It’s been four years since Dynaudio first introduced us to their Contour range of passive loudspeakers: the 20 standmount, the 30 floorstander and the larger 60 floorstander. Dynaudio spent around 16 years building the Confidence C4 (right), with two updates in the middle of it. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Now comfortable that the Contour 60s were more than capable in the low bass -- they easily went down to 25Hz in my room -- I turned my ears to voices and cued up “Sweet Hand of Mercy,” from Rebecca Pidgeon’s Slingshot (16/44.1 FLAC, Decca/Tidal). For the most part it’s made of MDF, veneered inside and out for long-term structural integrity. Focus 60 XD. £9000.00. The two-and-a-half-way $7500 Contour 30 is the literal middle of the extensive Dynaudio lineup. Having said that, what the C20s can do with bass is nothing short of extraordinary.” “Yes, Dynaudio’s Confidence 20 is among the upper echelon of standmount speakers price-wise. FOR SALE: Dynaudio Audience 62: Floor Standing Speakers: $650.00: AB Oct 31, 2020: 2 : DEALER AD: Dynaudio Confidence C2 Tower Spkrs: Excellent Trade-In; Full Warranty; 60% Off: Floor Standing Speakers: $9999.95: ON Nov 18, 2020: 3 : DEALER AD: Dynaudio C2 Platinum Floorstanding Speakers Mocca High Gloss Finish: Floor Standing Speakers Smaller background sounds were more finely reproduced. Grilles and original packaging included.Dynaudio has delivered a terrific value in … The Contour 60 - A New Milestone. Ultimate innovation. The Confidence 50 ($26,999 per pair) is a large, three-way, floor-standing loudspeaker with DDC technology. At the bottom sit two brand-new 23cm MSP woofers (bigger, redesigned brothers of the 18cm drivers we’ve used in the Contour 20 and 30). When you see the Contour 60s in person, you might think the aluminum looks a little thin, but that look is misleading. FOR SALE: Dynaudio Audience 62: Floor Standing Speakers: $650.00: AB Oct 31, 2020: 2 : DEALER AD: Dynaudio Confidence C2 Tower Spkrs: Excellent Trade-In; Full Warranty; 60% Off: Floor Standing Speakers: $9999.95: ON Nov 18, 2020: 3 : DEALER AD: Dynaudio C2 Platinum Floorstanding Speakers Mocca High Gloss Finish: Floor Standing Speakers And it sounds like nothing else you’ve heard. Music streamed from an Apple MacBook Pro laptop running Sierra 10.12.6, Roon, and Tidal, as well as an Oppo Digital BDP-103 universal BD player. Dynaudio Confidence 60. I don’t think so. Ultra’s neck of the woods. Klipsch Heritage Cornwall IV. In Dynaudio's big demonstration room I heard the $5000/pair Evoke 50 loudspeakers (the floorstanders in the photo above) being driven by an Octave … The guitar had a nicely rendered tone through the Dynaudios, underscoring the ability of their Esotar2 tweeters to reproduce Mayer’s meaty, resonant pluckings. The 600W floorstanding Focus 60 XDs are the ultimate union of quality, power and performance. Dynaudio Contour 60 Loudspeakers Price: $10,000 USD per pair. A few days after first firing up the Dynaudios, I was watching the Blu-ray edition of King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, and in one of the action scenes it happened: a rumble of super-deep bass and the shaking of the Music Vault. Four outrigger feet widen and stabilize the speaker’s stance and provide attachment points for the included spikes. That’s why these large floorstanders are just as adept at shaking the room as they are reproducing the finest of details With great power comes great responsibility. The Contour 60 weighs almost 40 pounds more, and its woofers have tons more surface area. No contest there. In this case, the crossover frequencies are 220 and 4500Hz, with second-order slopes. At Homeaudio we offer the best price guarantee - give us a message about the products you are interested in and we will offer the best price in the market and consultation if needed. The all-new Confidence 60, the flagship of the new Confidence family, towers above the outgoing Confidence C4 model. There are two small hair-thin scratches above the speaker cable inputs. This set was used as a showroom demo. Know that your great recordings will sound great, your lesser recordings not so bad, and your level of enjoyment will be high, no matter what music you play through these speakers. "The only real hi-fi shop in Guildford....." PJ Hi-Fi Ltd | 3 Bridge Street | Guildford | Surrey GU1 4RY. The Dynaudio Confidence 20 We don’t think a speaker’s size should dictate how good it sounds… so we don’t let it The compact Confidence 20 takes the performance, the passion and the power of the range’s larger speakers, and puts it on a stand. Update Dynaudio Speakers price list and detailed specification. Am ready to wait. It was a hands-down win for the 60s: more bass, better bass, bass superiority period. Good off-axis performance -- and remember, Dynaudio has its own anechoic chamber -- means that soundwaves reflected off the walls will be similar to the sounds coming directly from the drivers, so that when those soundwaves combine at the listening position you hear a pretty close approximation of what the designer intended you to hear, which hopefully also means what the musicians intended you to hear. Dynaudio Directivity Control, their sound-shaping technology platform, has been rebooted, revamped and refined to include the DDC Lens –a unique machined waveguide that focuses your music exactly where it should go: your ears. I was curious to hear the guitar at the start of the track, and how its sound interacted with the crowd’s intermittent cheering. The new Confidence line (left) comes in five finishes. The 60 played way deeper and louder in the bass, as you might expect, and had a similarly neutral yet even more revealing midrange, an area in which the 360 shone. I was surprised to find that the two woofers in each Contour 60 are specified as being 9.5” in diameter -- they make the Evidence’s woofers look tiny. Cables were Explorer-series models from Siltech. Caption: Category: Asking price: County: Posted On: Photo: 1 : FOR SALE: REFERENCE sound system by MBL Mini & Complete Systems: €161803.39: Spain May 18, 2020: 2 : FOR SALE: loudspeakers MBL 101E , new condition, Handcrafted in Germany Car Audio Loudspeakers and Subwoofers Dynaudio put Confidence through intensive –and exhaustive –testing in the Jupiter measuring facility at Dynaudio Labs. Dynaudio’s flagship speaker model, the Evidence Platinum, has four woofers per speaker, each 7” in diameter. Dynaudio Confidence 50 Floorstanding Loudspeakers $ 28,999.00 Dynaudio Confidence 60 Floorstanding Loudspeakers $ 44,999.00 Dynaudio Connect Wireless Transmitter for XEO and XD Speakers $ 499.00 On the surface, at least, there was great potential for the ratio of stuff per dollar. For that kind of dough, you don’t expect a per-pair weight (including shipping pallet) in excess of 400 pounds. Pull up a chair. Experience Dynaudio Speakers range at our outlet or buy online. This studio recording by no means has the subtly captured ambience of her early albums on Chesky Records, sounding more like a contemporary country recording, albeit with a touch more warmth and clarity than you hear from your typical country release. This website uses cookies. So I pulled out some bass-heavy cuts to hear precisely how the Contour 60 stacked up in the lows. The Confidence range consists of four models: the stand-mount Confidence 20 ($12,000/pair with stands) and the floorstanding Confidence 30, 50 ($27,000), and 60 ($40,000/pair). Up for sale is a pair of Dynaudio Contour 60 floor standing speakers. I haven’t yet nailed down the issue of value in this review. The new standard for active high-end loudspeakers The Focus 60 XD is for those seeking the best possible audio performance and completely uncompromised sound quality. . This site uses cookies. Given Dynaudio’s generous warranty of eight years, and the prominence of the brand’s name for resale value, there’s really no going wrong with the Dynaudio Contour 60. The legend continues. The finish options are diverse and, from what I’ve seen, finely executed. The imposing Confidence 60 ($39,999 per pair) uses two 9.4-inch woofers, two 6-inch midrange drivers, and a single Esotar3 tweeter with the DDC Lens. Pidgeon’s voice was locked at the dead center of the soundstage, and was tonally dense and without apparent coloration. Website: The newly designed Contour series sits above the Emit and Excite models, and below the Confidence and Evidence lines, while the floorstanding Contour 30 model itself nestles between its $5k Contour 20 stand-mount and $10k Contour 60 floorstanding line mates. It’s not a speaker you can tuck under your arm and carry around, but it’s not nearly as heavy as many of the over-$50k/pair designs from Dynaudio’s competitors. At the 16th Munich Audio Show, Dynaudio unveiled their new Contour series of speakers, which breaks through the past with a unique perspective and a new design. It's a new level of high-end listening. The Contour 60s were capable of deep, solid bass response that could energize my room after all. Ultimate innovation. Its tonal balance is a bit left-to-right, meaning that its bass is a touch full, and the highs a slight bit tapered down. If you continue to use this website you give permission to use cookies as described in our Terms and Conditions. Klipsch Heritage La Scala AK6. Ultimate quality. I never felt the Dynaudio Confidence 50s were difficult to drive. Re: Magico S3 mk2 vs Dynaudio Contour 60 ... Agree it seems odd comparing speakers in very different price brackets, but Dynaudio is notoriously good VfM and I really liked the sound of the Contour 60s. Headphones Hi Fi ... Dynaudio Confidence 20 Stand mount Loudspeakers. The finish of our test box is called "Raven". These speakers retail for $10,000/pair -- chump change in SoundStage! All contents available on this website are copyrighted by SoundStage!® and Schneider Publishing Inc., unless otherwise noted. There are two small hair-thin scratches above the speaker cable inputs. birmingham uk. Dynaudio uses no exotic materials in their drivers -- the cones are made of magnesium silicate polymer (MSP), and the tweeter is fabric. Dynaudio Confidence 20 Loudspeakers Price: AU$17,999 (includes dedicated stands) Warranty: Five Years (Eight Years if Registered) Australian Distributor: BusiSoft AV +61 3 9810 2900 Should I wait for the new Confidence 50 instead of the old C4. Can't find any reviews on Confidence 50. Next up was John Mayer’s cover of Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin’,” from Where the Light Is: John Mayer Live in Los Angeles (16/44.1 FLAC, Sony). In December 2012 I reviewed the Dynaudio Confidence C2 Signature, which at the time retailed for $15,000/pair. For the most part, heavy gear is just a fact of life in ultra-high-end audio.