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World Food Congress, Montreal, Canada, 2014


This issue of The World of Food Science provides a summary of key features of the 17th IUFoST World Congress of Food Science and Technology held in Montreal, Canada on 17-21 August 2014, including:


  • an overview of the highlights of the Congress;
  • Young Scientists: The Young Scientist Award winners from the 17th IUFoST World Congress provide their report abstracts for review.
  • Food Safety: winning papers from the "Food Safety Without Borders", IUFoST Graduate Research Paper Competition.
  • Student Activities:  winning papers from the "Food Science Students Fighting Hunger", IUFoST Undergraduate Product Development Competition.

Other features of this volume include:

  • Focus Paper: Elijah Obayelu discusses food waste in Sub-Saharan Africa in a guest editorial from a recent volume of the African Journal of Food, Agriculture, Nutrition and Development.
  • Food Security Update:  Albert McGill discusses the effects of climate change on urban nutrition security; Sanjaya Rajaram is awarded the 2014 World Food Prize; and a Feed the Future Innovation Laboratory is set up at Purdue University.
  • Association News: Alastair Hicks provides a summary of the Ist National Conference on Development in Food Science and Technology held recently in Myanmar; Paper Abstracts from the Presentations given by IUFoST at the Dubai International Food Safety Conference; A summary of the the Sixth Latinamerican and Caribbean Congress on Quality and Food Safety, and the Fifth National Congress on Food and Nutrition and Cubalumiere Gourmet 2014; Professor Walter Spiess highlights discussions from the 31st ICSU General Assembly in Auckland, New Zealand.
  • International Regulatory Update: John Lupien summarises activities at the 45th meeting of the Codex Committee on Food Additives.

  • Food Science 101 .…. Community education articles by Don Mercer on:
    • Hurdles in home food processing;
    • Time and temperature in thermal processing;
    • Aseptic processing.
  • Calendar of Events: an update of some forthcoming conferences and events in food science and related topics throughout the globe.


Comments are welcome: contact Ken Buckle ( or Judith Meech ( with contributions or suggestions. 

  • News Headlines
  • Reports & Summaries
  • Calendar of Events



January 26-30

5th International Advanced Course, Advanced Food Analysis, Wageningen, Netherlands

For more information:


January 28-30

The International Conference on Electrical and Bio-medical Engineering, Clean Energy and Green Computing, Islamic Azad University, United Arab Emirates



February 9-10

Oilseed Congress Europe/MENA 2015, Barcelona, Spain



February 9-13

2nd Food Law Winter School, Wageningen, Netherlands



February 16-18

9th Annual Australia and New Zealand Sensory and Consumer Science Symposium, Waiheke Island, New Zealand



February 17-18

Bakery Innovation European Conference 2015, Munich, Germany



February 22-25

3rd ICC Latin American Cereal and Grain Conference and ICC Jubilee Conference '60 Years of ICC', Florianopolis, Brazil

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February 23-26

7th Training School of Bioencapsulation, Strasbourg, France



March 17-19

4th International Conference on Food Digestion, Naples, Italy



March 23-25

IDF Symposium on Sheep, Goat and other than Cow Milk, Limassol, Cyprus



March 23-27

EuroFir Food Forum, Brussels, Belgium



March 24-25

9th European PhD Workshop on Food Engineering and Technology, Utzwil, Switzerland



March 24-27

Anuga FoodTec, Cologne, Germany



April 15-16

ICA Conference - Life Science Graduates Fit for Europe, Vienna, Austria


April 22-23

Health Grain for a Health Diet, Nuthetal, Germany



May 19-22

9th Fruit, Nut and Vegetable Production Engineering Symposium, Milan, Italy



June 1-3

6th International Dietary Fibre Conference 2015, DF 2015, Paris, France



June 14-18

International Congress on Engineering and Food (ICEF), Quebec, Canada



June 24-25

2015 ASEAN Food Conference, Pasay City, Philippines



June 25-26

'Universities' Global Challenges: Nutritional Security and Environmental Sustainability For Human Health, Kaslik, Lebanon



July 11-14

Institute of Food Technologists Annual Meeting and Food Expo, Chicago, USA



August 10-12

4th International Conference and Exhibition on Food Processing and Technology, London, United Kingdom



August 11-13

48th Annual AIFST Convention and 15th Australian Food Microbiology Conference, Sydney, Australia



September 6-9

21st SAAFoST Biennial International Congress and Exhibition, Durban Kwazulu Natal, South Africa



September 6-10

1st World Congress on Electroporation and Pulsed Electric Fields in Biology, Medicine and Food and Environmental Technologies, Portoroz, Slovenia



September 16-18

5th MoniQA International Conference, Porto, Portugal



October 7-9

INNOVA 2015, Montevideo, Uruguay



October 18-21

100th AACC International Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, USA



October 28-30

3rd International Conference on Food Structures, Digestion and Health, Wellington, New Zealand



November 2-4

3rd Conference on Biotechnology and Breeding, Berlin, Germany



November 3-6

7th International Symposium on Recent Advances in Food Analysis, Prague, Czech Republic



December 2-4

Hi Europe and Ni 2015, Natural Ingredients 2015, Paris, France




June 26-29

ISOPOW 13, Lausanne, Switzerland



July 26-29

4th ISEKI Food Conference, Vienna, Austria



August 21-25

IUFoST World Congress - 18th World Congres of Food Science and Technology, Dublin, Ireland

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IUFoST supports Intermarché Campaign against Food Waste

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