dorsal fin. The Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle A description of the important cycle that must take place in any freshwater tropical fish aquarium. The Red Wagtail Platy is a tropical freshwater aquarium fish suitable for beginners because it is very easy to care for, hardy and beautiful. A freshwater aquarium is a receptacle that holds one or more freshwater aquatic organisms for decorative, pet-keeping, or research purposes. Join us for the ornamental fish hobbyist’s adventure of a lifetime! Written by. Find many freshwater tropical fish for sale at The Cherry Barb is a popular tropical freshwater fish that’s a member of the large Cyprinidae family. Buy marine and freshwater fish to bring your aquarium to life with over 2000 references at the best price. Explore our database of tropical fish articles and learn about freshwater species, their aquarium care, and the latest fishkeeping news. All of our fish are Premium Quality Fish from the best suppliers in the world. We sell live freshwater fish and ship them to your front door.. Click here for more about how we Ship Live Pet Fish. 20 Most Colorful Freshwater Aquarium Fish. Shop our collection. When stocking these fish it is smart to plan two females for each male. By Karelj [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons. Having a fish tank at any room or area in your home is a great and calming way to relieve your stress and improve mental health. Since 1955 we are dedicated to supply our customers with top quality aquarium fish. The most common of the cool water fish … The Bala Shark is a large species of fish that can keep a freshwater aquarium infested with snails under control. In the case of Roseline Sharks, the dorsal fin is accented with a vibrant fiery red stripe. Since it is not an entirely freshwater fish, juveniles will have to be gradually acclimated in entirely saltwater aquariums as they grow. Our fish have better health, more energy and brighter colors, as you can see in our pictures on this website. These schooling fish should be kept in groups of four to six. Roseline Sharks are actually part of the barb family and are some of the smallest freshwater aquarium sharks you can get. Freshwater Fish Disease Provides descriptions and treatment options for common freshwater fish diseases. Click on a picture below to shop and learn more about the fish in that category. As the name suggests, Bristlenose usually possesses a flat body with bony plates that appear like tentacles on maturity. Species in this group are sourced from Tropical regions throughout the world, for this reason they are best kept in heated aquariums. Disclosure: I earn a small commission when you purchase products through my affiliate links – read more. The fish thrives in water that has been added aquarium salt. Masterfisch: Aquatic online shop for your aquarium. Visit our warehouse in San Diego or view fish for sale on our website Shop pages. CONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATION Freshwater Exotics Ornamental Fish Expeditions on Facebook CLICK HERE TO ORDER … We now offer Ornamental Fish Expeditions! Shirlie Sharpe. You never know if you are going to get accurate information from the person selling the fish to you and using the internet or reading a good freshwater aquarium fish book beforehand is always a good idea. Buy fish online from the best breeder of exotic and rare freshwater tropical fish for your aquarium. With a wide variety of freshwater fish species available, we carry tropical fish as well as cold water fish that are perfect for planted tank setups or cute desktop aquariums and nano-tanks.