You can easily sweep it with a broom and your garden hose will do fine for washing. They are also soft woods, which makes them easy to work with when using wood deck plans and designs. Some people do not realize that it will change color slightly and complain that for the high Trex decking prices, they did not expect this to happen. Composite Decking Materials. In the UK this has increased dramatically with search volumes going from around 14,000 per month to now in 2019 average volumes of 49,500 per month. Three years ago out of the 150 we would do around ten composites, now we are completing roughly 50 composite decks a year. What style and color will work best with the furnishings you have in mind for your home? Expert Buying Guild. And while cost is often the primary consideration when planning a deck project, it’s equally important to understand the value of what you’re getting.You’ve probably already noted the difference in cost between composite decking and natural wood; composite materials are more expensive per linear foot. You can also paint or stain the deck to match the color of your home so that they become part of the architectural design. You can build wood decks any size that you want. Sep 27, 2019 Oct 23, 2019 by Brandon Miller. The surface of the plastic decking material is then brushed with a coating to give it the natural color of wood. Is composite decking environmentally friendly. This decking material will outlast you and your house, which is something you can’t say for wood decking. Ask your retailer about the recommended finishes before you go to all the work of installing IPE decking and then not be able to enjoy it. I replaced my cedar decking five years ago with Trex Transcends Havana Gold decking. You ought to thank me. This takes on moisture , grows mildew, span issues, length constraints, certain colors available in grooved not grooved. Get a life and move on…, In addition to these characteristics, vinyl decking material won’t crack, warp or blister from the heat of the sun. feet of wood decking. By completing the deck yourself, you save money because you don’t have to hire a contractor. Trex is a piece of shit. they want to start another project a year later and the color is discontinued. When you have to cut the ends of the decking, you need to seal the fresh cuts that are exposed within 24 hours. Original review: July 24, 2020. Trex retailers usually do inform their customers that this will happen to avoid any problems after a few months. Just calling out scam artist and liars for what they are. An occasional washing will keep it clean and when you use the best cleaners for vinyl you will also prevent any buildup of mildew on the decking. I just looked at the terrible criticisms at: Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Or perhaps the durability and strength of vinyl decking combined with it’s other advantages? The wood used in making plastic decking material is usually in the form of fiber or sawdust. Cedar and redwood are the two main types of wood used in wood decks because they are resistant to some types of insect infestation and they last a long time. Which level of Trex did you get? All plastic deck material that contains wood will weather over time and change color, but only slightly. I have been in the decking industry for 25 years. The above are the main advantages of composite decking so what are the disadvantages, the main ones are it requires more substructure compared to wood decking and colours and textures don’t always resemble wood and there is the increased cost. The big names are over priced still using a wood composite core. Composite decking is rising in popularity for its durability, low maintenance needs and style. The result is a truly unique product which we believe is the best composite decking money can buy. With plastic decking you have more time to enjoy your great deck and your family. Ah ha ha ha ha. When you use the best composite material for your decking, you have a deck that won’t fade from the light or heat of the sun, one that is safe for children because it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals and best of all, you have durable composite decking. Accessibility Help. January 17, 2016. There are many synthetic decking materials from dozens of manufacturers. TLDR; I won’t be asking you about Black Locust. With maintenance factored in, composite decking costs less over its lifetime than does wood! With composite wood, the weather resistance is built into the material itself. The old adage applies when it comes to cleaning composite decking – It’s better to be safe than sorry. It is just as easy to work with as wood and you don’t need to have a special saw blade as you would with IPE. Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer- Reviews and Buying Guides, Mosquito Magnet Reviews: We Reviewed the Best of Propane Mosquito Traps, Best Lock Pick Set for Beginners: We Reviewed The Best Lock Pick Set on the Market to Buy, Layla Mattress Reviews- The Double Sided Mattress Test. " The TimberTech composite decking has given a whole new feel to the garden with its graceful curves and a pleasing colour finish which harmonises with our brickwork. Premium Trex Composite decking offers something even better: “capped” or “shelled” decking Trex’s core is covered with a layer of denser, tougher poly material which means resistance to scratches, stains and fading #trex #decking #trexdecking #deckingsolutions #compositedecking #deck #trexaustralia If you want to use IPE decking material outdoors, then it is best to buy the air-dried IPE decking. Press alt + / to open this menu. You’re a hack. This is the amount of time that it takes the Trex composite decking to adjust to your environment. Our Verdict~ What’s the Best Decking Material to Buy? When you are installing IPE decking, you should allow 1/16-inch gaps between the boards. Today, composite decking comes in a variety of texturized grain patterns and rich variegated colors that replicate wood’s natural beauty. Trex decking prices are competitive with other brands of composite decking on the market and this decking is better than traditional lumber because of the impressive features that it brings to your deck. Tags: best composite decking materialbest decking materialcomposite decking materialwood decking material. In particular, I have a question if anyone has used or is familiar with UltraDeck Natural - the composite decking sold by Menards. Do you have any tips for finding a good deck contractor? The plans help you to have the deck that you want and still stay within your budget. This entire article is filled with half-truths and misinformation. IPE Decking – Rated The Best Decking Material In The World, 2. You don’t need to have any special tools to install Trex decking. The use of plastic helps to protect the wood from moisture and makes the decking resistant to insect infestation. If you are a retuable supplier, I would question your recommendations. Composites are junk and won’t even last as long as CCA treated pine. Manufacturers of decking plastic that use polypropylene mix it with oak. This differs from real wood, which relies on an exterior stain for that resistance. Millboard is a composite board product sold by M & B Building Products that is a minimum 100% more costly than M & B Sales standard composite board Modwood. When you start to install vinyl decking, always start at the edge closest to the house. It uses reclaimed wood combined with synthetic materials, producing a wonderfully easy to care for decking that will last and last. If your deck is near trees, you should clean with this type of cleaner even if the composite decking looks clean after each wash. Composite desking types – The Good and Bad. Composite Decking Complaints Trex Reviews 2017 Uk Boards. Composite decking is becoming increasingly popular and is produced using a combination of different materials, processed to create beautiful decking with a natural-looking finish. It is, therefore, the best decking material for outdoor use. Composite Decking – A Brief History. We followed instructions and put in a straight deck 26×32. Are you kidding me. In fact, for many people who choose composite wood over real wood, the maintenance is their deciding factor. With vinyl decking, you can get the railings to match so you have a perfectly coordinated deck.  You will need to have a wood deck frame and the starter boards for the vinyl deck need to be long enough to cover this wood frame. Patrick Mahinge. You have no danger of small children getting splinters in their hands or feet or of hurting themselves with nails that may have worked loose. And it’s not a rainforest tree like IPE. You will never have to paint, stain or seal the deck when you use composite decking material. Sections of this page. However, if you allow gaps between the boards from side-to-side and at the end joints, this will allow for thermal expansion and contraction.