The Eastman I own has several "oops" dings but I don't care, it's harder to get a great sounding and playing git than it is to get one with an ironclad finish that plays like crap in like new condition :-) I only own one Eastman now but I can see at least one more like a T486 or T186MX in the future for me. I already have a 16” body 335 clone (Ibanez Artcore AS73L) so I was looking for possibly a smaller guitar to accompany it. I would say this Eastman T486 absolutely belongs in that group. I just noticed they have the T486 model with Duncan pickups and an ebony fretboard too. Neck Material: MapleFingerboard: EbonyFingerboard Radius: 12"Nut Material: BoneNut Width: 1-3/4" Fretwire: 22-Jescar FW47104-PScale Length: 24-3/4"Bo Street: $1,699 Eastman T64/v Welcome to Eastman Guitar Fans! Hand crafted by a small team of luthiers, Eastman Guitars deliver incredible quality at a much lower price point than their comparable rival brands. First section is neck pickup, followed by both pickups, and finally bridge pickup. Top spec and great build for under a grand. See whether Eastman Guitars are any good. I own two other Eastman guitars (a T186mx and a T486-bk). Making instruments for a large variety of artists in a wide range of genres is a labor of love. Ratings Pros: Excellent pickups. or Buy It Now. 2020 Eastman T486-BD Thinline Electric in Blonde w/ Case & Pro Setup #1167! Change Avatar. 0 bids . A full-size 16” thinline. In this shootout, we put an Eastman T386 to the test against a Gibson ES-335. !It's like a T486, with a little more mojo packed into it! Eastman T184MX review. The slender neck and slightly slimmer body make it fast and easy to play. Eastman AR810CE- Archtop Sunburst. I'll try to take some photos today and compare them to different necks that have some good girth. I ended up with a T486 instead of the 386, like the ebony board. With a full nitro cellulose finish the wood is able to breathe freely, delivering a naturally resonant and organic sound.; T386 vs. T486. Impressive relic’ing. Eastman T64 Varnish w/ bigsby and OHSC. Also easier to manage than a 335. Last Name. My tl;dr review after two hours playing: I have two Gibby’s — a LP standard 60s and ES-330. $900.00. Neck Material:Maple Fingerboard:Ebony Fingerboard Radius:12" Nut Material:Bone Nut Width:1-3/4" 1st Fret String Height:.022" 12th Fret String Height:Bass .078" & Treble .062" Fretwire:22-Jescar FW47104 Scale Length:24.75" $1,250.00. Yep, great looking guitar you got there, heavyblues. No price information. I totally forgot to take a measurements when I changed strings last night so that'll have to wait a bit. Hello all, I am considering a purchase of a left-handed Eastman T484 or T486. Reactions: egregion. The Eastman was upgraded with Porter Smooth/Classic Humbucker pickups, otherwise it’s stock. The T486 comes in a variety of colors with the Nitro finish. I find the Eastman necks fast and quite comfortable. Near-perfect fit, finish, and setup. Member. Selected category All. Charles Saufley. AER AcoustiCube 3 Amplifier Mint. I just noticed they have the T486 model with Duncan pickups and an ebony fretboard too. Shares. On a related note, do you guys know where I can find a list of Eastman dealers? However, my T486 has enabled me to say I'm glad I chose Eastman, in many ways. I did end up getting a T486 and it definitely had that same, immediate, "this feels great" vibe. View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message User Info Menu. Category. "It's only castles burning." Eastman t186 vs. t386 vs. t486 Eastman t186 vs. t386 vs. t486. And the all-solid-wood construction and Seymour Duncan pickups generate a deeply resonant voice that’s delightfully full of range and musical possibilities. CLICK FOR MORE. Fretboard Material. $1,531.80. 11. Please provide your information below and we’ll be in touch shortly. Does Eastman make a T486 in the Antique Varnish series? Acoustic tone is actually surprisingly nice; electric tone is excellent. adamdaviddavis EGF Member 1 - 2. Amazon. Ebony (1) Items (1) Rosewood (1) Items (1) Not Specified (2) Items (2) see all. One of the big attractions for me with these guitars is the neck -- which I love for their slightly greater width at the nut. 02-16-2014, 08:58 AM #13. jzucker. BigDoug1053. dmccrider. $1,189.00. But the T58 neck is slightly thinner than the others so I was a bit concerned buying it without the chance to try it first. I have had an Eastman mandolin for about a dozen years and it is wonderful. 06-14-2010, 09:16 AM #3. bustyman100. Ebony (1) Items (1) Maple (1) Items (1) Not Specified (2) Items (2) see all. Ending Friday at 10:03AM PST 4d 17h. Frets are good and feel played in. Seems like a great guitar at a killer price point. $95.65 shipping. Pros Very nicely built with a warmer jazz vibe. Email. A A Eastman T64/V into Fender Vibroverb reissue.